NIO expands, possible opening to the American market?

NIO expands, possible opening to the American market?

NIO expands

China is close, and today more than ever: after attacking the European market starting with one of the countries with the highest adoption rate of electric cars in the world, Norway, NIO is preparing to expand its horizons to potentially other markets. very interesting, like the German and Dutch ones. Furthermore, judging by some job advertisements that have appeared online in recent days, it seems that the Chinese giant is preparing its entry into the United States, where it is looking for several specialized figures.

To date, 227 can be found on LinkedIn NIO job advertisements, of which 46 are located in the United States, mainly in the San José area of ​​California, but also in Seattle, as well as several positions proposed in smart working.

Basically, NIO is putting together a team of local executives, at least as regards the software development part - both the one integrated into the car that manages the infotainment system among others, and the software dedicated to autonomous driving - as well as for the financial aspect . The first announcements were more than a month old, while the last ones appeared online just a few days ago.

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During a recent event held in China, NIO announced that it intends to install itself in as many as 25 countries around the world, although it has not specified the entire list: without a doubt, these include countries such as Japan, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, as well as most of Europe.

NIO has already released an official statement regarding rumors of openness to the US market, stating that it has always had a American developer team on its payroll; job postings could be part of the day-to-day business of this developer group, or it could be something more - we'll see.

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