Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, let's discover the expansion endgame

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, let's discover the expansion endgame

Final Fantasy 14

Although it has an extraordinary narrative and concludes the story that began many years ago, Endwalker is still an expansion of Final Fantasy 14, a "theme park" type MMORPG designed to entertain players for a long time, even after the credits.

The Square Enix game is packed with content and secondary activities that are not necessarily related to combat: if you like craftsmanship, you can develop more than ten commercial professions and craft a bit of everything, including furniture to decorate your home - if you can buy one! - and those of your friends, while the Final Fantasy VII-inspired Golden Saucer can keep you entertained every day with its plethora of mini-games. And if you're undecided about which Job to play, there are twenty completely different jobs to master and upgrade to level 90.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, most endgame content unlocks in Old Sharlayan However, once reached the maximum level and completed the Main Scenario Quest, new opportunities open up for the Warriors of the Light who want to improve their equipment: new challenges, increasingly difficult, to be faced alone or together with other players. Update 6.01 released a few days ago added the first four eight-player raids of this expansion, and with them new weapons and armor to collect. If you don't know how to orient yourself in the endgame, you are in the right place: here is everything you can do once you reach the maximum level of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. Warning: obviously the next lines will be full of SPOILERS on the story and the final contents of the expansion.

The Dungeon Expert

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Smileton is one of the three dungeons Lv. 90 Before starting to talk about endgame, two basic requirements must be met: reaching level 90 and completing the Main Scenario Quest. These are two rather unambiguous goals, but for the avoidance of doubt you will know that you have temporarily closed the Endwalker story only when the hint at the top left of the default interface reads: "To be continued ...".

Returning to Old Sharlayan you will find a handful of new side missions waiting for you, but since we want to make a linear speech let's start with those that unlock the two additional level 90 dungeons: Smileton and The Stigma Dreamscape. The assignments are titled "Cutting the Cheese" and "Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before" respectively: by completing these missions - you just have to go talk to some NPCs and watch some cinematics - you will add the aforementioned level 90 dungeons to the Duty Finder.

Once you have completed these two dungeons at least, you will unlock a new Expert-type Duty Roulette in the appropriate page of the Duty Finder: using this function, you will be able to face a random dungeon among the three level 90 available at the moment. The third, The Dead Ends, you have already completed during the Main Scenario Quest. The Roulette Expert grants additional rewards once a day in the form of Gil and Tomestone of Aphorism: the latter is the new currency that you will spend in Endwalker to buy the starting endgame equipment, but not only. You will earn Tomestone of Aphorism by completing the various Daily Roulettes with a Level 90 Job, or by playing the Level 90 Dungeons, Raids and Trials without resorting to Roulette.

You will most likely face the first level 90 dungeons wearing the equipment available from Ojika Tsunjika, an NPC you will have to talk to during the Main Scenario Quest mission titled "Friends Gathered". This equipment level 89 and item level 560 includes a weapon, is specific to Job and will accompany you on your first endgame raids. In the three Expert dungeons you will find the accessories of item level 560 that will complete your initial setup, except for one of the two rings.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, The Dead Ends is the last dungeon of the Main Scenario Quest The next step will therefore be to accumulate the Tomestones of Aphorism to buy the 570 equipment, called Moonward, which Cihanti sells to Radz-at-Han: this equipment - which is aesthetically inspired by the characters of Final Fantasy IV - is divided into two categories (Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic) and in the various sub-categories to which the Jobs refer (Casting, Healing, Maiming and so on).

Cihanti will also sell you a new weapon item level 570. Before moving on to the next stage of the endgame we suggest you reach at least medium item level 565.


Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Pandæmonium's grim entrance Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker patch 6.01 has added the raid called Pandæmonium and, to be precise, the first wing, called Asphodelos and divided into four separate fights. To unlock this storyline and the first encounter you will need to talk to Nemjiji in Old Sharlayan and accept the secondary mission "The Crystal from Beyond". Completed the tour of missions and cinematics, you will find the first boss - Asphodelos: The First Circle - in the Duty Finder under the category Raids (Endwalker).

After this fight, you will receive a new mission to unlock the next boss and so on, until the last encounter of this round, Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle. Once this boss is defeated, you will have to wait for the next patches to continue the Pandæmonium storyline, but on January 4th Square Enix will add Asphodelos' Savage mode to the game, with even more challenging battles and improved rewards.

Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker, Erichtonios is the first boss Speaking of rewards, here's what you need to know about these new raids. As we said, you will need an average item level of 565 to employ the Duty Finder. At the end of the battle, you will find in the chests a certain number of relics divided by type of equipment and you will have to roll the dice against the other players. Remember that if you win one of these relics at the end of an encounter, until the next weekly reset - Tuesday morning - you can repeat the fight as many times as you want, but you will no longer be able to roll the dice on the rewards. Relics that you will get by completing the Asphodelos encounters are exchanged in Radz-at-Han by a merchant named Djole. For each piece of equipment you need multiple relics of the same category: to be precise, you need four for the body and for the legs; two for the head, hands and feet; only one for each accessory (earring, ring, bracelet and necklace).

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the last boss of Asphodelos This means you have two options. You can roll the dice on each reward and take what comes, or surgically point to a certain piece: remember that if you lose it, you can still repeat the encounter and try again later, since you have the whole week of time, from Tuesday to Tuesday, to get a reward from every Asphodelos boss.

For this reason we recommend that you study your equipment, secondary stats and your priorities, especially if you are aiming to improve the average item level quickly. That is to say, if you want body protection at all costs, you will need four relics, one per boss, and then, ideally, a full reset. If, on the other hand, you aim for hand protection and shoe protection, for example, you will only have to win two relics for each, and therefore you will be able to exchange two pieces of equipment in the same week.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Asphodelos 'Limbo equipment Asphodelos' equipment is nicknamed Limbo and is item level 580. There is no corresponding weapon yet, for the simple fact that Square Enix will implement them when Savage mode is released. . By completing Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle, in fact, you will always automatically receive a relic called Unsung Blade of Asphodelos: you will need seven in all, plus a certain amount of key items to buy with the Tomestone of Aphorism, to exchange them from Djole for a Limbo weapon of choice. But if you're dying for a new weapon, the current Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker endgame offers you an alternative.

Minstrel's Ballad

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Minstrel's Ballad: Hydaelyn's Call is very demanding Although they have been available since Endwalker launch day, and therefore since before Pandæmonium, the two Minstrel's Ballads, Zodiark's Fall and Hydaelyn's Call, are significantly more demanding than the four circles of Asphodelos.

You will not be able to participate using the automatic Duty Finder for now, but you will have to join the groups opened by players on the Party Finder page, which often require an average item level between 565 and 570. This solution sometimes it can be frustrating, especially if players lock their groups behind parameters like [Duty Complete] - meaning you can only participate if you've already defeated the boss at least once - or [One Player per Job]. We suggest you first watch a nice video guide on YouTube, like those of the well-known MrHappy, and then join some group marked as [Practice] to practice the various mechanics.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the Grimoire of Divine Light is a weapon for Summoner The two bosses are in fact extremely demanding and require a meticulous knowledge of their skills, as well as a discrete spirit of observation and an ounce of self-sufficiency. To unlock them you will have to talk to an NPC in Old Sharlayan who responds to the name of Wandering Minstrel: the secondary mission, entitled "I Wandered Sharlayan as a Minstrel", will unlock the two encounters marked as High-end Trial. The rewards are excellent. By defeating Zodiark you can get your hands on the various 580 accessories: at the end of Duty you will always find four at random on which you will have to roll the dice, and in addition you will automatically receive an Astral Totem in the inventory: take five to Nesvaaz, in the West Balshahn Bazaar of Radz -at-Han, to choose a 580 accessory.

Defeating Hydaelyn in the other Trial also gives you an Umbral Totem to trade with Nesvaaz: in this case, however, you will need ten if you want to buy a 580 weapon After beating Hydaelyn, in fact, you will find a chest that will always contain a random 580 weapon and a chest that will become a weapon for the Job with which you open it. Thanks to this system you won't have to repeat the encounters too many times, hopefully, but there is another reason to face the two Minstrel's Ballads several times, and they are the mounts that you will rarely find in the loot along with weapons and accessories. Good luck!

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