PS Plus: surprise unveiled a new limited-time gift!

PS Plus: surprise unveiled a new limited-time gift!

PS Plus

Yesterday we saw the announcement of new free games redeemable in January 2022 with the PS Plus service. As usual, this type of announcement is always eagerly awaited by fans, but Sony has been spoiling its subscribers to the PlayStation service in recent months. This month, in fact, Plus subscribers will be able to redeem yet another completely unexpected free title.

It is Pirate Flight (VR), an exclusive title for PlayStation virtual reality and which can be redeemed for free by all PS Plus subscribers for a limited time. The extra gift proposed by Sony, in fact, will end on January 13, 2022, so we advise you to redeem this title as soon as possible if you are interested in it, or if the title manages to intrigue you in some way.

As we can read in the description of the title on the PS Store; Pirate Flight (VR) is a virtual reality flying game suitable for all kinds of players. The only thing you have to think about doing in this title is just fly, overtake other planes in flight and hit targets, all articulated in three fabulous worlds and 90 missions. Unlike a real simulator, Pirate Flight (VR) allows you to relive a much more arcade gaming experience, with the plus of immersion given by virtual reality.

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If you have not yet subscribed to the PlayStation Plus service, you can also purchase the subscription on Amazon at the following addresses: PlayStation Plus 1 month, PlayStation Plus 3 months and PlayStatiom 12 months.

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