Hideo Kojima: the message of good wishes hides a new game?

Hideo Kojima: the message of good wishes hides a new game?

Hideo Kojima

Two years have already passed since the launch of Death Stranding, and many fans are already wondering what the next project of Hideo Kojima and his talented development team will be. We recently reviewed the well-known Japanese game design during The Game Awards 2021, where in a clip of the show he also hinted at the desire to be present with something of his next year.

Although there is still a thick halo of mystery about the future of Kojima Production, some past tweets have shown Hideo Kojima and his team intent on creating something new. Yet another clue about the future of the team comes again from Twitter, where the Japanese game designer has published a greeting message showing three unpublished characters drawn by the always loyal Yoji Shinkawa.

As often happens shortly after the publication of posts by Hideo Kojima, the author's fan base was unleashed, trying to steal who and what these three new characters that appeared for the first time in the message of good wishes could refer to. It's hard to say exactly if this new tweet is really hiding something, or if Shinkawa's characters were made specifically to wish fans happy holidays.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS❗️❗️ pic.twitter.com/Tq9CVHljgP

- 小島 秀 夫 (@Kojima_Hideo) December 24, 2021

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It must be said that to date there are no real clues as to what will be the next Kojima Productions project. There are many rumors in the air, from those who think the new game will be a Cloud-based project in collaboration with Microsoft, to those who are even thinking of a return to Metal Gear Solid. The fact is that there is still nothing concrete, and we can not help but enjoy this beautiful festive artwork awaiting good news on the Kojima and companions front.

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Hideo Kojima Fans Speculate If Developer Just Teased His Next Project

Did you catch the holiday card?

Hideo Kojima is quite the iconic video game developer. This legendary industry veteran has been around for quite a few years. Notably known best for the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima has since left Konami and their IPs to deliver his own studio. We’ve since seen Kojima Productions release their first video game project, Death Stranding. However, we’re still waiting to find out just what is next.

The chances of seeing something big announced this week might be a bit slim. Most are enjoying the week leading up to New Years with family and friends. However, some fans of Hideo Kojima felt that the developer teased the online community of his next project. This came from a social media post featuring a digital holiday card from the developer. That particular card features three unique characters which could potentially be a tease of the characters we’ll see in Hideo’s next game.

These characters are unknown at the moment. We could potentially see them popping up in whatever Hideo Kojima is working on next. However, there is also the possibility that this is nothing more than artwork made specifically for this holiday card. Really, there is no telling until the next project ends up being unveiled for fans. For now, it’s purely a waiting game, but that does have fans excited to see if this is the first tease of what’s to come.

Currently, the only game released so far from Kojima Productions is Death Stranding. Following shortly after came the release of a Death Stranding Director’s Cut. Unfortunately, neither game managed to release the Xbox line of consoles. As a result, fans are hopeful that whatever Hideo Kojima ends up doing next that they’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the game as well.


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