MIUI 13, the 34 wallpapers of Xiaomi 12 are already available for download!

MIUI 13, the 34 wallpapers of Xiaomi 12 are already available for download!


In the aftermath of the presentation of the new Xiaomi products, there are already those who dream of holding a Xiaomi 12/12 Pro or at least their younger brother 12X in their hands. In this case, we have bad news for you: for the arrival in Italy of this family of devices we will have to wait a little longer.

On the other hand, you could delude yourself that you already have a Xiaomi 12 by downloading and setting it on yours smartphone one of the 34 official wallpapers available for download at the bottom of the article. There really is something for everyone: MIUI 13 includes a fairly vast pack of wallpapers, with individual patterns repurposed in different colors.

There are five categories of wallpapers available in all: Molten Glass ("molten glass"), Crystallization ("crystallization", created in collaboration with the Beauty of Science brand), Concerto, Natural Texture ("natural texture") and Black Gobi ("Black Gobi", with reference to the Asian desert of the Gobi). The wallpapers come directly from the MIUI 13 firmware, which should include 9 more (the latter, probably, will be live wallpaper / animated backgrounds). Most of them have 2400x1230 resolution; in some cases, you may need to crop them to better fit your smartphone screen.

if (jQuery ("# ​​crm_srl-th_mobilelabs_d_mh2_1"). is (": visible")) {console.log ("Edinet ADV adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_mobilelabs_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_mobilelabs_d_mh2 "); } For the moment, the live wallpapers are not yet downloadable. At this link you will find the 34 "static" backgrounds uncompressed and therefore in full resolution. By clicking on the download button, you will get a zipped folder containing the default wallpaper in light and dark versions and an additional folder containing all the other wallpapers divided by subject.

Aside from the new wallpapers, MIUI 13 offers a whole range of innovative features and generic improvements including - just to name a few - those concerning privacy and the addition of a redesigned system font. For more information on MIUI 13, we invite you to consult this summary.

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Everything to know about Xiaomi's latest MIUI 13 user interface

Everything to know about Xiaomi's latest MIUI 13 user interface

Published on Dec 29, 2021, 03:58 pm 2 Mins Read

MIUI 13 introduced with improved security and enhanced experience

Alongside the flagship 12 series of smartphones, Xiaomi has announced the latest version of its Android ROM, called MIUI 13. It comes pre-installed in the all-new 12X, 12, and 12 Pro models. The new version brings an enhanced user experience, a host of privacy-focused features, multiple personalization options, and a unique OS experience with the help of new widgets as well as dynamic wallpapers.


Why does this story matter?

MIUI 13 is the company's latest operating system which is touted to offer an all-round upgrade with a stable software experience. It succeeds the MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update and brings new widgets that offer an iOS 15-like experience. The tech giant has also extended the MIUI skin beyond smartphones and tablets to AIoT devices including smartwatches, TVs, and speakers.


The new font and wallpapers offer personalization choices

MIUI 13 comes with a 3-step verification process, including facial recognition, watermark reading of the user's ID, and 'electronic fraud protection' to deliver security promises. You also get new widgets, wallpapers, themes, and a new font called 'MiSans' which provides a simplified reading experience. The Mi Smart Hub lets you find nearby Xiaomi devices to share and access each other's content.


How has performance improved over the previous-generation UI?

In terms of performance, MIUI 13 is focused on improving core functionality with 52% rise in overall fluidity. It also prevents the degrading of read-write capability by 5% via Atomized Memory and Liquid Storage technology.

For other devices

MIUI TV has also been released for Xiaomi smart TVs

Alongside MIUI 13, Xiaomi has also introduced MIUI 13 Pad, MIUI Watch, MIUI Home, and MIUI TV for its tablets, smartwatches, smart home devices, and smart TVs, respectively. The MIUI 13 Pad provides an enhanced multitasking through gesture support, an improved taskbar, as well as the ability to open multiple apps on a single screen.

Release roadmap

Global units will receive the update in Q1 2022

Xiaomi has announced that global users can receive the stable OTA update of MIUI 13 starting from Q1 2022. However, in China, Xiaomi 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Ultra will get the firmware by the end of January. Further, the MIUI 13 Pad will be available for Mi Pad 5 Pro and Mi Pad 5 by January-end.

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