Warframe: The New War, new information on the ambitious expansion of the free to play of Digital Extremes.

Warframe: The New War, new information on the ambitious expansion of the free to play of Digital Extremes.


It is seriously difficult to retrace the entire history of Warframe: the free-to-play title of Digital Extremes immediately stood out for its unique style and the concept to say the least tantalizing - it's hard not to consider an "action" where you play a ninja as desirable. space "after all - yet it hadn't initially been able to win enough of an audience to dominate the populous online gaming market, and it took years of perpetual beta (never really finished) for things to really explode. Now, however, the situation is very different from that of the first months, and Warframe is among the few "live services" able to boast of real success. Its fanbase has grown enormously, the frames (the "classes" in practice) available have increased dramatically and, after a myriad of expansions, the software house at the head of the project was even able to finally give shape to a real narrative universe.

The New War, the latest expansion to come, seems to have been conceived mainly with the aim of raising this element more than any other: cinematic as never before, it was initially shown to the public through a series of spectacular gameplay, in which the player was even put in the shoes of enemy units grappling with the fearsome threat of the Sentient. However, we had not yet been able to see scenes regarding his alter ego Tenno or analyzed the new Warframe presented, named Caliban. Everything changed a few days ago, when a long official presentation revealed a lot of valuable information.

Here's what we found out.

An ever expanding universe

Warframe: Teshin is very powerful, and fun to use The intent of The New War is clear and it's not just about the team's crystalline willingness to carry on the narrative in an increasingly epic way. Here we want to effectively connect what has been done in the past with great naturalness, therefore in the main campaign - which is singleplayer, and requires having played the previous contents, it is appropriate to remember - the player uses his Railjack (his ship space in practice), and even the reappearance of the still spectacular Necramech (large drivable exoskeletons, of course) is confirmed.

One of the scenes shown sees you right aboard your ship, on a mission of the very first act in the company of the mighty Teshin with multiple objectives, from defending the aircraft from a boarding to the destruction of various flying enemies. In short, the variety of The New War campaign seems to be absolutely respectable and mixes the frenetic action of the game with more markedly narrative moments with discreet wisdom.

Warframe: in this campaign they finally take on the role of the others. factions To make you better understand to what extent variations in rhythm and situations will meet, a gameplay scene that arrived immediately after showed the Zariman, the ship on which the Tenno were "born", facing a simple multiple-choice test. before the accident that started it all. It would not surprise us if the plot of the expansion wanted to convey important information to users related to the foundations on which the entire universe of Warframe rests, as well as obviously placing it at the center of the inevitable developments of the war with the Sentients.

For many, however, the real meat of the game always resides in the new frames and gameplay, and aware of this, the Digital Extremes also showed us Caliban in action. It was a rather short gameplay, but at least more than enough to analyze all its abilities.

Oh caliban, my caliban

Warframe: the Caliban in all its hybrid glory Caliban is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most peculiar Warframes of the game, and we are talking about a title where the look of the armor has always been characteristic to say the least. However, in this case we are faced with a hybrid frame between Tenno and Sentient, which seems to possess potentially powerful area skills. The first, a spinning attack complete with multiple triggerable shots, already seems quite useful in groups of enemies, but it becomes even more crystalline how Caliban is suited to fighting masses of opponents when one observes his ability called Sentient Wrath. It is in fact a stomp very similar to that of the Rhino, with a slightly lower area and the ability to make enemies float stunned for a few seconds. These two skills used in combination wreak havoc among common troops and, considering that Caliban is even capable of summoning three Sentients that whirl with equal fury among enemies, one immediately realizes what his primary role is.

Warframe: Teshin again, during a more "classic" battle, his ultimate: a triple laser beam that gathers in the center and devastates anyone who stands in front of it. However, it integrates seamlessly with other tools, consolidating the frame's group management capabilities. In addition to Caliban, Harrow Prime has also been confirmed in the expansion, with Scourge Prime and Knell Prime as weapons, so good news for lovers of that armor.

Obviously, various other customization skins have been confirmed , including some very close Sentient looks (understandably) for the Mesa and Volt. Overall, the style of each armor seemed to us very well, but we are certainly not surprised by the thing ... Warframe defends itself more than admirably from a technical point of view even today, and the playable phases of the campaign seemed to us to be really high level. The official release? So December 15th is not far off.

The New War is clearly an extremely accurate expansion, which seems to really want to push the accelerator of the narrative by fielding events that are more structured than ever and capable of upsetting what happened in the past. It is difficult to say how much users will appreciate it and how much more "playful" high-level extra content will correspond to all this care, however it is undeniable that the effort of the Digital Extremes to offer something significant is remarkable. A good starting point, although for the most precise assessments, obviously, it will be necessary to wait a few days.


Extremely refined narrative element, and very varied campaign missions The Caliban seems a powerful and fun frame to use DOUBTS Still many aspects to evaluate, especially related to the contents separated from the main plot Have you noticed any errors?

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