Japanese robots model kit | The best to give at Christmas

Japanese robots model kit | The best to give at Christmas

For model kit lovers, we are facing a period that is truly rich in choice. Among the many proposals related to assembly kits, in addition to the classic Gunpla, we can find many lines dedicated to the various brands, such as: Evangelion, the Infinitism line, Dragon Ball, Kamen Raider and many others. A few months ago we suggested the best Gunpla to buy, while in this new piece we are going to list all the releases of the Naganian robots inspired by the movie Mazinger Z Infinity. If you are looking for a special gift for this holiday season we assure you that with a model kit of these you will please any enthusiast.

What are HG?

The acronym HG stands for High Grade and are kits to assemble that are made in 1/144 scale compared to the real model. So what does this mean? That the actual dimensions of the model do not have a predetermined height, but may vary by a few cm based on the actual height of the robot that has been declared. These model kits from the Infinitism line, for example, are taller than the Gundam kits, so in proportion, the model is also far taller than a standard HG gunpla.

Japanese robots model kit | The best gifts for Christmas

Jeeg HG Infinity Ver Limited Edition Mazinkaiser HG Infinity Ver Mazinger Z HG Infinity Black Ver Great Mazinger HG Infinity Ver Grendizer HG Infinity Ver Grendizer HG Infinity Black Ver Mazinkaiser HG Infinity Ver Getter Dragon HG Infinity Ver Mazinger Z Infinity Ver 1/60 (42 cm)

Jeeg HG Infinity Ver Limited Edition

Jeeg robot steel is the latest release of the Infinitism line to arrive in stores. The product is currently the first and only of this line to be released in a limited edition, what does this mean? Simply once all printed copies have run out, the kit will never be reissued and will become a very rare piece to find if you haven't picked it up at launch.

Mazinger Z HG Infinity Ver

The most loved Go Nagai robot all over the world but especially in Japan . The model is based on the movie Mazinger Z Infinity released in 2017, and is the first to inaugurate the series of model kits taken from the feature film. The robot is piloted by Koji Kabuto includes among its extras: the Piercing Missiles, the Jet Scrander, the parts for the Atomic Ax, a part for the Rocket Punch effect, four interchangeable hands and the Hover Pilder.

Mazinger Z HG Infinity Black Ver

This is a black and gold limited edition of Mazinger Z. The kit is identical in all respects to the "normal" edition, all accessories and pieces contained within the package do not change and are the same. What is it for, you ask? Simply have a limited piece in your personal collection that in the future can acquire value and have something alternative in the showcase.

Great Mazinger HG Infinity Ver

The Great Mazinger is the second robot taken from the animated film Mazinger Z Infinity and piloted by Tetsuya Tsurugi. Once assembled, the great Mazinger is 18.5 cm high and very posable. Included extras are: two diabolical swords, the Scramble Dash, six interchangeable hands and the Brian Condor.

Grendizer HG Infinity Ver

After the enormous success of the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger model kits, Bandai Spirits decides to propose for the first time also Grandizer (in Italy known as Grendizer) in the “Infinitism” version. Although it does not appear in the film, the company decides to experiment with enormous success the release of the much-loved robot in Italy, making fans happy to have this beloved mecha in their collections. In the package we will also find two pairs of fists, the space halberd, the piercing hammers and the Goldarke 2 capable of hooking up with Grendizer.

Grendizer HG Infinity Black Ver

The Grenzider Black version is also exactly identical to the “normal” version. The kit, besides the black and golden color, has not undergone any change in the aesthetic factor, nor in the extras contained in the package.

Mazinkaiser HG Infinity Ver

After Grandizer, the Japanese company also offers us the Mazinkaiser. The series was created in 2001 and runs parallel to that of the Grandizer of the 70s. The robot is always piloted by Koji Kabuto and built with a higher league than the Z League or the "Super League New Z Alpha". Once assembled, it is about 19 cm high, and is characterized by various accessories including the kaiser scrander, two kaiser blade swords, the final kaiser blade broadsword, two transparent effects for throwing the fist.

Getter Dragon HG Infinity Ver

With this model kit, the Getter Dragon also becomes part of the legendary robots revisited in an Infinitism key. Once assembled, the Getter is approximately 18cm tall, very posable and will include several extras including: Fixed Spin Cutter blades on the forearms, optional Mach Wing cape, two Getter Tomahawks, components to transform one of the 2 Tomahawks into Long Tomahawks.

Mazinger Z Infinity Ver 1/60 (42 cm)

This is the largest and most massive version (scale 1 / 60 or 42 cm) of the Mazinger Z Infinity model. The set includes some tasty extras not present in the smaller version, namely the led lights for the eyes and articulated wings. Always present the other accessories: Hover Pilder, Iron Cutter, Drill Missile, Rocket Punch.

Mazinger Z Infinity

A grown up Koji Kabuto has become a scientist and the robot Mazinger Z rests in a museum. One day in Mount Fuji, gigantic and mysterious ruins called INFINITY are discovered, the work of the evil forces of Dr Inferno. Due to the enormous destructive power of these works, humanity is once again in danger of extinction. After 10 years, our hero Koji will be forced again to resume the commands of Mazinger Z and to face for the umpteenth time the dilemma of his existence "Becoming a God or a Demon".

Yes but… which model kit to choose?

If this Infinitism line has caught your attention but you are still undecided where to start, we can give you a little help, our first choice would certainly go to Jeeg since according to what was declared by Bandai once the copies are sold out it will no longer be reprinted. Once Jeeg has been recovered, the second choice would certainly go to the Black editions of Mazinger Z and Grandizer, also in limited edition but which at the moment will not suffer cuts. Once you have recovered these three editions, the final choice will be up to you, take your favorite robot and arm yourself with everything you need and… have fun!

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