Halo Infinite: multiteam mode coming? New multiplayer teams in a leak

Halo Infinite: multiteam mode coming? New multiplayer teams in a leak

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite could soon have a multiteam mode, or the possibility of facing multiplayer with more than two teams on the field, based on what emerged from a leak reported on Twitter by the HaloDotAPI account and relaunched by HaloHub.

There is practically no accompanying text except a quick reference to the alleged "multiteam", but the image itself is quite explicit: it is in fact a list of four teams, with the usual "Eagle" and "Cobra" at the top. ", now well known to anyone who has taken part in multiplayer sessions of Halo Infinite, but also two other teams, namely" Hades "and" Valkyrie ", which are currently not usable in the game.

This suggests a possible imminent introduction of multiplayer mode with more than two teams, with the screenshot that could be taken from a test version of the game waiting to be extended to the standard audience. In any case, it could be a counterfeit image, considering also that the symbols for Hades and Valkyrie appear to be reversed.

The idea is however very plausible: especially in the Big Team Battle maps there could be room to introduce a greater quantity of teams composed of a smaller number of players each, but this would also involve the elaboration of some playlists specific and perhaps even more reasoned maps for 4-team clashes, therefore an introduction of the genre is not exactly easy to carry out.

Therefore, leaks and secrets continue on Halo Infinite, after having also seen the final scene hidden with the coded message from the Campaign, although this multiteam is currently a rumor. We also remind you that the Winter Contingency event is in progress in multiplayer.

Have you noticed any errors?

A Secret ‘Halo Infinite’ Mid-Credits Ending Has Leaked

Halo Infinite


Given Halo Infinite’s somewhat…rocky production, there’s a lot of stuff buried in the game files that didn’t quite make the final cut. But some things are more important than others and now, a full-on ending teaser cutscene has been extracted by YouTuber GameCheat13.

The teaser, seen below, has The Pilot receiving a message over his headset:

The audio says “USNC Tag Detected, Designation: Friend.”

This was supposed to air as mid-credits scene after the campaign before it was cut, and it would join the (spoilers) final end-credits scene that apparently has Atriox releasing The Endless on Zeta Halo after time-traveling(?) to the past.

Seeing this clip has Halo players in a frenzy about who the “friendly” USNC tag could be, given that Halo Infinite has been a pretty solitary experience. The only friendly characters are The Weapon and the Pilot, and the assorted marines Chief rescues scattered across the landscape.

The main idea is that this could be the Spirit of Fire, a ship with a long, long history in Halo lore (there’s a book’s worth of information you can read about it here), though there are plenty of guesses that range from Lasky, Blue Team or even the Arbiter who has somehow gotten himself a USNC tag or is on board one of their ships.

However, since this cutscene is not actually in the game, it probably should not be considered canon, and whoever this was teasing may not actually come to pass. I mean, they had to have cut it for a reason, after all, so perhaps they wanted to go in a different direction.

Still, it’s cool to see all the same and imagine the possibilities. Yesterday, I wrote about how a possibility for a future season could involve the return of the Flood in a PvE horde mode that has had datamined voice lines attached to it, joining what could be a Flood-themed season. A Flood-infected USNC ship crashes into Zeta Halo, maybe? Who knows, but that sounds like a pretty cool development to me.

As of yet, 343 has not given any indication when or even how Halo Infinite’s story will continue, but the general consensus is it will probably not be us waiting 4-6 years for another full sequel. Story content paired with every multiplayer season seems unlikely, but smaller, more frequent story expansions seem like it could be the play going forward as Halo competes in the live service world. The game itself teases the Endless. Datamining is teasing the Flood and a friendly USNC ship joining the fight. We’ll have to see what actually comes to pass, and when 343 is going to start talking about story content in the new year here.

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