Amouranth accuses Twitter of Shadow Ban, while the ban on Instragam continues

Amouranth accuses Twitter of Shadow Ban, while the ban on Instragam continues

Amouranth accuses Twitter of Shadow Ban

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, one of Twitch's most successful streamers, accused Twitter of Shadow Ban, which is a form of ban that makes its contents less visible on the well-known social platform. And in the meantime Meta doesn't seem willing to revoke the ban on Instragram.

In the last year the streamer has made a lot of talk about herself, either because of the staggering figures she has earned on Twitch, where she is one of the most followed streamers of 2021, or do you want for the new successful "meta" it manages to create. However, given the nature of the contents it proposes, very pushed and at the limits of the regulation of various social platforms, Siragusa is also known for the numerous bans it has been awarded in recent months.

Now Amouranth claims to have received a "Shadow Ban" on Twitter and hopes it will be removed as soon as possible. For the uninitiated, this is a form of soft ban: the account of the person receiving this provision is not blocked and can continue to freely post content, however these will be less visible in the Twitter history stream, making them in fact more hard to find even for those who have followed the account. Another peculiarity of this provision is that it is not explicitly communicated by Twitter and consequently the account owner may not notice it at first.

As for Instagram, Amourath's account has been banned for months now. During an appearance on The Yard podcast, the streamer explained that Zuckerberg's company does not appear to be willing to retrace his steps, although the measure was not taken for the content posted, but rather due to a series of reports of mass from users.

Still on the subject, Amouranth recently announced a collaboration with the well-known adult magazine Playboy.

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