The 10 worst games of 2021

The 10 worst games of 2021

We are about to reach the end of the year and everyone is busy deciding which are the best games of the last 365 days, fueling the general festive atmosphere made of pandoro, nougat and panettone. A time of year in which we are all better, with producers who would like to remove all those monstrous titles that have fueled the nightmares of gamers, thus pretending that they never existed.

We will not allow it! The 10 worst games of 2021 are to be elected. Someone has to do it.


Comanche doesn't even look bad in static images, but then ... The history of video games is full of more or less successful helicopter simulators. Unfortunately, in recent times the genre has been a bit neglected by software houses and publishers, who obviously do not find the niche of enthusiasts who still follow it interesting from an economic point of view. Unfortunately Comanche did not turn out to be the ransom game many were hoping for. Indeed, it has achieved the exact opposite effect, by virtue of its mediocre construction and its superficial setting, despite the historical name it bears.

So those who bought it found themselves faced with a short, repetitive title with overly automated fights, unless you select the simulation mode, which makes the helicopters almost uncontrollable. In short, we are faced with one of those games that make you regret the classics every time you start them. But why start it? Leave it where it is!

First Class Trouble

First Class Trouble is a bad Among Us The failure of First Class Trouble can be summed up in the question: did it really make sense to try to make a 3D clone of Among Us? Basically we are faced with an unfinished title, with poorly refined game mechanics and a series of problems related to a hasty and deficient implementation from many points of view. Is it possible that none of the members of the development team understood that Among Us works because it is of a disarming simplicity in terms of game mechanics, so much so that its social mechanics to emerge powerfully from the first game? Why does First Class Trouble complicate gamers' life so much? On top of that, it was launched in a state that made it look like an alpha version, rather than a definitive one. Unfortunately, we imagine that many have played it, as they gave it away with their PlayStation Plus subscription. Wretched you.

Katana Kata

Katana Kata is a fascinating game full of quality. .. ah no, that's Sekiro. The samurai life is already not easy for him, let alone that of one forced to live in a similar game. Imagine the poor protagonist of Katana Kata, soulslike set in feudal Japan, who wakes up every morning knowing that he will have to work hard to get to the end of an adventure with very weak assumptions and written so badly that it looks like a fanfiction given birth by a fourteen year old in a hormonal crisis. Wouldn't the will to live go away?

Here he is, looking out the window and seeing Sekiro on the other side of the courtyard of his house who, despite his injuries, can bully himself to be the protagonist of a great game. Don't you feel a minimum of empathy for his existential condition? Don't you want to give him a trip to FromSoftware's parts? Here, perhaps it would have been appropriate to give it to the developers as well. Maybe there they would have learned to manage the game camera in a dignified way and to create a lock system on enemies that did not swear in languages ​​that are now considered dead.

Avoid it with souls and like.

Mayhem in single valley

Games should always give something interesting to do Jack, son of boredom, why do you want oppress us too? Wasn't it enough for you to live in a dull world with no interesting things to do? Your enemy turns people into zombies using some kind of poison, because he doesn't know that forcing people to play your game would be enough to get the same result! After all, it is difficult to find those who appreciated it, full of senseless situations, absurd twists and moments that do not excite, do not entertain but only hurt the heart so much. Yet yours is not even a very long adventure, since it lasts just five hours ... five hours which, however, weigh a lot.

What is saved is only the graphic style ... but Jack, you see, these days of games with an interesting graphic style there are a lot! If you haven't figured it out, Mayhem in single valley isn't worth playing. Frankly it wasn't even worth remembering, but someone special about the worst games of the year had to write it.


Mechajammer works badly, simply Mechajammer is one of those sweets that from the pastry shop window they look very good to you. You crave them all day and then in the evening you decide to buy them taken by an irrepressible desire. You take them home and start eating them voraciously, only to find it would be better to gargle with a squeeze of rotten salad soaked in rancid milk. Unfortunately, the title of Whalenought Studios is just like that: the conditions are excellent, but the realization drops your arms.

On paper it's a mr RPG full of interesting features. Too bad, however, that it has so many problems, starting with the otherwise useful tutorial, to get to the creation of the character and the combat system, that it almost immediately kills any enthusiasm. It contains a lot of great ideas, but none succeeds in shining through due to counterproductive design choices and a general inability to engage the player. You don't need to roll any dice to avoid it.

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy has some really bad mechanics The Principality of Zeon and the Federation Terrestrial are still at war. Leave them alone, because it's not really worth the effort for them, especially if it means having to play Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy. Already the fact that the developers were inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 for the fundamental game mechanics left more than a few amazed: do you usually not look at the best titles? Some brave ones, however, decided to play it anyway ... and then changed hobbies. Sure, the story he tells might still be interesting for hardcore Gundam fans, but why get hurt so badly? Does being a fan impose suffering? Who will pay you back for the hours spent fighting with slow and frustrating gameplay?

Of Bird and Cage

What a beautiful baby ... There are bad games. Really bad games. Bad games. Then there are the games like Of Bird and Cage, wrong across the board. The work of Capricia Productions boasts an atrocious realization, both from a technical and a narrative point of view, to which some design choices must be added that only create a deep sense of frustration in the player, forced to grope in the dark in more than one opportunity, while waiting for yet another song of the beautiful soundtrack, which dictates the timing of the gameplay.

Gitta, the protagonist, is unhappy not only because she has a terrible life, but also because someone has chosen to try to make her redeem it in such a game. She could be hosted by Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West, she could enlist as a Spartan in Halo Infinite, or grab a car and jog in Forza Horizon 5. Everything would have been better than this. She could also slip into some survival full of zombies ready to devour her and instead she chose a bad adventure with an absurd plot and silly characters, in which all she has to do to not think too much is to go in search of the umpteenth dose of drug, great for forgetting about the parannanza she is forced to wear throughout the game.

Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction

You know those friends who always have fun playing pranks? At first they may be nice. At the second they begin to annoy. At the third party the insults start and, if the day is not a good one, the brawl ends up as well. Here, Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction has this problem here: it is the third chapter of a series that has nothing more to say, unless you really believe that the advice of Richard La Ruina, the protagonist of the game, can really help you to tow.

The various interactive films that make up the adventure, if we want to call it that, often propose senseless situations, which develop in an atrocious way, especially when you get the right answers (think a little). Paradoxically, the best moments are those in which one is wrong, at least the absurdity becomes obvious and everything loses that serious aura which, in the long run, becomes ridiculous. Do you really need such stuff in the internet age to admire some bare skin?

The Good Life

Sooner or later Swery will understand his mistakes For many poor Hidetaka Suehiro , said Swery, is a big misconception. Elected to the rank of author after the late recognition of the narrative qualities of Deadly Premonition, he was no longer able to hit a game, either because of the lack of success (see D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die), or because of how he made them (of course together with his team). If the recent Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise had already struck more for its immense problems than for its qualities, this The Good Life turned out to be a fairly atrocious title that, despite the good assumptions, got practically all wrong. , especially in terms of gameplay. So, despite the eccentric and interesting story, despite the underlying charm of her strange world, the bizarre adventure of the leading journalist ends up being penalized by confusing mechanics and unavoidable technical problems, which bury her inexorably. Out of sympathy one would like to give it at least a chance, but why do it?

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

Lots of smoke ... God forgives, a bad licensed game just not. In the end one doesn't ask for miracles from every product, but at least a solid experience yes, especially if the source material is a deep, multi-faceted paper role-playing game. Instead Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood does everything to annoy what its target audience should be, offering a flat and repetitive experience, which struggles to grasp the spirit of White Wolf's World of Darkness, which here is completely suffocated. . Did we really need another nasty werewolf-themed action RPG? Yet the ecological plot could open up to interesting moments, but it did not happen. It all boils down to the usual war on the bad guy, which is resolved in the most banal way possible. You solve it in an even more banal way: look the other way.

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