PS4 and Xbox One will soon have a game about the Canadian monarchy, it could all be true

PS4 and Xbox One will soon have a game about the Canadian monarchy, it could all be true

PS4 and Xbox One will soon have a game about the Canadian monarchy

PS4 and Xbox One could soon receive a very special video game. According to a post that emerged on Reddit, in fact, the current Monarchy of Canada is working on a title that tells its story. Halfway between a real game and an educational tool, the post that emerged in the last few hours analyzes what could be one of the most bizarre and particular experiments ever seen in this industry.

According to the post that appeared on the popular board, the game was initially intended only for mobile devices, but the size of the project has increased and will be published on PS4 and Xbox One. The title will be distributed, at least according to this rumor, only in the Canadian territories and will serve to make known the history of the Nation, of the Monarchy and obviously it will be distributed mainly in schools, but everyone can buy it without any kind of obstacle.

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no official confirmations on the matter, nor any screenshots. However, according to the information on Reddit, the Canadian Government and the Monarchy of Canada have thought about launching this title to celebrate their history, as well as the 100 consecutive years of the Kingdom never interrupted. The creator of the post claimed to have tried the title and also seen some unedited screenshots.

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It may not be educational at all, but in South Park: The Stick of Truth you can explore Canada: you can retrieve your copy of the Ubisoft game by clicking HERE.

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