God of War Ragnarok may be out sooner than expected

God of War Ragnarok may be out sooner than expected

There is still a lot of silence around God of War Ragnarok. If the hypotheses of postponement to 2023 seem to be denied, at least by Jason Schreier (a Bloomberg journalist who has always been very close to the industry), a release date has never been officially announced. Despite this, the game could be very close.

As reported on Reddit, in fact, God of War Ragnarok has appeared in a list of a Chilean retailer. Juegos Digitales (this is the name of the retailer) has included the title for PS4 and PS5 in its systems, also revealing the launch window: June 2021. Really close then, but obviously it is information that must be taken with a grain of salt. Despite this, there is a very good chance that the title could really debut this summer.

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When could the announcement arrive? Hard to say, but a couple of clues are there. And the first is always in the field of rumors and rumors. According to some insiders, in fact, in March there will be a new PlayStation event. It is therefore not excluded that in an upcoming State of Play the release date of God of War Ragnarok cannot be announced. Obviously, we invite you to take this information with a grain of salt and wait for the usual official communications from the publisher and developer. Keep following sportsgaming.win for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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