The Jundo news for March 2022

The Jundo news for March 2022

The Jundo news for March 2022 have been released, including 4 new webtoons: All of You, Blaze Core, Death Sitter and the Jundo Original the Hypnotist that bring the Jundo home catalog to over 90 titles available. The concluding chapters of the Jundo Original Thunder Tardo by Rotelli and Caiazza, Martini by Carmine Arcopinto and Pirati (Manganaro, Giaimi and Rollo) with the fifth and last chapter are worthy of note.

The news Jundo February 2022 The entire Jundo catalog is available through the App and the official website with a monthly subscription of € 1.99. The first chapter of all the works is free for anyone who signs up. Paper Originals are also available in the Jundo Comics Shop, the proceeds of which, excluding shipping and printing costs, go entirely to the artist. It should be noted that with the new version of the app already available, which includes thematic carousels and more and more ways to discover new titles for all tastes, from 1 March all users who download the app will be able to take advantage of a free month of trial. Finally, again from March 1st, the annual subscription is available for 19.99 (therefore with a 20% discount).

The Jundo news for March 2022

March 4th

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by Liang Azha (Kuaikan Comics - China)

Webtoon - Boy's love (Romantic / Drama)

(42 episodes, full)

Jundo news for March 2022 With tens of millions of views to its credit, All of you by Liang Azha is one of Kuaikan Comics' most loved boy's love themed webtoons. Due to his scary appearance, Qi Shi cannot find a job. One day, at a meeting of old classmates, he meets the popular Nan Jue, who tells him he is an image consultant and that he would like to help him look less threatening. For this reason Nan Jue moves to Qi Shi's house - but as Qi Shi changes little by little, she begins to discover Nan Jue's secret and their feelings evolve slowly…

March 11, 2022

Blaze Core
Xcelon Art (Nepal)

Webtoon - Fantasy

(42 episodes, ongoing)

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Jundo news for March 2022 In a world where demons cross dimensions and humans possess the power of "Core", Kenji fights demons to earn some money and protect his world . One day, to defend people, he confronts Klaw, a powerful demon. He somehow ends up combining with the monster, and Klaw transforms into a weak cat-like creature linked to Kenji, still not giving up trying to kill him. Will they be able to work together or will one of the two eventually prevail over the other?

March 18, 2022


by Puppetology (USA)

Webtoon - Horror / Comedy

(100 episodes, in course)

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23 March 2022

The Hypnotist

by Francis Rota, Marco Romita, Enrico Rollo (Italy)

Jundo Original - Fantasy / Adventure

Jundo news of March 2022 Andrew Lockhart is a renowned hypnotist capable of penetrating people's minds to free them from subconscious nightmares. After perceiving a psychic anomaly, he heads to the home of Mrs. Goldwin, whose son Erik is possessed by a mysterious entity. With the help of his advanced hypnotic abilities he will have to seal the nightmare that torments the young man.

The Jundo highlights of March 2022

In addition, over 30 webtoon series that come out weekly every Friday continue in March, including the very popular: Of Machines and Beasts; Out of Sight, Out of Body; Long Way Up! and Anomaly: Soul. As for Jundo Original: the second chapter of Gold Thread (Bernini, Valente and Corsetti) arrives on March 16. On March 23, new chapters will be released for Deluvio by LVCE, New Heaven by Simone Trudu and the awaited fourth chapter of the Euromanga Shaman by the duo Shinichi and Arisu.

The title of the month for Jundo's editorial staff is The Reaper and The Waiting by Jayessart, concluded in 22 chapters, webtoon by the talented artist has just been nominated in the best webcomic category for the Sequential Magazine Awards in Canada.

The Reaper and the Waiting

by Jayessart (Canada)

Webtoon - Boy's love (Romantic / Drama)

news Jundo of March 2022 A Reaper who cannot remember anything of his earthly life, is a mysterious soul that follows him everywhere and seems to remember everything but cannot reveal anything. Accompanied by "Dog", who is not really a dog, the two will face a touching and mysterious adventure between sad lost memories and souls to be saved. The final chapter of The Reaper and the Waiting will be released on Jundo on 1 April 2022, followed by two epilogues on 8 and 15 April.

About Jundo

Since 2021, Jundo is the Italian digital platform for reading both Italian and international webtoons and online comics. Jundo is the exclusive Italian partner of Kuaikan Comics, the largest Chinese webtoon and entertainment platform of which it publishes over 20 works. Jundo was born from a team of 14 boys under 30 - thanks to the victory of the Lazio Region call "Fund for cultural and creative startups" - with the aim of expanding the horizon of comics, allowing on the one hand readers to get closer to different styles and genres such as Chinese and Korean webtoons and on the other to emerging authors to arrive on the market with Jundo Original, avoiding the difficulties associated with self-production and distribution. On the Jundo Comics Shop, readers will be able to purchase the paper versions of the Jundo Originals, the proceeds of which go entirely to the author.

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