Super Smash Bros. is leaving the most important professional tournament in the world

Super Smash Bros. is leaving the most important professional tournament in the world

When it comes to fighting games, usually the first names that come to mind are always the same: Street Fighter, Tekken and Super Smash Bros. And it is the Nintendo game that is the protagonist of today's news. Yes, because the Japanese giant has decided to take a historic decision, that is to no longer be part of the EVO Championship, the largest tournament in the world dedicated to fighting games.

" We are truly grateful for all the great games that have joined the EVO for the 2022 edition to be held in Las Vegas. However, we anticipate that there will be no Super Smash Bros. tournaments ", reads the EVO statement. Its release is certainly important: Nintendo's IP has always been part of the tournaments proposed by the organizer, with the first presence being registered in 2007. “We are sorry that Nintendo has chosen not to continue the journey with us. In the future we hope to be able to celebrate together with the gaming community once again ”.

if (jQuery (" # crm_srl-th_gamedivision_d_mh2_1 "). Is (": visible ")) {console.log (" Edinet ADV adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_gamedivision_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_gamedivision_d_mh2 "); } With the release of Super Smash Bros. the catalog of games available to the EVO is shortened. At the moment the line-up can count on only 4 fighting games: Guilty Gear Strive, Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7. The exclusion of King of Fighters XV is obviously logical: the title has only been available on the market for 15 days and it is very likely that it is still too early to see it in action in the various competitive circuits.

The exit of Super Smash Bros. however, international events should not take us too by surprise. In fact, last November, Nintendo announced a special partnership with Panda Global. The goal is to create a real competitive circuit of the game, however independently. The agreement was signed in November but at the moment the details of this new tournament have not yet been released.

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