LEGO Vespa 125: the icon of the Dolce Vita is made of bricks!

LEGO Vespa 125: the icon of the Dolce Vita is made of bricks!

LEGO Vespa 125

Symbol of the Dolce Vita and a true icon of Made in Italy, the Vespa is made of LEGO bricks with the LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set.

Its sinuous and rounded shapes have so entered the world collective imagination that they deserved to be exhibited at the MOMA - Museum of Modern Art in New York

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LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set

(from March 1st 2022)

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The set: the presentation The set: the characteristics The Vespa 125 VNB in ​​reality The versions of the Vespa designed by enthusiasts

The set: the presentation

Preview unveiled world during an event organized at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera entitled "Timeless design, Always in style" and broadcast live on the LEGO Italy Facebook page, the new LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set will soon be on sale (from March 1st) on and at the 19 Italian LEGO (Certified) Stores.

Presenting the set, Florian Muller, the Senior LEGO Designer, author of the set, to whom we were able to ask a couple of questions .

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Hello everyone, it is very nice to be here in Pontedera, where the real Vespa was born and where it is still produced today, after more than 75 years. For our part, as the LEGO Designer Team, we have built various models in a variety of colors. Then it was the turn of the colleagues from the Piaggio Group Design Center to choose the model and color of the final set. The color chosen, already used for the FIAT 500 of the LEGO Creator Expert set # 77942, is one of the colors with which the real Vespa model chosen to be reproduced was painted and the choice was therefore almost immediate.

Can you tell us if it was possible for you or if you had to "ask" for new pieces or a new color variant of existing pieces?

Absolutely yes. The most important news concerns the two wheels. It would not have been possible to reproduce the Vespa without using a tire suitable for the tread pattern and measurements, but above all for the unmistakable white "shoulder". New tire obviously also means using a new rim, and it did. An element that is rather common but which was produced in the “Baby Blue” color of the set is the 2x2x2 box Top Opening ID 61780.

Immediately after Florian's intervention, it was the turn of Marco Capone, General Manager of LEGO Italy, to talk about the set and the collaboration with Piaggio, who told us:

2022 represents a very important year for us at the LEGO Group: we have been working hard for 90 years to inspire the creativity and imagination of the builders of tomorrow around the world. Today, we present and celebrate an icon of style and design, born more than 70 years ago from what we could define as the highest expression of creativity ... the same one that is so close to our hearts. And that is why I am happy to renew and cement the collaboration with a partner of excellence such as Vespa with the launch of this set. We hope that more and more people will be able to give voice to their passions, follow their aspirations, to realize, brick by brick, projects that make the difference more and more

Finally, Marco Lambri, Head of Piaggio took the floor Group Design Center, which expressed itself as follows:

Collaborating with LEGO was an extraordinary experience because it brought together two dreams, LEGO and Vespa, united by the infinite possibilities of expression that they can offer their fans. Two extraordinary brands capable of crossing different eras, always knowing how to reinvent themselves because in their DNA there is the ability to unite and build. As a designer, the challenge was to make the soft shapes of the Vespa coexist with those of the LEGO bricks, and it seems to me a definitely won challenge

The set: the characteristics

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Based on the sinuous curves that have made it an icon, the set reproduces the iconic shapes and the many details that made the little dueruote famous, which was so important for post-war Italy (and up to the present day).

Starting from the front of the model, we immediately find the reproduction of the unmistakable handlebar with the front light in the center and complete with knobs and levers (clutch on the left and front brake on the right). The speedometer placed in the central position has been reproduced by means of an appropriate sticker.

Immediately under the handlebar, we find the unmistakable shield, which on the outside is complete with the buzzer (or buzzer) of the horn and inside there is a reproduction of the spare wheel container complete with the “Vespa” logo.

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LEGO Creator Expert set # 10298 Vespa 125

(from March 1st 2022)

The iconic front wheel assembly with the characteristic fairing inside which the wheel itself is placed, it was also reproduced by the designer of the set, including and including the particular geometry of the front shock absorber.

Continuing towards the at the rear we find the classic footboard, complete with the reproduction of the brake pedal (rear).

We thus arrive at the driver's seat, where we find the reproduction in ttoncini of the two saddles. Oh yes, two: at the time only the driver's seat was supplied, while that for the passenger was an optional optional. By removing the front saddle from the model, we will be able to access the fuel cap, just like with the real bike.

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LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125

(from 1 March 2022)

Under the saddle we find the reproduction of the two iconic shells that have made the design of the Vespa since the first models so special and appreciated by enthusiasts. The function of the storage compartment with access door closed by a lock of the left shell has been reproduced by means of a suitable adhesive.

The left shell can be removed, thus showing the engine (which in the real bike did not reach 5 HP of power), whose brick reproduction includes the immediately recognizable spiral shape of the flywheel-stator-crankcase assembly and the pedal lever for starting.

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LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125

(from 1st March 2022)

In this set nothing has been left to chance: under the platform we will be able to find the reproduction of the parking stand, essential for parking… display the model once built. And here, in this particular detail, we find a real gem that the Designer wanted to add: the two support "terminals" of the stand are made with two rubber elements well known to fans of the LEGO Technic theme: the stand of the real bike had in fact, the rubber "feet"!

To complete the model, giving it a touch of retro style, the brick replica of the Vespa 125 was completed with a buildable and removable roof rack on which sits a delightful wicker basket with a freshly bought bouquet of flowers inside, of course both buildable.

Last but not least: the tires and the rims, just like the previous LEGO Creator Expert motorcycle (the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy from LEGO set # 10269), were designed and manufactured specifically for this set, complete with a white sidewall just like those on the real Vespa.

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LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set

(from March 1, 2022)

The LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set goes joining the LEGO Creator Expert line of classic and iconic vehicles which includes sets # 10265 Ford Mustang, # 10290 Pickup, # 10279 Camper van Volkswagen T2 and # 10295 Porsche 911 (and LEGO sets # 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van, # 10242 MINI Cooper, # 10248 Ferrari F40, # 10252 Volkswagen Beetle, # 10258 London Bus, # 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 and # 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, the latter all now discontinued).

The LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set measures over 22cm high, 12cm long, 35cm and consists of 1,106 pieces; a sheet with ten stickers and the instruction manual complete the contents of the package.

Those who want to buy the LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 sets, can add it to the new LEGO Creator # 40517 Vespa set, the version in miniature and red color of the older sister in “Baby Blue” color and also produced under Piaggio license. Both sets will be on sale from March 1st on and at all 19 LEGO Stores in Italy.

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LEGO Creator set # 40157 Vespa

(from 1 March 2022)

The Vespa 125 VNB in ​​reality

The rounded line of the model reproduced by LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 is the Vespa 125 VNB, which was produced from 1959 to 1966 in six distinct series (from VNB1T to VNB6T). Designed by Corradino D'Ascanio, the first version of the Vespa saw the light in April 1946 at the Pontedera (PI) plant, which is still the Piaggio headquarters today.

D'Ascanio hated having to climb over a motorcycle to get on the saddle, so he exploited his knowledge as an aeronautical designer to invent the first motorcycle with a load-bearing body, without a tubular steel structure and, thanks to this, without a central tunnel. He also adopted a front suspension inspired by that of aircraft trolleys and created an engine conceptually derived from aircraft starter engines. He moved the gearbox to the handlebar, considering it much more practical to use, covered the engine with the frame to remedy the frequent oil leaks that stained his pants, added the spare wheel as most of the roads of the time were dirt and the motorcyclists were forced to remedy the frequent punctures with solution and patches. He modeled the driving position around the drawing of a man sitting comfortably in an armchair, so that prolonged driving would be the least tiring possible.

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LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125

(from March 1st 2022)

The Vespa fans designed

It is so iconic, desired and admired that the Vespa is one of the motorcycles that more inspired the imagination and tested the creativity of fans of bricks with two wheels in the soul. Let's find out together some of the best brick versions of the most loved and appreciated German ever!

Arvo Brothers

When it comes to designing stunning models, with a level of crazy detail and built with LEGO parts, that of the Arvo Brothers is one of the first names that come to mind. The two Spanish brothers Ramon and Almador had already designed the LEGO brick reproduction of an iconic model of dueruote: Kaneda's motorcycle from the AKIRA movie. It was therefore obvious to expect that they would also put their hand to the design of the very Italian Vespa, choosing the Vespa P200 as the model to reproduce. The soft curves are beautifully captured with the usual and high standard to which the Arvo Brothers have accustomed us. For those wishing to build the Arvo Brothers version of the Vespa, to be placed side by side with that of the LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 1960s set. Instructions in PDF format are available for purchase.


Another very AFOL Designer known for brick replicas of famous and iconic cars and motorbikes is ZetoVince, aka George Panteleon. Created a few years ago to participate in the selections of the LEGO Ideas platform, unfortunately it did not reach the milestone of 10,000 votes. ZetoVince therefore decided to make the instructions and make them available online, so that anyone interested in the model could make it. The finished model is very robust and playable, thanks to the use of some LEGO Technic elements to make the frame. Based on the existing LEGO elements, the model can be made in different colors: black, light gray, dark blue, red, white and yellow. Instructions in PDF format are available for purchase.


Your project A-Frame Cabin has just been selected to become one of the next LEGO Ideas sets in the recent 2nd 2021 Review Results. It was 2015 when Andrea Lattanzio presented his MOC Vespa Workshop | to the public Dream Garage. This is the scale model of Officina Super Sprint, a workshop specializing in the restoration of vintage Vespas, which in 2015 celebrated his 20th birthday! What better gift than its reproduction in LEGO bricks? Nothing is missing from the workshop: a nice work table with a wooden top, tool panel and vice. There is the oxyacetylene welder and also the electric welder. In the center, two hydraulic bridges to work comfortably on the Vespas. We also find a sandblaster and the inevitable column drill near the entrance. There are tools and spare parts everywhere. Four hat lights illuminate the spaces when it gets dark, while during the day the light enters through the large windows. Obviously, the queens of the workshop could not be missing: two Vespa PX and a Vespa T5, recognizable by the rectangular headlight.

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