LEGO presents the Vespa 125 in live streaming preview

LEGO presents the Vespa 125 in live streaming preview

The LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set roars to the notes of the characteristic sound of its mechanical heart, which immediately takes us back to the Dolce Vita and carefree racing around Italy, our parents and our grandparents. And you? What memories do you have related to the Vespa?

Last 24 February, during an event entitled "Timeless design, Always in style", organized at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera and broadcast live streaming also on the LEGO Italy Facebook page, the new set was officially presented as a world preview to the public and fans.

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LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set

(from March 1, 2022)

Vera Spadini and Guido Meda, the two well-known faces of Sky Sport, a long-time partner of LEGO Italia, were called to conduct the event.

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The introduction and presentation of the event by Guido Meda and Vera Spadini was followed by a long and detailed account of the history of how the Vespa was born, what it meant for Italians and its history in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, until today. The two hosts of Sky Sport, Sky MotoGP and SkyF1 then introduced the interventions of

Marco Capone, General Manger of LEGO Italia Marco Lambri, Head of Piaggio Group Design Center

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LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set

(from 1 March 2022)

The presentation of the set.

After their speech, Vera Spadini and Guido Meda sold the microphone to Florian Muller, the LEGO Senior Designer who created the set, who illustrated its features and explained how the idea came to the final product.

Subsequently, it was the turn of the speeches by Marco Capone, General Manager of LEGO Italy and by Marco Lambri, Head of Piaggio Group Design Center, who explained how the partnership relationship was born. led to the creation of this new LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 set. At the end of the event, the 1: 1 scale model of the Vespa 125 was presented, made by the Master Builders of the Kladno factory and Design Center (the same where the 1: 1 scale model of the Lamborghini Siàn, from the which we talked about in this article), using 110,000 bricks and weighing about 94 kg, which required the work of 4 people and 320 man / hours to be assembled!

The event, however, did not end in the rooms of the Piaggio Museum! In fact, at the same time as the presentation that took place in Pontedera, a twin model of the LEGO Vespa 125 in 1: 1 scale, made by the LEGO Certified Professional Riccardo Zangelmi, was presented in Milan, in the POP UP installed in via Montenapoleone and set up right from the start. February 24 to be able to broadcast the live broadcast of the event in Pontedera itself on a large screen.

On the occasion of Fashion Week, from February 25 to March 3, passers-by and two-wheel enthusiasts ( and brick), will be able to immortalize themselves on the Vespa in 1: 1 scale

Those who want to buy the LEGO Creator Expert # 10298 Vespa 125 sets at the POP UP in Montenapoleone (to be "ordered" at the POP UP and collected at the LEGO Store San Babila), from 25 to 28 February, will receive the LEGO Creator # 40517 Vespa set, the miniature and red version of the older sister of color "Baby Blue". Both sets will then be on sale from March 1st on and at all 19 LEGO Stores in Italy.

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LEGO Creator # 40157 Vespa

(from 1st March 2022)

And more! The LEGO Store in Milano San Babila will host the LEGO Certified Professional Riccardo Zangelmi for a live building of a helmet (wearable!) And the spare wheel in 1: 1 scale of the real Vespa, all next to an original Vespa 125 granted by the Piaggio Museum and which will remain on display until March 3.

From March 4, the 1: 1 scale model, including helmet and spare wheel, will "turn on" the engines to begin its journey in around Italy: first stop, the LEGO Store in Turin, which will offer Piedmontese fans the opportunity to admire this LEGO-format masterpiece until April 30th. At this link you can find the other stops of the tour: Local News - EN

The LEGO Creator Expert set # 10298 Vespa 125 1960s will be available for purchase directly on the website and in LEGO stores Retail from March 1st at a price of € 99.99.

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