Super Mario Bros., Peach cosplay from Lada Lyumos is puccettoso

Super Mario Bros., Peach cosplay from Lada Lyumos is puccettoso

Super Mario Bros.

Peach stars in one of the latest Lada Lyumos cosplay, which has returned to be inspired by the princess of Super Mario Bros. to give life to a different interpretation than usual. The result? Very posh.

Some time after Bowsette's disturbing cosplay, Lada thought in this case to wink at pastel shades and home atmospheres, not surprisingly her character wears cat-shaped pajamas.

From the costume to the balloons, the set is reminiscent of a sort of pajama party and is undoubtedly the most "chaste" among those dedicated to Peach, because let's not forget that Lada Lyumos always tends to volorize her shapes and here she doesn't have except.

Speaking of the Nintendo Princess, her last appearance was in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, the best-selling physical game of 2021 in Europe: once again a huge success for the franchise.

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