Find out how to get a gift card from LaFeltrinelli, but only until December 20th!

Find out how to get a gift card from LaFeltrinelli, but only until December 20th!

Find out how to get a gift card from LaFeltrinelli

If you are looking for an offer involving books, films or CDs, you have come to the right place. The promotion that we have decided to report concerns the LaFeltrinelli store: by purchasing directly from a specific selection of products at your disposal, you will receive a gift card to spend on the entire online catalog, but still for very little!

Lovers of literature and music, LaFeltrinelli offers you a very valid offer directly on the "outlet" section of the site, not only thanks to already very discounted prices on great classics, iconic films and even vinyls, but also deciding to give you a gift card from € 5, to be redeemed by December 20.

We would like to point out that, to get these € 5.00, as a first step you must register on the Feltrinelli website or, alternatively, log in if you already have a account, then once logged in, it is necessary to put in the cart a total of € 45.00 among all the products that are present in the outlet category of the store: among the various proposals there are books in Italian, music, cinema, stationery, toys and many gift ideas discounted even over 50%, so it will be easy to reach the minimum sum to join the promotion!

Once the purchase has been completed and confirmed the shipping address you will receive a simple email, obviously with the gift card attached. As we have already anticipated, you will have no limits: you can use it on everything you prefer, as long as it is available on LaFeltrinelli! In conclusion, a simple and interesting way to buy items at a very affordable price and, last but not least, with € 5.00 to be received immediately on your e-mail address; perfect if you are thinking of giving gifts for Christmas!

Having said that, we refer you to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, which is the ideal place to promptly receive information on all the best offers in progress on the various stores, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech, Apparel and Sports and Chinese Products. Happy shopping!

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