Elden Ring: solved the problems with online on Xbox, you can now play in co-op multiplayer and PvP

Elden Ring: solved the problems with online on Xbox, you can now play in co-op multiplayer and PvP

Elden Ring

With a tweet published a few minutes ago from the official Elden Ring account, FromSoftware announced that the problems with online on Xbox Series X | S and One have been solved. So now you can start reading / leaving hints in the game world, summon or invade other users.

As reported in a previous news, the problems with the online features and the multiplayer of Elden Ring on Xbox had manifested themselves yesterday, preventing many Microsoft platform players from accessing game servers, with all the obvious limitations of the case.

The announcement came shortly after the release of the 1.02.1 patch notes of Elden Ring for PS5 and PC, which has solved some problems related to these two platforms, which reads: "we are happy to report that the problems with the online encountered by Xbox users have now been resolved", thanking them for patience.

FromSoftware developers took action in a sudden way to correct some of the flaws currently affecting Elden Ring. As promised a few days ago, corrective patches should also arrive in the near future to improve the framerate of all versions, currently quite fluctuating, especially on PC as reported in the latest video analysis by Digital Foundry.

Have you noticed any errors?

Elden Ring: What Glowing Skulls Do & How to Get Them


Published on February 25, 2022 | Updated on February 27th, 2022 at 08:33 am Alex Gibson

Typical of a FromSoftware game, Elden Ring doesn’t issue a whole lot of direction to players as they embark on their journey across The Lands Between. You’re very much left to your own devices, and left to figure out many of the obtuse systems, puzzles, and even items that are scattered across its beautiful landscape. That includes one morbid object found throughout Limgrave. Here’s what glowing skills do and how to get them in Elden Ring.

What Glowing Skulls Do in Elden Ring

If you have played Elden Ring for any length of time at all then you’ll appreciate the value of Runes. These are essentially the game’s equivalent of Souls, and they’re used both to purchase weapons and gear from vendors, as well as leveling up your character.

While Runes are typically harvested after killing enemies, they can also be found scattered across the terrain of the open world. These Runes come in different shapes, including Fragments and Golden Runes.

Glowing Skulls contain Golden Runes, which in turn can be converted into 200 Runes to use for either leveling up or purchasing weapons. But how does one actually get the Golden Rune inside the Glowing Skull?

How to Get Glowing Skulls in Elden Ring

To get Glowing Skulls, you’ll either need a melee weapon or, if you’re a magic build, your horse, Torrent. If you haven’t unlocked him already, see our dedicated guide here.

  • To break a Glowing Skull, find one, and then either pull out your melee weapon or summon Torrent.
  • Breaking a Glowing Skull with a sword or melee weapon requires only a simple attack. Those who don’t have a sword should mount Torrent, then walk over/stomp the skull to crush and open it, revealing the Golden Rune which you can pick up.
  • Check your inventory to find the Golden Rune, which can be used either in exchange for Runes or as an item to sell to merchants.
  • And that’s all you need to know about what glowing skills do and how to get them in Elden Ring. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips, tricks and information on the game.

    If you have a specific question you cannot find an answer to anywhere on the site then do feel free to reach out in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to lend a hand.

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