Garden deck chair | The best of 2022

Garden deck chair | The best of 2022

UPDATE 02/24/2022: we have replaced 2 garden chairs.

After having reported which are the best garden hammocks and the correct method to understand if a model is valid or not, we now want to go back to talking about outdoor comfort and garden items, creating a guide dedicated to the best garden chairs that, during the summer, play an important role in trying to relieve stress or, simply, turn out to be excellent products to spend the afternoons of the days warmer lying down under an umbrella or perhaps under a beautiful gazebo.

Read also: Gazebo | The best of 2021 As you know, garden chairs are not all the same, which is why we decided to search for the best and bring them back in this article, adding in the second part the reasons that led us to select certain models rather than others . In fact, although the task of a garden deckchair is to make you relax, there are models that can offer you superior comfort, thanks to more ergonomic structures and quality materials, perhaps enriched with cushions and headrests. That said, let's not waste any more time and immediately discover which are the best models that will allow you to obtain a comfort equal to, if not superior, to the deckchairs you find on the beach.

The best garden chairs

Amazon Basics Chicreat Stiliac Generica Keter Kidkraft Outsunny

Amazon Basics

As often happens, especially in a certain category of products, the articles made from the Amazon Basics brand they prove to be excellent and with a very good quality / price ratio. This is the case of this garden deckchair which, in our opinion, deserves to be included in our dedicated list because it has everything you need to relax and enjoy excellent comfort. Available in various colors, this model has been designed to give you the feeling of weightlessness and has a powder-coated steel frame that makes it resistant and at the same time light to carry. It also includes a padded headrest and contoured armrests and supports a weight of 136kg.



Similar to the previous model, the garden deck chair by Chicreat is one of the most comfortable and, unlike the others, is offered in a set of 2 at a very competitive price. Perfect in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony, this solution boasts a 7-angle adjustable backrest and an aluminum structure with padding, proposed in a beautiful combination of gray and silver. Thanks to the excellent materials, these deckchairs will be resistant to water and UV rays and, consequently, their coating will remain intact for a long time.



Available in many colors, the garden deckchair produced by Stiliac is another model to be considered by those who want to have a solution capable of guaranteeing excellent comfort. Just like the previous model, it has been designed so that you can lift your feet higher than your head and obtain a “zero gravity” effect, for the benefit of relaxation typical of professional beach solutions. The maximum capacity reported by the manufacturer is 110kg, while the structure boasts materials such as steel and breathable textilene fabric.



If you like wood, this garden deck chair is the one for you! Unlike the previous models, it has a very soft and comfortable cushion padded with foam, washable and replaceable with numerous other cushions of multiple colors (available separately). The wooden structure was designed to be reclining in 3 positions, adapting to both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, it is easy to fold up, which makes it easy to transport and space-saving when not in use.



Another deckchair for garden that adapts to multiple uses is the model created by Keter. Its peculiarity is the beautiful wicker texture, which makes it elegant and with a neutral tone, and therefore able to adapt to any environment. Although the structure may seem not foldable, it will actually allow you to reduce the bulk when you want to put it aside, and you will be able to choose 4 settings with which to enjoy excellent relaxation. Furthermore, it is maintenance free, as its materials are resistant to atmospheric agents.


If you are looking for a dedicated solution to the little ones, you will be happy to know that it exists and is made by Kidkraft. Unlike the other models, in this case it will not be possible to adjust it in different inclinations, but we believe that this lack is not important if we consider that it is intended exclusively for children. The overall quality, on the other hand, is excellent and the three-sided canopy and mesh window will allow your little ones to shelter from the sun. Included in the price, you will find 2 lined cushions and 2 glass holders, as well as assembly instructions, which will allow even the less experienced to assemble it in a few minutes.



We couldn't close the list of the best garden loungers without mentioning an Outsunny model, a leading brand in gardening equipment. This solution is undoubtedly the most desired, but it has a much higher cost than the other models. It is ideal for those who want to have, in addition to comfort, a deckchair that can make an aesthetic difference. The structure, in fact, boasts a first-class workmanship and includes a sun canopy resistant to sunlight and bad weather. Being double and supported by a high quality structure, the base can easily support 2 people. We are faced not with a simple garden deckchair, but with a piece of furniture that combines design with functionality.


How to choose the deckchair for garden

As you might imagine, the factors that determine whether a garden deckchair is good or not focus almost exclusively on comfort, so it's no surprise that the elements to consider are similar to those we reported in our recent dedicated guide to the best garden hammocks. However, there are some features that should not be missing if you want to get maximum comfort and they are the following:

Foldable structure

Since we are talking about garden chairs, check if a certain model has or does not have a foldable structure is important, since the latter will help you move it from one place to another quickly and easily, as well as having the advantage of taking up little space when you need to put it aside . Possibly, this structure should be made of materials such as steel or wood which, in addition to making the product resistant, absorb heat better than a plastic solution.


Although any garden deckchair allows you to adjust the backrest, it is right to take into consideration the model that offers the greatest possibility of inclination, so as to easily find the most comfortable position for you. Furthermore, it would be preferable for the deckchair to have the possibility of adjusting the inclination also in the front part, giving you the opportunity to place your feet at different heights.

Armrests and more

Although they are not essential , the armrests have the potential to increase the comfort of a garden deckchair, especially in models whose shape tends to resemble a chair. This also applies to headrests and footrests, which should not be missing in the most expensive and refined solutions.

Maximum capacity

Finally, there is the weight that can support the structure. Knowing what the maximum load of a model is is essential, in order to avoid damaging the deckchair. In this regard, our advice is to take your weight into account and choose a model that supports a slightly higher weight, although the higher the better, of course. However, most models can safely carry over 100kg.

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