Windows 11 is preparing to renew its Task Switcher

Windows 11 is preparing to renew its Task Switcher

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In its continuous search for improvements to the graphical interface of Windows 11, Microsoft has released a new update that will change the appearance of the "Task Switcher", a function that we generally associate with the key combination "Alt + Tab" and that allows you to switch quickly from one running application to another (or between the various open tabs of a browser). Surely this is a useful feature and which has now been present for several iterations of the operating system of the Redmond house. As you have surely noticed, currently on Windows 11 this feature is activated on the internal screen, with the various previews of the windows relating to the programs that are shown on a blurred background.

Credit: Microsoft As reported by colleagues from Windows Latest , this will change in Sun Valley 2, the first major update for the operating system. In fact, starting with Build 22526 of Windows 11, Microsoft started showing the Task Switcher in a window rather than full screen. As can be seen from the screenshot attached to the news, the new Task Switcher no longer uses Full Screen mode, but a row of thumbnails is shown in the center of the screen, a view that some people find very close to that of macOS. As for the option itself, it will work exactly as it once did, allowing us to move between one app and the next from left to right.

Currently, this new experience is available to a limited number of testers Windows 11 in the Windows Insider program and, as confirmed by Microsoft itself, it is still a “work-in-progress”. If all goes as planned, all Windows 11 users will only be able to benefit from it in a little while.

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