Installing Android apps on Windows 11 is now a breeze

Installing Android apps on Windows 11 is now a breeze

One of the biggest innovations introduced by Windows 11 is the Android subsystem for Windows, which allows users to install Android apps through the Amazon AppStore. Since its announcement, this feature has been greeted with great enthusiasm by users, given the popularity of the operating system on smartphones, as it virtualizes an Android environment using Hyper-V and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), in order to be able to run any android app. This also makes life easier for developers, so as to more easily test their applications.

Photo Credit: Simone Franco However, the installation via the Amazon AppStore made some users turn up their noses, they are careful to install their favorite apps via sideload. In order to simplify this last process, the WSATools software comes to our aid where, with its latest update, as reported by Windows Central colleagues, a bug has been fixed that caused the installation of the Android Debug Bridge to be blocked ( ADB), a necessary component for running Android apps on Windows 11. WSATools, downloadable directly from Microsoft Store, was developed by Simone Franco, who published the first stable release on November 5th, while the most recent version is that 0.1.56, which fixes the ADB bug and a typo.

Photo Credit: Simone Franco WSATools allows you to install any Android application on your Windows 11 system with just a few clicks. Furthermore, if you do not want to use the Amazon AppStore but the Google Play Store directly, on our pages you will find a complete guide that follows you step by step with the installation.

A couple of days ago, Microsoft officially presented Windows 11 SE, a version of the operating system dedicated to schools and students that will equip low-end notebooks, proposing itself as an alternative to Chrome OS and Chromebooks. For more details, we recommend that you read our previous article.

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