Wizards of the Coast registers the Atomic Arcade trademark

Wizards of the Coast registers the Atomic Arcade trademark

Wizards of the Coast, the manufacturer of two of the largest and most iconic "board" game systems, namely Magic: The Gathering and the undisputed king of role-playing games, D ungeons & Dragons, has recently registered a new brand: Atomic Arcade .

According to what was declared by Wizards of the Coast, Atomic Arcade will be in the name of an application concerning "goods and services" able to provide, as reported directly by the company:

Entertainment services, such as online computer games and interactive multiplayer games, connected to a dedicated global network. Fantasy role-playing games, board games, trading card games and collectible toys or action figures. Real videogames available for download, usable through computers, consoles and wireless devices. Wizards of the Coast, which we remember being a company owned by Hasbro, applied for the trademark registration at the end of last October, then filing it separately for each of the three product "categories" that we have listed above.

At the moment it is not yet clear what Wizards of the Coast wants to do with the introduction of Atomic Arcade, but there are already some speculations about it, which would suggest a willingness of the company to develop its own VTT (Virtual Table Top) owner in Roll20 style, but "tailor-made" for its products or, at least, a series of services dedicated to supporting this slice of the market which has significantly increased its popularity thanks to the limitations imposed due to the pandemic of Covid 19.

Undoubtedly, a proprietary VTT platform entirely dedicated to Wizards of the Coast products could be an idea with various possibilities, also in light of the now inevitable meeting points between its leading brands such as, for example, the crossover campaigns between Dungeons & Dragons (Amazon link for the purchase of the Essential Kit) and Magic: the Gathering (Amazon link).

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