Mario Kart 9 would be very close to the announcement and will surprise us

Mario Kart 9 would be very close to the announcement and will surprise us

Despite the success of the last chapter, proposed first on the Nintendo Wii U and later on the Nintendo Switch, the Kyoto house would now be practically ready to announce (and above all to publish) Mario Kart 9. The next game in the series, in fact, would already be in development for some time and the announcement would not miss a lot, at least according to the words of the analyst Serkan Toto of Kantan Games.

Toto's words are contained in a long article by GamesIndustry, where many analysts have decided to present their forecasts for this year at the level of new announcements and sales. This article also includes Toto's forecasts, which put Mario Kart 9 at the center. According to the analyst, the title has been in development for some time and will be launched on the market with a "twist" capable of surprising players. .

"I know that the previous chapter is selling very well, but Mario Kart 9 is in the active phase of development and 2022 could be the right year for the announcement", Toto's statements launched in the 'GamesIndustry article. According to some rumors, the new racing game made in Nintendo should debut this year, but it is much more likely that in the next few months we will actually only see the game reveal and not an actual launch.

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