The success of Back to the Future in the words of Michael J. Fox

The success of Back to the Future in the words of Michael J. Fox

It might sound very strange, but Michael J. Fox has only now realized why the Back to the Future films, in which he portrayed Marty McFly, have appealed to audiences so much.

Michael J . Fox finally understood why Back to the Future liked it so much

Back to the Future is universally considered one of the cornerstones of '80s pop culture, in which Michael J. Fox took on the role of protagonist Marty McFly crossing time in the three films of the saga. The actor, who recently announced his retirement from the acting world, has only now realized why those films are so popular and loved by fans. In 1985 the first Back to the Future film reached the top position in the box office charts, continuing to play a pivotal role among the influences of contemporary cinema to this day. A real milestone that you can find in the home video on, together with a selection of merchandise related to Back to the Future.

In a recent interview, Michael J. Fox told AARP Magazine about only recently realized how important and appreciated the Back to the Future saga is. Although he had some prejudice about his own performance in the saga, Fox, who recently reviewed the three films, said that all in all he was better than he remembered, giving credit to the entire cast and crew for everything that was. realized. Fox then understood why they liked those films so much, managing to encapsulate a certain historical and cultural period.

Different visual products have been drawn from Back to the Future, such as the musical and the animated sequel Back to the Future: The Animated Series. Recently, the two actors of the saga Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson met again in the film Next Stop, Christmas.

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