Battlefield 2042: DICE backs off on a controversial topic

Battlefield 2042: DICE backs off on a controversial topic

Battlefield 2042

DICE has decided to take a step back on the much-hated Santa Claus skin for Battlefield 2042. Unveiled yesterday, early thanks to an update error, but the players obviously did not appreciate the cosmetic. The reason? It was just too much at odds with the realism of the Electronic Arts home game.

The Santa Claus skin was likely to arrive only in the next few weeks. Welcomed in a very cold way, with some equating the game to a sort of Fortnite clone, DICE's decision to withdraw the skin came practically in just 24 hours. As reported by PC Gamer, in fact, the development team has issued a statement, explaining that not all skins that have been shown by mistake will then be used.

This is not a good time for Battlefield 2042. Many players are furious about the state of the game and the fixes introduced have also caused a small error to owners of the PC version. The game, according to data released by Tom Henderson (in any case without direct sources) would have sold over 4 million copies and is therefore yet another commercial success of Electronic Arts, which however had to deal with a fan base perhaps a little. too nasty by certain choices.

Net of all the problems, the future of Battlefield 2042 and of the series in general seems to be very different from what we have come to know. As we reported yesterday, now the project has passed into the hands of several developers, who will take care of creating a real universe, also made up of probable spin-offs and games external to those produced in DICE, with the developer revealing that will pass the baton of direction of the franchise to Vince Zampella, author and creator of Call of Duty and Titanfall. Will this move be able to mend relations with users?

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Battlefield 2042 Reportedly Sold 4.23 Million Units in its First Week

Battlefield 2042

It’s fair to say that Battlefield 2042 has been a disappointment, and even though DICE has vowed to fix the game and is already walking down the road to recovery, those disappointed in its launch haven’t been shy about voicing their displeasure, from it having the lowest Metacritic score in franchise history to date to also having tens of thousands of negative user reviews on Steam.

Where sales are concerned though, it seems the multiplayer shooter is doing quite well for itself. According to journalist and noted insider Tom Henderson, as per figures reported internally within EA, Battlefield 2042 sold 4.23 million units worldwide in its first week. Of course, in the absence of official word from EA we have to tread with caution where these particular numbers are concerned, but if they are accurate, that would mean that Battlefield 204 had the second-best launch week in the series; history, behind Battlefield 3 (which sold 4.68 million units in the same period).

Last week, DICE also announced that Battlefield 2042 was played by almost twice as many people at launch as Battlefield 5 was in 2019.

Meanwhile, recently it was also announced that EA was adopting a multi-studio development model for the Battlefield franchise, with Respawn boss Vince Zampella being put in charge of its growth and expansion. Read more on that through here.

Battlefield 2042 is available on PS5</a>, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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