iMessage has a bug: unable to disable read receipts

iMessage has a bug: unable to disable read receipts

iMessage has a bug

The iMessage / Messages app on the iPhone has a bug. According to the testimonies transmitted by MacWorld, users who have installed the update to iOS 15 can no longer disable read receipts. Or rather: the option is still present and enabling it is always possible, but the read receipts would continue to appear regardless of the preference set.

For those who do not know, iMessage sends a notice of successful reading to the sender message once the recipient views it. Many users love this setting, while others find it annoying and in some ways "indiscreet", since it would "force" users to reply to the message as soon as it is read.

Confirmations of course, are optional. To disable them, just go to the iPhone Settings, select the Messages item and set the Send reading receipts switch to “off”.

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According to the MacWorld report, this problem has already been encountered by several users on other versions of iOS (specifically, on iOS 14 and 13). The reports regarding iOS 15, however, are much more numerous, and can be found both on social networks (primarily Reddit) and on Apple's support forum.

The good news is that a reboot of the device is enough to fix this bug. The bad thing, however, is that the malfunctions would not be limited to the Messages app: other users have encountered serious problems with the touch screen of their iPhone, and also the percentage of the battery would drop to a peak after starting a very common app like Spotify. . All this, of course, after installing the latest version of Apple's OS.

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iMessage Bug Still Sends Read Receipts Even When They’ve Been Disabled

Read receipts are kind of like a double-edged sword. It’s nice to know when your messages have been delivered and read, but at the same time, we’ve seen how some people can react to read messages that have not been replied.

This is why some users choose to disable read receipts, so at the very least it keeps it ambiguous. However, according to a report from Macworld, there is a weird bug with Apple’s Messages app that apparently still shows read receipts for iMessage even after the user has disabled the feature.

This is apparently a problem that dates back to earlier iOS and iPadOS builds, but it is still present in iOS 15 and there doesn’t seem to be a fix in sight. This means that even if you have disabled read receipts, there is a chance that the sender could still see if their messages have been read or not.

Right now since there is no permanent fix, some users have had luck restarting their iPhones in which the problem seems to fix itself, or at least temporarily. However, since it’s hard to say when the bug may or may not kick in, it’s definitely not the best solution unless you want to restart your iPhone or iPad several times a day.

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