Toyota will unveil the new GR Yaris at the Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota will unveil the new GR Yaris at the Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota is gearing up for one of the most important automotive events of the year, the Tokyo Auto Show scheduled for January 14-16 in the Japanese capital; the event is among the most important in the world as regards the exhibition of custom cars and for the occasion the Japanese automotive giant has prepared a couple of its cars in an extreme way.

The event, at off next Friday, it will be a great time to consolidate the partnership between Toyota and Gazoo Racing, showing a heavily tuned version of the Toyota GR Yaris, as well as a new concept car called the GR GT3.

Let's start with the small Yaris cars that we all know, but which Toyota has decided to offer in a strongly racing guise; the project is obviously based on the GR Yaris with all-wheel drive, which in this version can boast some substantial changes, such as the impressive rear wing or the air intake positioned in the middle of the hood. We have no information on any modifications made to the engine, but given that Toyota used the words "fully tuned", such as "fully tuned", it is reasonable to expect that the small 1.6 cubic centimeter 3-cylinder turbo engine may have been retouched as well. in order to exceed the 257 horsepower it delivers in its normal configuration.

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