The inauguration of the Akidragon Game Arena was a success for over 400 people

The inauguration of the Akidragon Game Arena was a success for over 400 people

The two inaugural days to celebrate the opening of the Akidragon Game Arena, the result of the combination of the cutting-edge technology of E-Blue and the Akidragon project, brought together, under the banner of love for gaming, many guests of exception and over 400 people flocked from all over Italy.

The long show started on Saturday 23 April, inside the “Il Giulia” shopping center in Trieste, where a river full of gamers and enthusiasts poured into the Akidragon Game Arena. A room equipped with virtual reality simulators and Teleios driving simulators of the highest level welcomed the numerous guests, together with 18 of the most important streamers, youtubers, gamers and cosplayers of the Italian scene.

The event took place. unraveled for 48 hours, entirely dedicated to gaming and entertainment, where high-caliber players and famous cosplayers interacted and shared game moments. It all started at 3:30 pm on Saturday, when the room was unveiled to the many boys and girls present at the event. Once the canonical "ribbon" was cut, the fans who came for the presentation were able to preview the Akidragon Game Arena, inside which the first pro players were already ready to welcome gamers from all over Italy.

The dances were officially opened from the "Tana dei Goblin" with a stand dedicated to table games while the 16 different stars of the Italian web game took an active part in the program, challenging the other players present at the event in their respective specialties.

“Play with your streamer” was the space dedicated to the Mini Games starring Freneh, Lele Giaccari and Cousik. While, on the weekend of the 2022 Imola Grand Prix, Formula 1 occupied an exceptional place within the Akidragon Game Arena thanks to the participation of Supergashbell.

Obviously, FIFA 22 could not be missing which, together with David Rubino and Mr. Flame, carved out an important space within the inauguration, allowing players from all over Italy to receive tips, advice and tactical suggestions from the two famous players.

Before the grand finale of the day, Fortnite took to the stage with an immense team Battle Royal together with two special guests such as Xiuder and Chrinjottv. To close the evening was Formula 1 again which, in this case, saw the 8 streamers challenge each other in an intense race at F1 2021.

Sunday was the second day of celebrations for the inauguration of the Akidragon Game Arena, a day that opened with the finals of the Rocket League tournament, also broadcast on the Twitch channel of the famous Lauridis. Then, until 2pm, it was the turn of the tournaments dedicated to Magic The Gathering, organized by Ticket To Play Mestre.

From 2pm to 5pm there were the colorful costumes of c osplayer of the caliber of Elizabeth Rage, Leon Chiro, Ambra Pazzani and Seshira Sandy coloring the halls of the Akidragon Game Arena. The boys were also immortalized in a League Of Legends themed graffiti, created by the expert hands of the writer Nauni69.

BeronZ writes history: the freestyler in the Guinness Book of Records

All 'Akidragon Game Arena there was also a record moment, with Andrea Barone (known to most as BeronZ) intent on beating the Guinness World Record for the longest live freestyle session, trying to mark the finish line of 38 continuous hours and fully succeeding in this titanic undertaking.

An incredible result, which took place on the night of Sunday 24 April and broadcast on his Twitch channel. At the end of the session, BeronZ said:

I have been training for this world record for years. At first I was not serious, I was saying it to joke. By starting streaming on Twitch I had found a way to train body and mind every day and, from what was a dream, now it could become reality. We await confirmation from the Guinness World Record but we are more than confident, as we have complied with the required guidelines in every detail. I thank the guys in my community and Akidragon for believing in me and providing me with the splendid location inside the brand new Esports Arena in Trieste.

Now Guinness World Record will have to verify the material produced by the streamer to validate the correct execution of the whole challenge and the consequent overcoming. If you want to recover the live, you can find it through this link.

The inauguration of the Akidragon Game Arena was, therefore, two days dedicated to all forms of gaming, designed to bring together all types of players and create of real and human interactions with streamers, cosplayers, pro gamers and content creators from all over Italy.

We are happy to have hosted high profile characters and to have finally seen the birth of this Game Arena. Seeing so many fans having fun and interacting with their idols is a source of great satisfaction for us. I want to thank the city of Trieste for allowing us to offer a new and unique gaming experience in Italy. A special thanks to E-Blue's cutting-edge technology, which provides a whole range of facilities that I am sure have transported every player present in an immersive and compelling context.

Fabio Asinardi, Co-Founder of Gold Fox Gaming

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that several partners were supporting the inauguration of the Akidragon Game Arena in Trieste, including Elettrofox Computer, a company of over thirty years longevity in IT assistance and in the development of elite gaming stations, the Virtual Play company, iconic producers of simulators for virtual reality, and Salvatore Papa (founder of SPstudios), entrepreneur and expert in subsidized finance.

Among the many valuable partners met in the realization of this project there is also the entrepreneur Piero Coin, who for a year has married the Akidragon project, today guaranteeing a new service to the "Il Giulia" shopping center and giving the start of a synergic and strategic collaboration for the future.

In addition, the organization of the event saw the participation of Lega Esport, Maurizio Ragno's sports club, which deals with consultancy in environmental to gaming and esports, as well as a point of reference for all Amateur Sports Associations, esports teams and companies that want to get the best result in the national videogame panorama. Finally, the Akidragon Game Arena in Trieste aims to become a reference point in the panorama of Italian esports thanks to the joint efforts of Gold Fox Gaming and E-Blue Gaming.

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