Chainsaw Man: Bloodraven's Makima cosplay has a devilish appeal

Chainsaw Man: Bloodraven's Makima cosplay has a devilish appeal

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is one of the most successful manga of recent years and in the course of 2022 the first season of the anime created by Studio Mappa will debut. To pass the wait we admire the Makima cosplay by Bloodraven who masterfully portrayed the enigmatic devil hunter.

In a world where demons take shape from people's fears, Makima is an officer of a special public security department that hunts down devils. If at first she proposes herself as an ally of Denji, the protagonist, one soon senses the cold, calculating and manipulative character of Makima, who unscrupulously uses her power to control minds and brainwash people to reach its purposes.

Bloodraven in this sense has made a practically flawless cosplay as usual, perfectly representing the charm but also the dark side of Makima, also thanks to a costume, poses and play of light in the shots here below particularly well chosen.

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Chainsaw Man Anime Will Reportedly run for 2-Cour

Recently, a leak surfaced on the internet stating that the Chainsaw Man anime will be 2-Cour. Well, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Chainsaw Man is definitely one of the most-awaited anime series of 2022. MAPPA, the studio behind Attack on Titan Final Season and Jujutsu Kaisen, is working on the anime adaptation. The Japanese animation studio broke the internet last year by releasing a short teaser for the anime. The excitement towards the anime is because of the insane popularity of the Chainsaw Man manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Ever since the anime’s first teaser came out, the anime community has been waiting for MAPPA to reveal something more about the project. Well, the creators have yet to give something official, but we do have some exciting leaks around Chainsaw Man that are surfacing online.

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  • Chainsaw Man TV anime PV trailer 1



    Chainsaw Man TV anime PV trailer 1





    Jaymes Hanson recently stated on Twitter that Chainsaw Man would be double cour, and if the leak is true, season 1 of the anime will run for 24-26 episodes. The season will be divided into two parts with 12-13 episodes in each cour, but there won’t be a break.

    MAPPA already hinted at a 2022 release for Chainsaw Man, and with the Spring anime slate already starting, the best guess is that the anime will premiere in Fall 2022. Well, Jaymes also stated in his tweet that the anime would release during the Fall anime season, which runs from October-December. So, we might get Chainsaw Man around the same time when Bleach anime will release the Thousand-Year Blood War arc.

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  • Of course, MAPPA has yet to reveal information around Chainsaw Man’s release date and episode count. So, it’s best to take the leaked information with a pinch of salt. We’ll definitely update you on the latest development around the anime as soon as some official news comes out.

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