Elden Ring: the best talismans and where to find them

Elden Ring: the best talismans and where to find them

Elden Ring

In this Elden Ring guide we will explain which in our opinion are the best talismans in the game and how to obtain them during your adventures in the Interregnum.

Talismans are accessories that can be equipped by your Lightless and that offer various offensive effects , defensive and more. They can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as inside chests or by defeating certain optional bosses. By advancing in Elden Ring you will be able to equip up to a maximum of four talismans in total and consequently by combining the effects of different accessories you can obtain unique builds suitable for the style of play you prefer.

Previously we saw how to get them all the legendary talismans of Elden Ring. These are accessories without a doubt with useful effects, but they are not necessarily the strongest in general, not to mention the fact that in many cases you can only get them in the advanced stages of the adventure. In this guide, however, we will talk about talismans suitable for all styles of play, also including some rather simple options to be found in the early stages of the game.

As usual, we will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but keep in mind that we will inevitably have to mention, NPCs, explorable locations in the later stages and more.

Green Turtle Talisman

Elden Ring, the location of the Green Turtle Talisman The Turtle Talisman green increases the speed of recovery of stamina by about 17%, thus offering a considerable advantage for those who fight hand-to-hand. Especially useful in the early stages of Elden Ring, but in some cases also for advanced builds.

You can obtain the Green Turtle Talisman in a dungeon near the Village of Hydrocanto, northeast of the Sepulcris region. The entrance is not difficult to locate but you will need to use a stone sword key to remove the barrier.

Mother Tree Favor Talisman

Elden Ring, the location of the Favor talisman Mother Tree The Mother Tree Favor talisman increases hit points by 3%, stamina by 6.75%, and max load by 5%. It is therefore not a bad accessory if you prefer clashes with melee weapons and that, if you are a little daring, you can recover already in the initial stages of Elden Ring.

This accessory is located in an optional dungeon located shortly after the tutorial section in the Abandoned Cemetery and that you will surely have noticed when exiting due to the conspicuous fog that blocks access. To remove it you need two keys of the stone sword, which among other things you can receive as an initial souvenir. The monsters and dangers of this dungeon are certainly not designed for a novice Lightless, but if you want you can still get the aforementioned amulet, since to do so you will not have to defeat any boss.

Once inside, drop into the poisonous zone and run to avoid the poison status. Now pay particular attention to a wagon-shaped mechanical trap that will swing up and down a corridor, and use the indentations on the sides to cover yourself while keeping an eye out for pesky crossbow-wielding enemies. Continue along this deadly corridor until you come to a narrow stone bridge, drop to the left of it to go down to the lower level. Advance paying attention to the enemies and the flamethrower trap just ahead. Proceed towards the corridor behind the trap and get ready to run like mad: the talisman is at the end of a stone bridge, but along the way two rather strong abominations will appear and very difficult to take down if you are at the beginning of the game. So try to recover the talisman and then run away, or get ready to give up the runes in your possession.

In our guide to the legendary talismans of Elden Ring you will also find details on how to find the +2 variant of this accessory, which you can obtain at a very advanced stage of the adventure.

Golden Scarab

Elden Ring, the position of the Golden Scarab talisman The Golden Scarab talisman increases the amount of runes received by defeated enemies by 20%. It goes without saying how useful this effect is.

You can get the Golden Scarab by winning the boss fight of the optional Abandoned Cave mini-dungeon located in the Caelid region. At the point indicated in the map above you will find a canyon, to enter the cave you will need to jump onto a ledge located in the rock face on the east side.

Carian filigree coat of arms

Elden Ring , the location of Iji, the NPC who sells the Carian Filigree Crest If you frequently use special weapon abilities then the Filigree Carian Crest is for you. This talisman in fact reduces the amount of AP consumed when activating moves by 25%.

You can purchase this accessory for 5,000 runes from Iji, NPC located near the "Road to the Manor" place of grace in the north of the Liurnia region, at the point indicated in the map above.

However, in order for the blacksmith to sell this talisman you will first have to start the Blaidd quest. If you haven't already, head to Tetrowood, an area located in the eastern part of the Sepulcris region. Go to the ruins of the same name to the south and watch out for background noises until you hear howling. At this point, go to the Church of Elleh, located a few tens of meters north of the first open place of grace that you will unlock in the Interregnum, and ask the merchant Kalé for explanations on the howls. The NPC will teach you the finger snap gesture. Now you will need to perform this action near the Darkwood Ruins to make Blaidd appear. Talk to him and he will ask you to find a man named "Darriwil". He is the boss of the eternal prison of the limiere, located south of the Sepolcride region, northwest of the bridge that leads to the Wailing Peninsula. Once you have defeated this enemy, talk to Blaidd, who will be near the entrance to the portal that leads to the boss arena. To repay him he will suggest you talk to Iji. Now go to this NPC and choose the dialogue option "Blaidd sends me" and the blacksmith will add the filigree Carian Crest to his inventory.

Ritual Sword Talisman

Elden Ring, the Ritual Sword Talisman Position The Ritual Sword Talisman increases the damage of your attacks by 10% while your Lightless is at maximum health. At first it may seem a powerful but inconstant effect as it is difficult to keep active, but in Elden Ring there are various abilities and equipment with "vampiric" or regenerative effects that allow you to keep your health points at maximum without too much effort. In this regard, in the next paragraph we will talk about a talisman that has excellent synergy and relatively easy to find.

You will get the Ritual Sword talisman by opening a chest near the Ruins of Lux, in the Altus plateau, accessible after defeating the boss of this mini-dungeon.

Blessed Dew

Elden Ring, the location of the Blessed Dew Blessed Dew is a talisman that gradually restores your Lightless health once equipped. We're talking about 2 life per second, which might not seem like much, but in reality considering the "downtime" between one fight and the next, it's often enough to fully restore health (especially in the early stages of Elden Ring when your HP is still low) and limit the use of healing ampoules, which is a great advantage when exploring particularly long dungeons.

You can get the Blessed Dew in the first few hours of the game. Go to the Wailing Peninsula, the region south of the Sepulcris, and reach the ruined tower to the southwest. Kill the soldiers on guard and go up the stairs to find a chest. It is actually a trap that will teleport you to a completely different area. A few meters further on you will find a place of grace, while as you advance further you will come across a stone giant. It is not necessary to face it, you can very well ignore it and run like mad to open the chest to his right, which contains the talisman, and then run away.

Talisman of the stone mass

Elden Ring, the location of the Talisman of the Stone Mass The Talisman of the Stone Mass is a must-have for Intelligence-based wizard builds, as it boosts the damage of all sorceries by 8%.

You can get this accessory by opening the chest at the top of the Tower of the Albinauri, in the Lands of the Sacred Tree Miquella, an optional region located west of the Giant Peaks accessible from the Great Hoist of Rold using the secret pendant of the Sacred Tree. This medallion consists of two parts, one you can find in Castel Sol (north of the Giants' Peaks) and the other in the Albinauri Village (south of the Liurnia region) interacting with an NPC disguised as a vase.

In order to enter the tower, however, you must first break its seal by solving a small environmental puzzle. Nothing too complicated: you will have to kill one of the little devils nearby using the ashes of the fanged demons (if you do not have them you can buy them from the nomadic merchant to the left of the entrance to the Raya Lucaria Academy) or using the enchanting branch item to make them fight among them.

Shard of Alexander

Elden Ring, the potion of the NPC Alexander The Shard of Alexander increases the attack power of special abilities by 15%, a real bonus irresistible if you use them frequently.

You will get this talisman as the final reward of Alexander's quest, the giant talking vase that you will meet for the first time on a hill east of Colle Tempesta, among the places of grace " Master warrior's hut "and" Sacroponte ". Completing his set of side missions is not particularly complicated, but it will be necessary to arrive at a very advanced stage of the game, since for the last step you will have to go to Farum Azula in Shatter. Alternatively, if you want to be able to get a weakened version of this amulet by killing the NPC before completing his quest, but we advise against it.

Radagon's Plague Seal

Elden Ring, the Location of the Plague Seal of Radagon The Plague Seal of Radagon increases the Vitality, Stamina, Strength and Dexterity attributes by 5 points. A really good bonus, offset by a penalty that increases damage taken by 15%. In our opinion the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, so we highly recommend it.

The Plague Seal of Radagon is located in Fort Faroth, in the central area of ​​the Caelid region, southwest of the mother tree. refer to the map above. Enter the fort and head left and go up the ladder. Once at the top, turn right and jump right into the clearing. Go ahead and drop into the second hole in the floor. Turn right and once around the corner (there will be a rat waiting for you) you have to jump onto the walkway that is behind you. Carry on (watch out for the rats) and drop into the hole in the floor to go down to the floor below, where you will find a corpse wearing Radagon's Plain Seal.

You will be able to obtain a less powerful version of this talisman, called the Scar Seal of Radagon, by defeating the Ancient Hero of Zamor, an optional boss accessible from the Eternal Jail southwest of the Wailing Peninsula region.

Plague Seal of Marika

With similar effects to the previous talisman, the Marika's Scar Seal increases Mind, Intelligence, Faith and Arcane attributes by 5, as well as 15% damage taken. Again in our opinion the offensive stats bonus more than compensates for the reduced defense.

You will find Marika's Plague Seal in Elphael, a secret Elden Ring Legacy Dungeon located in the far north of the map and reachable from "Order, the liturgical city" located north of the lands of the sacred Miquella Tree. Here you can unlock a portal that leads to Elphael by solving a puzzle that requires you to light four candles in the "eternal jail" located in the area. Once you get to Elphael advance until you unlock the "Prayer Room" place of grace.

From here exit north and jump to the second stone beam on the right. Cross it and drop onto the ledge below. Go around the ledge and jump to the bridge below. From here again drop onto the ledge below and again to reach the ground. From here, head south (watch out for the abominations that appear) until you come to a sealed room that will require a stone sword key to open. Here you will find Marika's Plague Seal.

There is also a less powerful version of this amulet, called Marika's Scar Seal, with lower bonuses but which you can find at a less advanced stage of the game. You will get it by examining a corpse located at the base of a waterfall in the highest level of the Siofra River.

Icon of Radagon

Elden Ring, the location of the Academy of Raya Lucaria The Icon of Radagon is a must have for wizards. It reduces the casting time of sorceries and spells. According to some calculations it's like having 30 points more in Dexterity exclusively when casting spells. Not a bad bonus, but keep in mind that beyond the threshold of 70 Dexterity points you will not get further advantages.

To find the Radagon Icon talisman you will have to go to the Academy of Raya Lucaria, the Legacy Dungeon located in the center of the Liurnia region. It's a gigantic building, so it's hard to miss. Starting from the place of grace "debate room" (the one that is unlocked after defeating the first boss of the dungeon), exit north and once you pass the gate turn right, jump over the stone balcony and advance a few meters to find a ladder. Once at the top continue until you see broken windows on the right, enter the building from here and proceed to the right to find a chest with the Radagon Icon talisman inside.

Icon Godfrey's

Elden Ring, the location of the Godfrey Icon The Godfrey Icon increases the damage of attacks charged with sorcery, spells and special weapon abilities, except bows, by 15%. Not a bad bonus, so if you make use of loaded moves this accessory is definitely for you.

You will get the Godfrey Icon talisman by defeating the optional boss located in the Eternal Jail of the Golden lineage, which is to the south of the Altus plateau and east of the place of grace "Great Dectus elevator". You will need a stone sword key to access the area.

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