How to get 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free

How to get 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free

We started this month of March in the best possible way, by pointing out what are the excellent offers coming not only from Amazon, but also from several other portals in the world of shopping. The good news is that we are only at the beginning, as evidenced by the return of the excellent offer that, periodically, Amazon dedicates to its Music Unlimited service, offering you the possibility to subscribe for free the first 3 months of free service, as long as you are new. customers!

It will be enough for you never to have subscribed to the service to take advantage of the offer, guaranteeing you at no cost, 3 months of high definition music, without advertising, and just in time to enjoy the next (and waits) days in the open air.

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Music Unlimited is a service very similar to the much more acclaimed Spotify which, basically, will allow you to listen to music in high quality, in streaming and without particular limits, drawing from a catalog of over 70 million songs.

Like similar services, Music Unlimited also offers playlists, podcasts and digital radio, proposing itself as a very valid alternative to the other players in the market, with a monthly cost that, as a rule, would be € 9.99, with a free trial period, only for new customers, equal to 30 days. The service is also compatible with any smart device on the market, without forgetting notebooks, tablets and the always excellent Amazon Echo devices, natively designed to draw on the extensive Music Unlimited catalog.

Why pay for Music Unlimited? Because, like the competition, the paid Amazon service also offers ad-free music and, above all, very high quality streaming music, allowing you to listen to what you want both online and offline.

We are talking, therefore, of an excellent service, and that is why it is so intriguing to be able to subscribe to Music Unlimited for 3 months at no cost, in what is a promotion that you will only be able to join by March 29th. Subscribing for free is really very simple: all you have to do is register on the Amazon page dedicated to the promotion, and enter the required data, at the end of which the service will be activated immediately. Obviously, you can then decide to cancel it at any time, and well before the first paid month starts, which will not result in the deactivation of the service, which you can still use until the end of the promotional months.

This that said, we just have to refer you to the direct link for the subscription, we also offer you the terms and conditions of the offer on Music Unlimited, so that you can have a clear prospectus relating to the subscription even if, we reiterate it, you we guarantee that no hidden costs lurk in it.

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