Sons of the Forest, The Forest sequel postponed

Sons of the Forest, The Forest sequel postponed

Sons of the Forest

The Forest developer Endnight Games has announced that Sons of the Forest, a sequel to the previous title, has been officially postponed. The developers announced last November that the title would be released in May 2022. However, the date has recently been postponed for a few months. The team, with a post on Twitter, communicates that they have chosen a release period that is too ambitious and that the progress of development prevents it from being respected.

Hey Everyone,

Over these past few weeks , we have realized that our May 2022 release date for Sons Of The Forest was overly ambitious. To be able to deliver our vision of the next step in survival games, we've decided to move our release date to October 2022

The team at Endnight

- Endnight Games (@EndNightGame) March 25, 2022

The title was announced for the first time in 2019, placing itself as a more ambitious project than the already interesting survival horror The Forest. Sons of the Forest, as in the previous title, will once again leave players abandoned on a desert island. To survive, it will be essential to search for food, materials and equipment of all kinds. Players will also be threatened by familiar creatures and other new dangers.

Endnight Games already a few months ago showed some gameplay snippets in the announcement trailer. Compared to its predecessor, Sons of the Forest seems to offer an even more hostile and dangerous atmosphere, full of terrifying enemies ready to take us out. The graphics sector also seems to have evolved, showing many details made with great care. Among the various additions made in this new chapter, the possibility of using weapons immediately catches your eye and, in one frame, you can also see what looks like a companion. It's very difficult to say with certainty at the moment, but it really seems possible that the sequel to The Forest also allows for some allies.

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The Forest Sequel Sons of the Forest Gets Delayed

Sons of the Forest, the new game from The Forest creators Endnight Games, will no longer be releasing on May 20th. The developers announced the delay this week and said the May release date previously announced was 'overly ambitious' and that a bit more time was needed to have the vision for the game realized. The new release window will see the game launching at some point in October 2022 with a brief gameplay teaser shared alongside news of the delay.

Endnight Games announced the delay of Sons of the Forest on social media similar to how its other scarce updates on the game have been shared in the past. The developer said the extra time spent working on the game between May and October will allow the studio to better deliver its 'vision of the next step in survival games.'

Sons of the Forest was first announced in 2019 and has had its release window moved more than once already. The game's second big trailer released in 2020 said that Sons of the Forest would be out in 2021, but that release window was also adjusted towards the end of last year when Endnight Games announced in October that more time was needed and that the game's release would be pushed to mid-2022. The new release date is a bit later than that timeframe, too, but it's at least still slated for a 2022 release at this point.

These sorts of updates from Endnight Games are shared pretty sporadically, so there's no telling when we'll get another look at the game. The announcements of delays and trailers mentioned previously typically come months apart from each other, and the game doesn't even currently have a Steam page or information about Sons of the Forest on the developer's site.

But if you're big on survivor-horror games and were especially fond of The Forest, perhaps that's best anyway. The original game still holds an 'Overwhelmingly Positive' score on Steam, so it's a good game in its own rights, but much of its appeal came from the big twists regarding what was waiting for players in the forest. That secret's obviously a well-known one now, but perhaps Endnight Games has something else it's working on for Sons of the Forest that's better left a mystery until the game launches.

Sons of the Forest is now scheduled to launch at some point in October 2022.

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