Gaming TV (over 55 inches) | The best of 2022

Gaming TV (over 55 inches) | The best of 2022

Have you always dreamed of a TV over 55 inches to play? Come on, who has never done it! Screens with a rather important diagonal, therefore even higher than 55 inches, allow you to enjoy an unprecedented immersion, whether you choose the latest story-driven adventure from PlayStation, whether you choose a film or a series from the subscription services .

As you may have noticed, in the last few months we have prepared useful guides to recommend the most suitable products to enjoy the new generation, from consoles to video cards: we have suggested monitors, cheap and not only, and various 4K TV! Today, however, as easily understood, we are going to suggest the most impressive screens. Let's get started!

Gaming TV over 55 inches

LG OLED C1 Sony OLED A80J Samsung NEO QLED Sony X90J LG NanoCell Generic photos

LG OLED C1, the best for Xbox

Generic photos Can we not start with LG? We have repeated it several times on these pages: at the moment it is among the most launched companies in the gaming field, as demonstrated by their televisions equipped with cutting-edge technologies, from VRR in all sauces, then Free-Sync or Free-Sync Premium and G-Sync, arriving at HDR and many other level features.

Specifically, we are talking about an OLED screen, which in this case we offer in its more expensive versions, 77 "and 83", very important diagonals that they will allow you to fully enjoy story-driven games and even competitive ones, given the very low latency and the attention paid to gaming. In short, a truly complete solution.

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Sony OLED A80J, the best for PS5

Generic photos Let's move now to Sony, once again with an OLED model. A80J is absolutely among the best screens released in recent months: it supports VRR and 120Hz in 4K and, in essence, allows you to get the most out of the new consoles, giving up only gaming in Dolby Vision (which instead you find on LG LC1, being an Xbox partner TV), which is not even supported by PS5.

Sony's absolute tradition, the screen comes with a respectable factory calibration, meaning that all you have to do is plug it into the socket. current and enjoy the crazy pictures. The audio and design are also of a good standard; as regards the dimensions, however, we suggest the 77 ″ version, especially when discounted, considering the quality-price ratio.

Samsung NEO QLED, the brightest

Generic photos We now come to Samsung, with a QLED model completely devoted to gaming. The peculiarity of these screens is to provide a much higher contrast yield than the average and close to OLEDs (although there is a notable detachment). In fact, the darker shades appear poorly lit and the brighter areas offer a notable peak of nits. One of the best features of this panel, in addition to the already widely discussed improvements related to gaming, is the HDR capable of pushing itself up to a maximum peak of 2000 nits, offering very rich images and vibrant colors.

Always for As for gaming, keep in mind that there are TVs that can completely skip the calibration that is usually required within games, this is because Sony and other companies are joining forces to remedy the problem. Samsung, just like LG TVs, supports this function called HGiG, which, where available, offers a much higher yield.

Sony X90J, best value for money

Generic photos Still at Sony, still a “perfect for PS5” TV, as labeled by Sony. This TV, in fact, has all the features necessary to bring out the best from PS5, therefore it supports 4K at 120Hz, the auto HDR function that allows the screen to automatically calibrate the console's HDR, and the much talked about VRR. Unlike the previous model, X90J is an LCD screen equipped with Local Dimming, therefore without any Burn-in risk, a real consolation for many gamers. 100 ″, but giving up some features like the new XR processor. An excessive compromise, which we suggest not to marry. In fact, to keep an eye on is the 75 ″ version below, equipped with the latest technology and good value for money.

LG Nanocell, the cheapest

Generic photos We close our roundup of giant TVs with an extremely economical model. This model, equipped with NanoCell technology, offers everything you need to fully appreciate the new generation consoles at an exceptional price: around € 1300 for a huge 75 ″ TV, with which to enjoy even more cinematic experiences.

As mentioned, despite the reduced price there is everything you need, so you will take home an updated screen, ready to take advantage of your flaming consoles or, why not? Your video cards.

How to choose the best TV to play

HDMI 2.0 or 2.1?

Since the consoles fully support the new HDMI 2.1 formats, our advice is to focus on TVs with this feature, unless you necessarily have to compromise due to budget. HDMI 2.1, in fact, allows you to enjoy 4K images at 120Hz and with chroma 444, which is the best of the best in terms of color rendering. There are also other features such as ALLM and VRR, which drastically reduce input lag and screen tearing.

Input lag and HDR

Once you've decided on the HDMI format, it's the time to choose a panel that also has a low input lag (fortunately, today, a lot reduced even on TV) and that supports the most common HDR formats. The most popular in the gaming field is HDR10; in the background, but it is entirely in the experimental phase and concerns exclusively Xbox, Dolby Vision.

Well, make a clarification: to date the HDR experience in gaming is a bit dirty, in the sense that there is no it's a good collaboration between screen, console and software. That is why, for some years now, HGIG was launched, born from the union of all the most well-known TV manufacturers to solve these problems. Only in this way, in fact, will you get excellent communication between the devices and it will not be necessary to manually calibrate HDR on every single video game.

Audio and minimal design

We know: focus on the audio may seem silly, given the growing habit of combining a good sound system with your television. However, if you really don't feel like spending more money on a good soundbar, we recommend that you consider Sony TVs, which have always been characterized by a respectable acoustic performance, including all the most common formats, starting from DD and Dolby Atmos. . As for the design, however, the goal is to focus on a super minimal design, so as to camouflage everything and give ample prominence to your PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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