YouTube Vanced Manager in Google's crosshairs: for Play Protect it is "harmful"

YouTube Vanced Manager in Google's crosshairs: for Play Protect it is harmful

YouTube Vanced Manager in Google's crosshairs

YouTube Vanced, the open-source client that allowed you to use the YouTube Premium features for free, closed its doors for legal reasons a few weeks ago, but Google's battle against this service continues.

To be precise, starting last night, Android users who still have YouTube Vanced installed on their devices received a notification from the Google Play Protect protection service inviting them to uninstall Vanced Manager, the application used to download and install YouTube Vanced updates.

@MishaalRahman on Twitter The Play Store has reported Vanced Manager as a "malicious" application, capable of "putting the device at risk" because it "tries to bypass Android's security protections".

It should be noted that after Google's cease and desist, the developers of YouTube Vanced removed the download to the main application from the website, but not to Vanced Manager, which is still available from other APK file stores such as APKMirror.

Google Play Protect is reportedly telling users to uninstall Vanced Manager because it's a "harmful app." I really hope Google has a legitimate reason to flag Vanced Manager through Play Protect, otherwise, this is gross misuse.

- Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) March 29, 2022

The intervention of the security program therefore does not only concern any third-party versions containing malware, but the 2.6.0 version of Vanced Manager as a whole.

Once the obvious repercussions of Google have been discarded against YouTube Vanced, Rahman found in the section dedicated to the developers of the Google blog the same expression used in the notice received from users, which corresponds to two infringements of the security parameters:

Abuse of elevated privileges , or tampering with the basic safety functions of the device; Root, i.e. unreported use of the device's root permissions.
In fact, Rahman points out, Vanced Manager can make use of root permissions to install other apps such as YouTube Vanced. This is a legitimate reason on the part of Google, even if the decision to report as harmful only version 2.6.0 and not 2.6.2, the latest version of Vanced released before the block.

In any case, it seems that YouTube Vanced's functionalities have not changed: even without updates to the app, it will remain so until over time the changes to the YouTube API make it obsolete. In any case, there are already valid alternatives to YouTube Vanced, you can discover them in our list:

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YouTube Vanced Manager in Google

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