Elden Ring, 5 movies and 5 TV series to watch reminiscent of FromSoftware's masterpiece

Elden Ring, 5 movies and 5 TV series to watch reminiscent of FromSoftware's masterpiece

Elden Ring

If you've recently bought the Elden Ring and are still a novice Lightless, chances are you are reading this article during a break you took to avoid throwing a very expensive controller against the wall. Maybe you are planning an evening with friends so that you can exchange tips and anecdotes about your adventures in the Interregnum while you watch TV and console each other for all the runes lost at your last death: in this case, you might be interested in a film or a TV series that evokes the atmosphere and characteristics of the FromSoftware masterpiece. Just to suffer a little more even while you're not playing with it.

In this special we offer you 5 films and 5 TV series to watch while playing Elden Ring, but if you also have some cinematographic advice or, why not, even comic or literary, write it in the comments.

The Throne of Swords

The Throne of Swords, one of the monstrous Strangers Let's get started with an essential vision. Elden Ring and Game of Thrones have the same author in common, and while they may seem hugely different in terms of narrative at first, players who have gone much further in the game's main campaign will have noticed several recurring themes throughout the game. work that made George RR Martin famous. The world in which the TV series takes place is much less supernatural than the Interregnum, but the explosive violence, the complicated intertwining of the various subplots and the way in which they touch each other are definitely akin to it. Beyond the numerous controversies over the eighth and final season, Game of Thrones was a true televised event and there is no denying the quality of the production and the vast majority of the cast. In truth, we could even advise you to just read the books, but at least the TV series has an ending ...

The Witcher

The Witcher, Geralt riding his faithful Rutilia Based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski which in turn inspired the very famous videogame trilogy by CD Projekt RED, The Witcher has reached the second season on Netflix - with a cartoon spinoff - and will continue for some time since it has been a great success. And to think that when the first photos with Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia came out, no one would ever bet on it. The Witcher, on the other hand, is a good product, and the second season seems to have found the square of the circle in terms of narrative. Although the mythology on which the story is based is very different from that of Elden Ring, the alternation of colorful and lively scenarios with dark and cold places reminded us of our raids in the Interregnum, not to mention the horrible monsters in which the protagonist hunts in the various episodes of the series.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, in the photo a scene in the Round Table room Inspired by a poem of the fourteenth century, this film by David Lowery that you can find on Prime Video, sees a Dev Patel in a state of grace in the role of Gawain, grandson of King Arthur, who on Christmas day accepts the challenge of a mysterious inhuman green knight and a year later he embarks on a lonely journey in search of his opponent to receive the mystical ax that has been promised to him. Exploring this dark fantasy world, Gawain encounters the most disturbing and unimaginable creatures as he faces a test of courage that could end horribly. The film produced by A24 is incredibly atmospheric and if they ever were to make a film on Elden Ring, this is exactly the aesthetic we would expect on the big screen.

Spiritual heir of the old blockbuster Excalibur, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is one of the best films about the Breton cycle that you can find on the web.

Without Tomorrow - Edge of Tomorrow

Without tomorrow, in this photo Tom Cruise is considering the safest way to recover the runes Okay, what does Elden Ring have to do with a science fiction film with Tom Cruise repeating the same day in the middle of an alien invasion ? They practically have nothing in common, if not the distant origins since Without Tomorrow is inspired by All You Need Is Kill, a light novel by the Japanese writer Hiroshi Sakurazaka. But there is a detail, and that is that the protagonist, to rewind time and start the day again, must first ... die.

Without tomorrow becomes, literally, "trial and error: the film". Death after death, Tom Cruise learns from his mistakes and gradually pushes himself further and further, in an attempt to reach the hideout - the dungeon? - alien enemies, where their final boss is holed up. A bit like what happens in Elden Ring and other FromSoftware games. Of course, Tom doesn't have to go back and get back runes or anime, lucky him.

The Head Hunter

The Head Hunter, a dark, monster-filled fairytale This 2018 Jordan Downey movie is passed a bit on the sly, but it is a small masterpiece of the fantasy branch tending towards horror. With its very few dialogues, The Head Hunter entrusts everything to a solid direction and a photograph that is more reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, while the monsters seem to come straight out of a FromSoftware game. In the Dark Ages, a lone warrior exterminates monsters and other ferocious creatures on behalf of neighboring villages, then hangs their severed heads inside his hut. One day he discovers that the monster that killed him, his daughter, has returned, and so begins a no-holds-barred hunt. Elden Ring reminded us of the Downey film for its macabre atmospheres and bloody battles: just think that the warrior in the film, played by the excellent Christopher Ryg, heals his wounds with a compound that he obtains by mixing the entrails and blood of monsters killed.


Berserk: The Golden Age, the Archdemons of the Hand of God The manga of the late Kentaro Miura was an important source of inspiration for Hidetaka Miyazaki, which has peppered its games, since the first Dark Souls, with references and citations as weapons - just think of the iconic Great Sword that recalls that of Gatsu - and enemies, but also costumes and scenarios. The most logical step for an Elden Ring fan who does not know Berserk would be to recover the anime, in particular the trilogy The Golden Age which tells the origins of the protagonist, but there are also two animated series, one from 1997 and one most recent, of 2016, which take up the story told in the manga. Unfortunately we still don't know if and how the story that Miura had in mind will end ... but if you liked Elden Ring, you will find in the gloomy and supernatural world of Berserk many scenes and features that will remind you, such as the Spiral Tree and the cemetery of swords.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf the astrologer throws a stone-eating at a Balrog We must admit that we were undecided whether or not to insert The Lord of the Rings on this list, so we looked at it for the six hundred and thirty-second time to be sure. And in the end we decided to write a few lines, even if it is very unlikely that you have not seen in the cinema or on TV the extraordinary Peter Jackson trilogy, which by now should not need any introduction, despite twenty years and more have passed since the first. projection. The world of Elden Ring is a little more oblique in terms of narrative, but there are moments, in the movies, that really reminded us of the hours spent in the FromSoftware game. There are real boss fights - the Kraken, the Balrog, the Nazgul, just to name a few - and the scene where Pippin lures all the Goblins of Moria to the Fellowship feels like one of those moments when we made noise inside a dungeon. to find ourselves overwhelmed by tons of drooling enemies. And then, oh well ... the One Ring ... the Ancestral Ring ... we understand each other.


Castlevania, Trevor Belmont prefers dexterity / faith builds For how much Elden Ring and Castlevania are different in terms of video games, the truth is that Konami had arrived long before Miyazaki at the boss fight between the lone warrior and the supernatural monster capable of making him dry in a moment, and this is well known to those who the series started it in the days of the NES and it still curses Death and his goddamn scythes. Also because Castlevania has never been just an action adventure about vampires: Dracula has surrounded himself with monsters belonging to the most disparate mythologies since the very first episodes. The animated TV series produced by Netflix is ​​inspired by the origins of the franchise: written by the famous Warren Ellis, it can certainly be divisive in and of itself, but with its dialogues and a considerable world building it manages to rise above the videogame adaptations that are limited to transpose only the action. Elden Ring fans will love it for its dark and dramatic tones, and for the meticulous characterization of the villains, who steal the spotlight from the protagonists and manage to be even more charismatic.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Hunter, Kristen Stewart and the Eight Dwarfs We're pretty sure this tip made you frown, yet it makes sense. Snow White and the Huntsman was the forerunner of the live action fairy tales that have been so fashionable lately, to the point that Disney seems to have embarked on a crusade to turn every animated classic into flesh and blood. Yet the discreet film by Rupert Sanders with Kristen Stewart in the role of the protagonist, Chris Hemsworth in those of the hunter and Charlize Theron in the role of the Evil Queen, there is very little talk about it, and this is because it is a truly super dark interpretation of the original fairy tale: a fantasy that borders on horror with some nightmare scenes, dark and disturbing locations, folkloric monsters, enchanted animals and a fair amount of violence that at the time - it was 2012 - no little surprises. It was also the last rehearsal of the legendary Bob Hoskins, who plays the dwarf Muir in the film. Perhaps today, after Elden Ring, you might see him again with different eyes.

His Majesty

His Majesty, the cast of a foul-mouthed fantasy parody We close with a big, crass laugh: if you're getting caught a break from Elden Ring, perhaps you also need to relax a bit and spend a couple of carefree hours. If so, this parody featuring Danny McBride, James Franco and Natalie Portman might be for you. It is a fantasy comedy with a foul-mouthed tone that sees a prince and his listless brother grappling with a real quest: to save a girl from the clutches of a sorcerer. Guided by a magical compass, the two must retrieve an ancestral weapon that can kill their enemy, but they will combine one mess after another before reaching the final boss fight. Despite being a little short film of little pretension, Her Majesty is a funny mockery of the fantasy genre and all its clich├ęs that winks at role-playing games: after all, McBride, who wrote the screenplay, is a first-rate nerd, so it couldn't have been otherwise.

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