Leroy Merlin: 7 days of discounts up to 50%! Renew home saving money!

Leroy Merlin: 7 days of discounts up to 50%! Renew home saving money!

Leroy Merlin

UPDATE 03/26/2022: many offers are still available but, we remind you, that the promotion will expire on Monday, March 28.

If you are about to do some work at home and you need tools and materials to use , we point out that an interesting promotion has started that involves a large part of the Leroy Merlin product catalog. The offers involve many interesting products and will allow you to save up to 50%.

Read also: Lawnmowers | The best of 2022 The promotion will be valid until March 27 and, as mentioned, involves all kinds of goods with which to embellish the kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. Furthermore, it does not focus only on items for interiors, but also for outdoor ones, such as street lamps and spotlights to be placed in the garden, without neglecting a series of tools with which to carry out manual work. In short, an initiative that deserves to be taken into consideration for your upcoming furniture and surroundings purchases.

Sometimes a few simple steps are enough to renovate the house and make it take on a new look. For example, the Sima H200 garden lamp will be perfect for illuminating the corners of the garden, terrace or driveway. The 3 integrated lamps will create a warm atmosphere and, if you prefer to aim for energy saving, you can still replace them with LED solutions.

The aluminum casting and the IP44 certification mean that the Sima H200 garden lamp it is protected from solid foreign bodies and water, so rainy days and strong winds will not be a problem. The design makes it suitable for both small and large gardens, thanks also to the possibility of choosing different heights, both discounted by 15%.

The renewal possibilities offered by Leroy Merlin are many, and that of the Sima H200 garden lamp was just a taste of what you will find on the promo page. To make it easier for you to search for products, we have divided the offers into categories, so that you can go directly to the section of your interest.

That said, we recommend that you follow our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, which is the ideal place where to promptly receive information on all the best offers in progress on the various stores, with specific channels dedicated to: offers, hardware & tech, clothing and sports and Chinese products. Good shopping!

French firms hesitate amid growing pressure to leave Russia

PARIS -- French automaker Renault plans to pause production at its Moscow plant in an apparent move to fend off mounting criticism, breaking ranks with other major French companies that have defied pressure to keep operating in Russia after it invaded Ukraine.

Dozens of foreign multinational corporations have curtailed operations in Russia, amid sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its Western allies aimed at crippling the country's economy.

But some French companies have been notable for their reluctance to leave, underlining how it's often a point of pride for France — and its companies — to be more independent from the U.S. and United Kingdom when it comes to policy toward Russia. It's a stance that has started to unravel as the war grinds on.

Home improvement giant Leroy Merlin, supermarket chain Auchan and sporting goods retailer Decathlon are among high-profile brands that are refusing to stop their business in Russia. French energy company TotalEnergies issued a combative statement this week, saying it would stop buying Russian oil but warned that a hasty withdrawal would only benefit Russian partners.

French food giant Danone said Wednesday that it's continuing local production of essential dairy and infant nutrition products in Russia, saying it has a duty to Russians who rely on the company for food. Danone said it condemned the war and suspended Russian imports, exports and investments and doesn't expect to receive any profits from its Russian business.

It’s not just French companies feeling the heat. Swiss multinational food giant NestlĂ© sought to deflect stinging criticism with an announcement Wednesday that it will remove some brands from Russia, including KitKat candy bars and Nesquik milkshake powder, but will keep supplying “essential food.”

In his address to France’s parliament, Zelenskyy singled out some French companies, pleading for them to stop indirectly supporting the war against Ukraine with their presence in Russia.

“Renault, Auchan (and) Leroy Merlin must stop sponsoring the Russian war machine, and the murder of children and women, rapes, robberies and looting committed by the Russian army,” Zelenskyy said. “All companies must remember that values are worth more than profit.”

Renault, which is partly owned by the French government, had temporarily suspended production at its Moscow plant when the war erupted, blaming logistical problems, before reportedly resuming production days ahead of Zelenskyy’s French address. The factory makes Renault's Arkana, Kaptur and Duster SUVs and the Terrano model for its Japanese partner Nissan.

The carmaker’s failure to abandon its subsidiary Avtovaz — which represents the lion’s share of the group’s presence in Russia — means it will likely keep facing pressure. Last year alone, Renault sold almost half a million vehicles through its Russian subsidiary.

Renault said it is not immediately withdrawing but merely “assessing the available options, taking into account the current environment, while acting responsibly towards its 45,000 employees in Russia.”

Leroy Merlin has been more intransigent than Renault and — like Auchan and Decathlon — refuses to shutter its Russian business. In a statement, Leroy Merlin's management reaffirmed its desire for its Russian stores to stay open in a decision backed by French regional political leadership.

Not even the destruction of a Leroy Merlin store in Kyiv by a Russian bombardment on Sunday night was enough to make parent company Adeo reconsider its position. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry also accused the chain of indirectly financing the strike by operating in Russia.

The “maintenance of our activity in Russia is a decision which is not easy,” the company said. “We have no reason to condemn our Russian teams for a war they did not choose,' adding that it still has “responsibility as an employer.”

TotalEnergies slammed what it called “serious and unfounded accusations of ‘complicity in war crimes’” leveled against the company. It said sanctions, combined with Russian laws governing foreign investments, prevented it from finding a non-Russian buyer for its minority stakes in several private Russian energy companies.

“Abandoning these interests without consideration would enrich Russian investors, in contradiction with the sanctions’ purpose,' the company said.

TotalEnergies said it can't avoid buying Russian liquefied natural gas to supply Europe in the short term, citing the continent's “gas logistics capacities,' and noted that it doesn't have the same domestic resources as countries like the U.K. and U.S.

On Thursday, hackers using the Anonymous name claimed to have taken down the websites of Auchan, Leroy Merlin and Decathlon in Russia. All appeared to be nonfunctional for at least part of the day.


AP reporter Kelvin Chan in London contributed to this story.

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