WWE, interview with Drew McIntyre: "More loaded than ever for WrestleMania"

WWE, interview with Drew McIntyre: More loaded than ever for WrestleMania

WWE, interview with Drew McIntyre

After winning the WWE Championship twice, including one at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre ended up in SmackDown trying to resume the climb to success. The feud with Happy Corbin catalyzed the last months of his career within the blue show and at the 38th edition of the "Grandest Stage of them All" the two will face each other to close the score once and for all. Here's our interview with Drew McIntyre, who told us about her expectations for WrestleMania and more.

Interview with Drew McIntyre

In a few days you will face Happy Corbin at WrestleMania. How are you preparing yourself and what are your expectations about it?

It will be a strictly personal match. Corbin tried to end my career and I will do everything to embarrass him at WrestleMania. I still have to decide whether to beat him in a few minutes or make him suffer for a long time. One thing is certain: our rivalry will end on the most important stage of the year. I train every day, I feel fit physically and mentally after returning from injury and I am more energized than ever.

Once the feud with Happy Corbin has been closed, would you like to return to the main event on the assault of the world title?

Absolutely, I miss performing in the titled scene and will do everything to get back on top. I will carefully watch the match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar because whoever comes out the winner will then have to contend with me. Roman and I have had several fights in the past, but now the situation has changed. I am 36 years old, energy to spare, experience and patience. He too knows very well that he is facing a different Drew McIntyre than in the past. I'll wait for my time to hit and come back with the title around the waist.

This year will be your seventh WrestleMania. In the past, you've done everything from taking part in Money in the Bank to taking on Roman Reigns to performing against Brock Lesnar and winning the WWE Championship in an arena with no audience. Do you still feel that sense of adrenaline and energy?

WrestleMania Week is the highlight of the year for any WWE star. We work hard and pray that you stay healthy so that we can perform. I am anxious and energized whenever I have to perform on TV during the weekly shows, but WrestleMania is a different case. We are finally back to the big event with the public, there will be fans from all over the world and I can't wait to feed on their energy.

Over the last few months several stars of the main roster have appeared at NXT 2.0, now Dolph Ziggler is even the champion of the brand. Would you like to come back and, if so, who would you like to face new recruits?

The answer is obviously yes. I'd like to come back because, to be honest, I didn't have a real goodbye moment. After losing the NXT Championship I went straight to Raw so I might have some unfinished business. I would love to face Bron Breakker, I think he has crystal clear talent for his young age, Roderick Strong and Gunther. Here, in the past many wanted a match between me and Gunther, now the time may have come.

What other WrestleMania matches will you be watching closely?

Besides the Lesnar vs Reigns match, I'm very curious to see Ronda take on Charlotte. Ronda is back as bad as ever, but Charlotte has proven that she is the queen of the ring. I'm also curious about the match between Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch who, in my opinion, performed the best promo of her career on Raw. Attention also to Sami Zain vs Johnny Knoxville, in my opinion it will amaze even the skeptics.

WrestleMania 38, the most exciting two-night event in WrestleMania history, will take place on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April in live from AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Tickets are currently on sale on Seatgeek.com. The event will be visible live and deferred exclusively on the WWE Network: here is the link to subscribe to the platform.

Triple H retirement: Drew McIntyre reacts to big announcement (Exclusive)

Drew McIntyre WWE Triple H © Provided by Give Me Sport Drew McIntyre WWE Triple H

Speaking to GiveMeSport in an exclusive interview, Drew McIntyre has reacted to Triple H’s retirement.

Earlier on today, Triple H announced his retirement from wrestling after heart issues he dealt with last year.

Fans didn’t realise how serious the multi-time WWE Champion’s health scare was, with Triple H revealing that he was close to dying.

Thankfully HHH made it through and is still with us, but the issues were so serious that ‘The Game’ will never be able to wrestle again, as he explained:

“As far as in-ring, I’m done. I would never wrestle again. I have a defibrillator in my chest so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to get zapped on live TV.”

Speaking to GiveMeSport’s Louis Dangoor, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has reacted to HHH’s retirement.

The former WWE Champion spoke about how Triple H brought him back to WWE, explaining that the pair later became friends.

I can’t overstate just how much Triple H has done for me. From the lessons I learned that I didn’t understand when I was 24, to the man that brought me back to WWE. We were able to build a relationship where we became friends eventually, and he was always somebody I could go to and ask questions.

Drew went on to speak about Triple H’s incredible career, and how he was hoping to be able to wrestle the legend in a big match.

Such a phenomenal in-ring career. It’s really a sad day. He’s not going to wrestle again. I was really hoping for one big match, but what matters most is family and health. What he said is the truth, and I’m just glad we’ve still got him around and he will be around for a lot longer. So disappointing to hear that news, but at the same time, but when you hear the story, a happy ending.

It’s obviously incredibly sad that Triple H will never be able to wrestle again, but the main thing and good news is that he’s happy, healthy, and still with us.

As for Drew McIntyre, the Scotsman is slated to wrestle at WrestleMania 38 next weekend when he goes one-on-one with Happy Corbin.

The feud started back in 2021, and will come to ahead when the pair share the ring at WWE’s biggest show of the year.

You can watch WrestleMania 38 on April 2 and 3 live in the US on Peacock and everywhere else on the WWE Network.

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