Trimmer | The best of 2022

Trimmer | The best of 2022

As garden owners well know, spring forces you to dedicate part of your free time to the care of green areas, so that they remain clean, tidy and beautiful to look at. In this regard, we have already reported the best lawn mowers, that is machines designed to cut grass quickly and easily, with the aim of minimizing fatigue. While lawnmowers will satisfy most people, as well as fit the vast majority of gardens, they may not be quite effective for those looking for perfection, precisely cutting and adjusting garden edges, too, and there it is. edge trimmers come to our aid.

Read also: Lawn mowers | The best of 2022 Before talking about the latter, it must be said that the lawnmower remains the main tool for removing the grass, leaving the trimmer only the task of adjusting the edges of the garden, where a lawnmower may not be ideal due to the its size and shape. That said, lawn trimmers and lawn mowers have a lot in common, since there are both petrol, power and battery solutions for both. If you have read our guide dedicated to the best lawn mowers, you already know the advantages and disadvantages of each. In any case, in the second part of this article we will return to the subject, advising you which type of edge trimmer to buy based on your needs, leaving you below the list containing those that are, in our opinion, the best edge trimmers.

The best lawn trimmers

Greencut GGT650 - Petrol engine Fuxtec FX-PS162 - Petrol engine Einhell GC-PT 2538/1 I AS - Petrol engine Einhell GC-ET 4530 - A current Black + Decker GL9035-QS - Current Greenworks GST1246 - Current Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230 - Battery Black + Decker STC1840EPC-QW - Battery Worx WG163E - Battery

Greencut GGT650 - Internal combustion engine

The first trimmer we recommend is the Greencut GGT650, a petrol engine model that makes power its strong point. With a 65cc engine and nearly 5 horsepower, it is perfect for cutting any type of grass, even the driest and wettest. In addition, it is ideal for large gardens and you will have the ability to adjust the engine power from the central control command, on which there is a double handlebar with an ergonomic grip, which will ensure excellent handling even on the most uneven terrain. Finally, you can choose whether to use it with the blade or with the wire, both already included in the package.


Fuxtec FX-PS162 - Internal combustion engine

Another trimmer that makes power its winning weapon is the Fuxtec FX-PS162 which, although it has a slightly smaller engine than the Greencut solution, its 3.5 horsepower and 62 cc displacement will allow you not only to sweep away the most difficult grass, but also to be efficient for large gardens, without ever getting into trouble. The two-hand grip is interesting which, combined with the presence of a shoulder strap, proves to be an excellent solution for those looking for a model that is easy to handle and does not cause fatigue during long use sessions. Here too you will have the possibility to choose how to adjust the edges of the garden, or whether to rely on the 3-tooth blade or the double-threaded nylon head.


Einhell GC-PT 2538/1 I AS - Internal combustion engine

Probably less powerful than the first 2 models reported, this trimmer it will still be able to meet your needs, allowing you to cut the most difficult to reach areas of the garden quickly and easily. To mention the angular aluminum handle and the additional adjustable handle, which will guarantee you precise and effortless work. Furthermore, the starting of the engine will always be stable and safe, thanks to the digital ignition, which will also allow you to have a rapid and dynamic response of the gas.


Einhell GC-ET 4530 - AC power

If you prefer to avoid petrol-powered models, while still being sure of having a powerful solution, the Einhell GC-ET 4530 is one of the most recommended trimmers , with its 450W that will spin the double line at 8800 rpm, as well as bringing the cutting capacity to 30 cm. To ensure excellent handling, this specific model relies on a high-quality additional handle, while the 10-meter power cable boasts a tear-resistant clip in order to protect it from wear and damage. Furthermore, it has a series of measures to preserve the beauty of flower beds and plants during the cutting phase.


Black + Decker GL9035-QS - A current

Another very interesting current solution is the one produced by the well-known American company Black + Decker, which differs from many other models for its high torsion handle, which will allow you to reach the most difficult points even more. easier. In addition, the electric motor delivers 900W, more than enough power to keep cutting performance constant in any situation. Finally, in addition to the high-torsion handle, the weight, which is very balanced, ensures excellent handling.


Greenworks GST1246 - A current

On a similar price range, the Greenworks GST1246 is also worth considering. Powerful and easy to handle, this edger is perfect for perfecting the edges and corners of your garden. Maximum precision is made possible thanks to the automatic wire feed of 2 mm, which will be able to perform a cut with a diameter of 40cm. As mentioned, it is an easy to use trimmer, thanks to the adjustable handle and the additional handle.


Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230 - Battery operated

The battery-powered solutions are perfect for those looking for a light and mobile-friendly lawn trimmer, as well as being ideal for owners of small gardens. In this regard, one of the best can only be the Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230, a model that can offer excellent autonomy and good cutting power. Thanks to the click components, using it is really very simple and the semi-automatic spool will always ensure an optimal line length.


Black + Decker STC1840EPC-QW - Battery operated

To close our list of the best lawn trimmers there is another solution from Black + Decker, whose 18V and 4Ah lithium battery will ensure you take care of a medium to large garden. Despite being made with high quality and resistant materials, its weight does not exceed 2kg, allowing you to take care of the edges of the lawn with minimal effort. If we add to this the double handle, the telescopic handle and the adjustable speed, it is clear that we are facing one of the best battery-powered models available on the market, capable of taking care of the garden in every detail.


Worx WG163E - Battery operated

At a later time, we decided to include the Worx WG163E, a cordless edger with adjustable aluminum stem and 30 cm blade. Equipped with 2 batteries included in the package, whose voltage is 20V, the Worx WG163E is a light and ergonomic model, able to reach any angle thanks to the comfortable 90 ° tilting head. Also present is the very useful support wheel, ideal for cutting the edges of the garden precisely and, at the same time, protecting flowers and ornaments from any smudging that may occur during the use of the tool.


How to choose the trimmer

As previously announced, lawn trimmers have many features in common with lawnmowers, which is why the factors to take into account when buying are almost identical. The most important are the type of power supply, the length of the cut and the ease of use.

Power supply

Also for this category of products, the market offers motor-driven models. burst, electric and battery powered. As you will have understood from the description of each single model we suggest, fuel-powered lawn trimmers are the most powerful of all, and that is why we recommend that you consider one of these for those who own a large garden or whose grass is difficult to eradicate. This does not mean that electric trimmers are scarce, but they may take longer to finish the areas where the grass is more stringy.

If you want to avoid the use of fuel without sacrificing too much power, then we suggest to focus on a current model. In this case, however, you will have to make sure that the wattage is as close to 500W as possible, in order to avoid buying a model whose power could force you to take more than one pass to get the job done. If, on the other hand, you want a current model that comes as close as possible to the power of an internal combustion engine, we suggest you consider a trimmer with a wattage close to the 1,000W threshold.

If your garden is small and boasts easy-to-cut grass, consider previous models may be oversized, which is why we recommend purchasing a cordless lawn trimmer. In this case, the power will not be comparable to the solutions mentioned above, but it will still be sufficient to allow you to cut most of the grass, as long as you consider models with voltage of at least 18V.

Cutting width and speed

Just like in a mower, the cutting width is important because it will affect the amount of grass cut in a single pass. It is therefore clear that to cut or finish a lawn of generous dimensions it is recommended to focus on a model whose blade has a cutting width of about 40 cm, while for medium-small gardens a blade with a diameter between 20 and 35 will be sufficient. cm.

Furthermore, the rotation speed of the blade or the wire, which must reach at least 5,000 revolutions per minute, has the same importance. A lower speed, in fact, would not be able to cut the grass, even if the blades and edge trimmers are of excellent quality.

Ease of use

Since the edge trimmer is a tool that needs to be lifted by hand to be able to use it, ease of use is another factor to be taken into consideration, especially in models whose weight tends to reach tiring thresholds. Although most of the models on the market are equipped with it, it is important to check that the edge trimmer has an excellent grip, as well as an additional support in the central part so that you can use it with two hands, thus increasing handling.

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