The Panini DC Italia releases on March 31, 2022

The Panini DC Italia releases on March 31, 2022

The Panini DC Italia releases on March 31

The Panini DC Italia releases of March 31, 2022 have been announced. DC Omnibus - Batman: Knightfall 2 and the Superman: Red & Blue anthology have been announced.

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Panini DC Italia releases for March 31, 2022

Wonder Woman 25

Authors: Andy McDonald, Michael W. Conrad, Jill Thompson, Becky Cloonan

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 48 pages, color, stapled

Contains: Wonder Woman (2016) # 775 (I), 776 (I)

Price: 5, 00 €

Welcome to the Cemetery of the Gods, Wonder Woman! Many enter this sacred place, but no one leaves! How will Diana save herself and an entire pantheon of gods? The Princess of the Amazons continues her journey into the afterlife!

Authors: Stephen Byrne, Mark Russell

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 152 pages, color, stapled

Contains : Wonder Twins (2019) # 7/12

Price: € 15.00

The Wonder Twins have now become heroes and the world is safe once again… or not? Jayna and Zan are about to travel into deep space to help a friend in need, but what do Batman and Superman think of all this? Meanwhile, the League of Nuisance prepares to make its triumphal (?) Comeback! Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne's critically acclaimed series ends!

Superman: Red & Blue

Authors: Francis Manapul, Daniel Warren Johnson, Joshua Williamson, Tom King, AA.VV.

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 272 pages, color, hardcover

Contains: Superman: Red and Blue (2021) # 1/6

Price: 28,00 €

Thirty special stories, thirty exceptional art teams, thirty Superman interpretations! Who is really the Man of Steel? What makes it so special and so loved? And how is he viewed by ordinary people? An extraordinary volume that celebrates the first and greatest of superheroes. With the participation of prestigious brands such as Marc Buckingham, Mark Waid, Matt Wagner and Michel Fiffe!

Batman 44

Authors: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Riccardo Federici, James Tynion IV

Format: 17 × 26 cm, 48 pages, color, stapled

Contains: Batman: Fear State: Alpha (2021) # 1, Batman (2016) # 111 (II)

Price: € 5.00

The Scarecrow's plan is now underway , and Fear State is here! Overwhelmed by recent threats, Batman and his allies are losing ground, with catastrophic consequences! The machinations of Peacekeeper-01 and the return of Poison Ivy certainly don't help them… Plus, Ghost-Maker faces a ruthless and grotesque foe!

DC Omnibus - Batman: Knightfall 2

Authors: Doug Moench, Graham Nolan, Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, AA.VV.

Format: 18.3 × 27.7 cm, 976 pages, color, hardcover + dust jacket

Contains: Batman (1940) # 501/508, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (1989) # 59/61, Batman: Shadow of the Bat (1992) # 19/28, Catwoman (1994) # 6/7, Detective Comics (1937) # 667/675, Robin (1994) # 1/2, # 7, Showcase '94 # 7

Price: 85, 00 €

Panini DC Italia releases on March 31, 2022 One of the most loved and important sagas in the history of Batman continues in omnibus edition! Bruce Wayne, broken by the fight with Bane, has had to give up the cloak of the Dark Knight ... Azrael, his combative replacement, will he be able to replace him in the best way? Meanwhile, the Joker is preparing to return to the scene, ready to take advantage of the turmoil created by Bane in Gotham City.

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