The Panini DC Italia releases of 10 February 2022

The Panini DC Italia releases of 10 February 2022

The Panini DC Italia releases of 10 February 2022 have been made known. Batman: The impostor, an ideal reading to prepare for The Batman, and the second omnibus volume of James Robinson's Starman are worthy of note.

Panini DC Italia releases on February 10, 2022

Batman: Metropolitan Legends

Authors: Chip Zdarsky, Matthew Rosenberg, Eddy Barrows, Ryan Benjamin, AA.VV.

Format : 17 × 26, 272 pages, color, B.

Contains: Batman: Urban Legends (2021) # 1 (I, IV) / 6 (I)

Price: 21.00 €

A volume that collects the best stories of the new anthological series of the Dark Knight! Two big names in comics like Matthew Rosenberg and Chip Zdarsky land in Gotham City! Red Hood's investigation of a new drug in circulation will not go as planned and will end up in Batman's sights! Why is Grifter in town? And what lies behind the mysterious organization known as the Halo?

Joker 4

Authors: Mirka Andolfo, Guillem March, James Tynion IV, Sam Johns

Format: 17 × 26, 32 pages, color, S.

Contains: Joker (2021) # 4

Price: € 3.00

Joker and James Gordon have finally met in Belize, and the showdown can begin! Will the former commissioner finally be able to take revenge after years of suffering and abuse? The Clown Prince of Crime is ready to do anything to survive, even to unleash a battle to the death! But who controls the fate of the duel in the shadows? And who wants the clown to die?

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Authors: Bryan Hitch, Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown

Format: 17 × 26, 160 pages, color, C.

Contains: Crime Syndicate (2021) # 1/6

Price: € 19.00

The events of Batman: Death Metal have brought back Earth-3, a world where there is no justice! Ultraman, Owlman and Superwoman are the most evil beings on the planet and are about to find new playmates! The brand new origins of the most brutal team of supervillains in the entire Infinite Multiverse! A self-contained volume, embellished with six stories about individual members of the Crime Syndicate drawn by Bryan Hitch!

Batman: The Imposter

Authors: Andrea Sorrentino, Mattson Tomlin

Format: 17 × 26, 168 pages, color, C.

Contains : Batman: The Imposter (2021) # 1/3

Price: € 20.00

The miniseries by Mattson Tomlin and Andrea Sorrentino set in the early years of the Dark Knight! Batman has been on the streets of Gotham City for about a year, and his crusade has already reduced the number of crimes in the city ... but who is the ruthless impostor who has decided to permanently compromise his reputation? A realistic reinterpretation of the world of the Bat recommended for readers old and new!

Buy Batman: The Imposter on Amazon Batman / Catwoman 8

Authors: Liam Sharp, Tom King

Format: 17 × 26, 32 pages, color, S.

Contains: Batman Catwoman (2021) # 8

Price: 3,00 €

Tom King and Liam Sharp give us another chapter of the magnificent saga that explores the bond between Batman and Catwoman! For the Joker and the Phantom, the time has come to confront each other. Will Andrea Beaumont finally be able to take revenge on the Clown Prince of Crime? And what repercussions will this duel to the death have on the Dark Knight and the Fatal Feline? Meanwhile, the Selina Kyle of the future must decide whether to accept the tough decisions of her daughter Helena and Dick Grayson!

Batman 41

Authors: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Jorge Jiménez, James Tynion IV

Format: 17 × 26, 48 pages, color, S.

Contains: Batman (2016) # 110 (I) / 111 (I)

Price: € 5.00

The bloody and no holds barred fight between Batman and the symbol of the Magisterium, Peacekeeper-01! Mayor Nakano announces a crackdown on masked vigilantes… just as the Magisterium is targeting the Collective of Discomfort! In all of this, the Scarecrow makes his move… and Fear State is upon us! The exciting Batman cycle of superstars James Tynion IV and Jorge Jiménez continues!

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Authors: AA.VV.

Format: 18.3 × 27.7, 400 pages, color, C.

Contains: Whiz Comics (1940) # 2, # 21, Captain Marvel Adventures (1941) # 18, # 137 Marvel Family (1945) # 1, Superman (1939) # 276, Shazam! (1973) # 14, All New Collectors' Edition C-58 (1978), DC Comics Presents (1978) Annual # 3, The Power of Shazam! (1995) # 22, Sha

Price: € 25.00

releases Panini DC Italy on February 10, 2022 Every time he pronounces “Shazam!”, High school student Billy Batson transforms into a mighty champion of good! In him, the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the endurance of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury! For the first time in Italy, a full-bodied anthology that traces the more than eighty years of career of the powerful Shazam! and his family. Dozens of in-depth articles by a team of experts from the DC Universe!

Buy The Big Book of Shazam! on Amazon Batman Special: Huntress

Authors: Clayton Henry, Mariko Tamaki, David Lapham, Christian Duce, AA.VV.

Format: 17 × 26, 120 pages, color, C.

Contains: Detective Comics (2016) # 1035 (II), Detective Comics (2016) # 1036 (II), Batman Secret Files: Huntress (2021) # 1, Batman Secret Files: The Signal (2021) # 1, Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter (2021) # 1

Price: € 13.00

The adventures of Huntress, executioner of Gotham City and one of the protagonists of the Fear State event! After being infected with the evil Vile parasite, Helena sees through the eyes of the victims… and is determined to make her monster pay for this gift! The return of Duke Thomas and Clownhunter! Plus, a two-part story in which Huntress must investigate the murder of a close person ... and the case is more complex than it looks!

Batman: The Long Halloween Special

Authors: Tim Sale, Jeph Loeb

Format: 17 × 26, 64 pages, color, C.

Contains: Batman: The Long Halloween Special One Shot (2021) # 1

Price: € 12.00

Batman: The Long Halloween is an incredible story that explores the early years of the Dark Knight ... and now the fantastic duo of authors made up of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale reunite to tell us an unedited chapter of this legendary saga! What is the secret that threatens to destroy Batman, Two-Face and Jim Gordon? The perfect read to prepare for Matthew Reeves' The Batman!

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Authors: James Robinson, Tony Harris, Craig Hamilton, John Watkiss, AA.VV.

Format: 18.3 × 27.7, 416 pages, color, C. + sopraacover

Contains: Showcase '95 (1995) # 12, Starman (1994) # 17/29, Showcase '96 (1996) # 4/5, Starman Annual (1996) # 1

Price: € 45.00

Jack Knight, an antiques dealer, inherited the name and powers of Starman from his father and his older brother, who had just died. In this volume, Jack goes to New York City to meet his father's old friend, Wesley Dodd, the Sandman of the 40s… and he has to deal with the glorious past of superheroes, but also with the fact that they grow old! James Robinson and Tony Harris masterpiece in hardcover edition with dust jacket!

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