GTA 5, the analysis of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S version of the Rockstar Games blockbuster

GTA 5, the analysis of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S version of the Rockstar Games blockbuster


Grand Theft Auto V is a bit of the hero of the three worlds: with its over 160 million copies sold, the Rockstar Games game entered virtually all homes already in the days of PS3 and Xbox 360, it completed the operates and convinced his old fans again with the transition to PS4 and Xbox One, and finally landed on next-gen with an irresistibly priced remaster.

The engaging adventure of Michael, Franklin and Trevor, together clearly to the challenges of GTA Online, has therefore found a last, prestigious location to ensure that fans can explore Los Santos and participate in its various activities for dozens of hours more, waiting for the advent of GTA 6.

Is this a journey into nostalgia that makes sense to undertake thanks to the technical improvements made for the occasion? We talk about it in our analysis of GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.


Grand Theft Auto V, Michael discusses with Lester Before going into the details of the technical sector, a brief review on the gameplay side is a must, although GTA V certainly falls within the category of those works that most gamers have experienced, squeezed to the bone and widely digested, so as to know every facet as well as their own pockets. The concept that we want to discuss, however, is how the original mechanics of the game compare to current standards.

Well, there is certainly a discourse related to controls that is impossible to ignore. From this point of view - we also had confirmation of it with Red Dead Redemption 2 - Rockstar Games has always done a little what it likes, without caring too much about solutions now widely tested in the field of action experiences. In this case there have been no changes compared to what has already been seen on PS4 and Xbox One, so the layout appears a bit bizarre and with several inconvenient or controversial choices, such as the unpresentable weapon management when at driving a vehicle.

Coming to terms with the controls, which however will not fail to get you into trouble in critical situations, the substance of Grand Theft Auto V emerges overwhelmingly thanks to its rich open world and degree of freedom almost absolute guaranteed to players, who can steal, invest, kill, buy, sell, be chased by the police and so on in their free time, and then aim for the main and secondary missions to make sense of their wandering around the map.

The alternation of three protagonists stands as the exception to the rule, since this mechanism is often linked to the narrative progression, but it is an absolutely sensible choice if we consider the thickness of the story. onto and the dialogues absolutely brilliant in their being crazy, hilarious and at the same time charged with a social and political criticism certainly not new to the series, and indeed now a characteristic feature of it. function ready (fn) {if (document.readyState! = 'loading') {fn ()} else {document.addEventListener ('DOMContentLoaded', fn)}} ready (function () {window.addEventListener ('message', function (event) {let target_origin = ''; if (event.origin! == target_origin) return; if (typeof == "object" && ( "type") && == "embaff") {let embed_id =; if (embed_id == '405') {document.querySelector ('#_ aff_embed_405'). setAttribute ('height ',;}}}, false);}) The main novelty introduced with the transition to PS4 and Xbox One, namely the first person view, is still a feature of great interest and works very well when you move on foot and fight, less so when you drive a vehicle, but there camera management is so simple and straightforward that it literally takes a button to change things to suit your tastes.

Speaking of vehicles, arcade driving proves to be very enjoyable and is probably the element that most all of them help create the typical dynamics of GTA V, allowing us to go from one car to another, from a motorcycle to a quad, from an airplane to a helicopter with extraordinary speed and fluidity, and with few obstacles along the way. to create frustrating jams while maybe you are chasing someone at full speed.

The PS5 version

Grand Theft Auto V, stop at traffic lights in the evening If the transition from PS3 to PS4 was characterized from a very remarkable technical improvement, in terms of pure and simple image quality, of the so-called glance, the landing on PS5 unfortunately does not produce the same results, you do not notice the same "detachment". So the feeling of being in front of a classic remaster is clear from the start, without the possibility of misunderstandings.

The idea of ​​being playing a title released in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360 is nevertheless sensational and makes us understand what are the production values ​​put in place at the time by Rockstar Games, so much so that beyond the geometries and a certain type of attention on the front of the animations and effects, GTA V is still tremendously current and certainly in able to slap a lot of modern action games.

Grand Theft Auto V, Michael in front of his house But let's come to the perceived differences, which revolve around the resolution and frame rate values . The three graphics modes available allow you to play at real 4K and 30 fps, at 1440p and 60 fps or at dynamic 1440p and 60 fps with the addition of an elusive ray tracing. Unfortunately, this technology has not been applied to reflections, as in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, but probably to shadows as in Cyberpunk 2077.

This is the least spectacular use of ray tracing, as we have already seen. say, and it is inevitably a disappointment that Rockstar Games has not been able to push more on this aspect despite having to do with a polygonal count designed to be managed on machines of two generations ago. Having said that, the 60 frames are a novelty on consoles and make the experience much more enjoyable.

Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor is certainly not a person to argue with. screenshots captured in the "graphic fidelity" mode or in one of the two "performance" modes to understand the missing degree of definition. Well, it seems that the developers have used a rather effective antialiasing technique, able to substantially reduce the jaggedness and return smooth edges even at 1440p on Ultra HD screens. Of course, on distant objects you inevitably notice a bit of blur, but in movement it is difficult to notice.

No doubts on the uploads, which thanks to the SSD are considerably faster, often requiring a third or even a third party. a quarter of the time required on PS4, while the use of the peculiarities of the DualSense controller is positively surprising: if on the one hand the resistance of the adaptive triggers was used in a "scholastic" way, the haptic feedback returns various different sensations based on the terrain and situations.

In conclusion

Grand Theft Auto V, Michael "incognito" during a mission The next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V was long in coming and we would have appreciated one extra effort on the effects front, in particular as regards the implementation of the much heralded ray tracing. Beyond this aspect, however, we are faced with an even more beautiful edition for a masterpiece that was able to leave its mark on three different generations of consoles and which in terms of content, narration and gameplay still has a lot to say.

The new graphics modes, especially the one focused on 60 fps performance, offer the possibility to experience the experience in a way that is new to PS4 and Xbox One, and we are sure that this will be enough to Rockstar Games to grind further sales and make sure that everyone, absolutely everyone can try their hand at the adventures of Michael, Franklin and Trevor. At this price, then ...

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