Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, everything we know about the expansion thanks to Capcom's Digital Event

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, everything we know about the expansion thanks to Capcom's Digital Event

Monster Hunter Rise

The long-awaited Digital Event of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has practically flown and it cannot be said that the producer Riozo Tsujimoto has shared who knows what information on the expansion that will be released in the summer, even if we now at least know that the game will be available starting from June 30, along with a Deluxe version that includes both Monster Hunter Rise and the DLC, and three new amiibo featuring the Felyne, the Canyne and the Malzeno, and unlocking exclusive Armor Styles. The base for the Nintendo Switch, which dates back to a year ago, has met with extraordinary success and the hunger for Monster Hunter is already beginning to feel, hunger that the conversion for PC, which arrived only a few weeks ago, has certainly not satiated.

Considering the leaks that have sprung up for a few days now, it was legitimate to expect something more than in these twenty minutes, also because the bulk of the news was then published only on the official website of the game.

Let's recap everything we know in our new preview of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

At a time of Elgado

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the Garangolm is a super armored Rajang The new outpost where hunters will prepare before leaving on a mission will be called Elgado. expected on the occasion of the first teaser, the new setting abandons the picturesque Japanese style to embrace darker and more western atmospheres. The outpost of Elgado is in fact a real stronghold in the middle of the Kingdom: still under construction, this structure overlooks a large forest and an immense waterfall, and vaguely recalls the first hub of Monster Hunter World due to the its verticality. The difference is that the mobility afforded by the Wire Bug should make it much easier and more fun to explore and navigate. During the Digital Event we also got to know the new characters who will assist us in our enterprise: the charismatic Admiral Galleus, the damsel of the Chichae missions, the scientist Bahari, the merchant Oboro and the blacksmith Minayle.

A representing the cast is Fiorayne, who belongs to the knighthood of the Order: she will ask for our help after we meet her in the Sacred Ruins while we face one of the new monsters, the Lunagaron. Apparently the monsters of the Kingdom became more aggressive than usual and began invading the territory of Kamura, which had just left the nightmare of the Fury behind.

Although Capcom has sketched out the new characters in Significantly, we have learned not to expect major revolutions from Monster Hunter's narrative, which apart from some unexpected solution is always quite superficial. Deep down we hope to be proven wrong, but in the end the real protagonists are the monsters, and on those shown so far there is a slightly more articulated speech to be made. The Digital Event of March 15, in this case, has revealed only one completely new: it is called Garangolm and is very reminiscent of the Rajang both in form and in its movements. Apparently this species would be able to enter into symbiosis with the flora that grows on its body, giving it extraordinary abilities in attack and defense. But do you know what it remembers? Look at that square jaw: Doesn't it look like Frankenstein's monster?

The appearance of the Garangolm - a cross between the monster born of Mary Shelley's pen and the iconic golem, as its name suggests - would seem to confirm I suspect that this time Capcom was inspired by horror mythology. I suspect he had come here a few months ago, as we carefully looked at the illustrations of Malzeno, which nestles in an old manor and drains the life energy of its prey like a vampire, and of the aforementioned Lunagaron, which obviously resembles werewolves, but which today we also discovered that it is capable of covering itself with ice like a Zamtrios.

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The problem is that the Digital Event showed us very little of the "three gentlemen" - as these new monsters are called - and even less the rest of the bestiary. We already knew that the Shogun Cenataur would be back; the new trailer introduced a variant of the Bishaten, called the blood Bishaten, and teaserated the return of a much loved monster that dates back to Monster Hunter Generations, namely the Astalos.

Aside from that, However, the Digital Event has kept the secret on all the other monsters we will meet in the Kingdom, and on those shown we are quite torn: they are sensationally beautiful to behold, but also strongly derivative in the animations. The Garangolm, as we have already mentioned, is a revision of the Rajang, while the Lunagaron is basically an ice-spitting Zinogre. At this point it is reasonable to expect that the base of Malzeno is the Velkhana. We are sure that Capcom will be able to amaze us on the gameplay front because the Japanese developer seems particularly inspired, but we must admit that perhaps we would have liked to see completely new monsters in a presentation of this kind.

All the news , or almost

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the Malzeno is practically Dracula Even the new scenarios seemed very fascinating to us, for what little we saw in the lively trailer: forests, glaciers, mountains, ruins and swamps .. In the area called Cittadella there is practically the whole repertoire of medieval European fantasy, and we must admit that this artistic direction tickles us a lot. Monster Hunter Rise has already shown how Capcom manages to manipulate Nintendo hardware, making fun of its technical limitations: the new scenarios, if possible, seemed even more complex and voluminous than those seen a year ago, and we are sure that it will be very fun to explore them in search of shortcuts, secret passages and collectibles.

In this regard, the trailer quickly showed some unpublished specimens of endemic fauna, but on the official website we have a slightly more in-depth explanation: apparently in the Kingdom we will find a new type of Puppet Spider called Ragnonetta which basically allows you to grab a monster and throw it in another direction, perhaps against an obstacle that will send it to the paws to the air, granting us an opportunity to attack. The mutated thread insects, on the other hand, improve the technique of the Wyvern Mount: the red ones cause us to inflict more damage with the Punisher, while the golden ones increase the number of residues that the monsters will drop during the fight.

Monster Hunter Rise : Sunbreak, the blood Bishaten pulls fiery pinecones On gameplay in general, however, the Digital Event was far too stingy with information. Notwithstanding that we weren't expecting any really sensational news, such as new weapons or the like, and that the addition of new Silkweave moves was to say the least - in the trailer there are some really spectacular ones - however we have not discovered practically anything else. Indeed, it is the official website that informs us, almost out of breath, that it will be possible to run on the walls without first having to resort to the Filoscatto, and that it will be enough to simply shoot, fall or dodge in midair in the direction of the wall to start the race.
The confidentiality of Capcom, a little over three months after the launch of the expansion, seems excessive. The trailer also briefly shows the new abilities of Felyne and Canyne, but at the same time nothing is seen to suggest the return of the Fury, the controversial horde mode introduced in the base game, which at this point may have very simply been discarded, as it did not have received a lot of acclaim. However, we know that new players who purchase Monster Hunter Rise, and who will rush to complete the campaign to start Sunbreak, will be able to download the Black Belt armor and Defender weapons from the eShop for free to make their first steps in the Kingdom easier. >
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the Garangolm is a super armored Rajang It is difficult to establish whether Capcom has rigorously raised the bar of difficulty, considered by many veterans to be too permissive in Monster Hunter Rise. Certainly Sunbreak will also introduce the infamous Master Degree in this iteration with an avalanche of new weapons, armor and abilities to combine, mangling monsters left and right. The past teaches us that the Monster Hunter expansions are the moment when the game really takes off: we want to strongly believe that it also applies to Sunbreak.

We have to admit we were a little disappointed by this Digital Event by Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, perhaps because it's been a long time since our last hunts and we were hoping for a more substantial show that would keep us counting the days on the calendar. Which we are still doing, because the new monsters, albeit derivative, seem very nice to fight and the new maps promise to enhance even more the very dynamic gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom has promised to reveal new information in the coming weeks: it goes without saying that we will continue to follow the development of the expansion with great interest.


The new monsters and scenarios are very inspired The Master Degree it will keep us playing for hours and hours. DOUBT At first glance, the three gentlemen remember some old monsters a little too much. Is Fury mode a thing of the past or will it come back revised and corrected? Have you noticed any errors?

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