Elden Ring: The best weapons obtainable in Sepolcride in the early stages

Elden Ring: The best weapons obtainable in Sepolcride in the early stages

Elden Ring

Have you just started Elden Ring and are you desperate for a weapon up to the thousand dangers that lurk in the Interregnum? In this guide we will reveal which are the best weapons of Elden Ring that you can recover without too much effort already in the first hours of the game in Sepolcride and on which you can start building a build on.

As per tradition, even the he latest work from FromSoftware offers a large number of weapons capable of satisfying all tastes and needs. Each weapon has its own moveset and drastically changes your approach to fighting, especially as some have particularly interesting side effects and abilities.

In this article we will talk about what, in our opinion, are the best tools of death that can be recovered even with a character below level 20, without having to farm or go beyond the borders of Sepolcride, the starting region of Elden Ring.


Elden Ring, this is where the Uchigatana is located

Parameters required: 10 in Strength and 15 in Dexterity Weight: 5.5 Starting scaling: D in Strength and D in Dexterity Secondary effect: causes bleeding

The Uchigatana is one of the classic weapons of FromSoftware games and one of the most popular with players. It is a katana with good stats and very hands-on requirements, especially if you are planning to build a Dexterity-based build. The Uchigatana is a simple weapon to use, the bleeding is useful against several enemies and the basic ability, Draw, is quite versatile. If you haven't chosen the Samurai as your class, you'll be happy to know that you can get this weapon in the early stages of Elden Ring.| above to find it. This is a dangerous area if you are a beginner, but doable with a little precaution. In this dungeon you will have to deal with skeletal enemies, not particularly dangerous if faced one at a time, but deadly in a group due to their peculiarity: they come back to life a few seconds after death. To eliminate them permanently what you have to do, in the absence of other means, is simply to attack them while they are regenerating.

To find the Uchigatana, starting from the Place of Grace go straight until you find a closed door, which leads to the boss (which fortunately you will not have to face to get the weapon). You will now be forced to turn left. Go down the stairs and go right, you will see an entrance that leads to a narrow corridor. From here continue along the path until you find a corpse with an object on it, the Uchigatana.

Long Sword

Elden Ring, past this Place of Grace you will find a boss, regardless from the outcome of the fight you will gain access to the Rocca della Tavola Rotonda

Required parameters: 10 in Strength and 10 in Dexterity Starting scaling: D in Strength and D in Dexterity Weight: 3.5

The Long Sword is a very basic weapon, but not to be underestimated, as it is an excellent starting point for any novice player or in general as a "replacement" waiting to find better tools of death. It is very accessible in terms of statistics, has a well-balanced and simple to use moveset, which guarantees good mobility to the player.

If you haven't started with the Hedge Knight class, you can buy the Longsword for 1,000 rune from the Remnants of Legitimacy in the Rock of the Round Table, the hub of Elden Ring. You can visit this place, after facing a certain boss who is located a few meters after the Place of Grace "Gallery for the Castle" indicated in the map above. Regardless of the outcome of the battle, resting in any Place of Grace, Melina will lead you to the Rocca della Tavola Rotonda.

Short Arch

Elden Ring, here is where to find the merchant who sells the 'Short bow

Required parameters: 8 in Strength and 10 in Dexterity Initial Scaling: E ​​in Strength and E in Dexterity Weight: 2.5

If you started Elden Ring with a class without sorcery or spells , a medium to long range weapon will make you absolutely comfortable and the Short Bow is perfect for the purpose. It can be used by any class, it is very light and you can recover it with a small investment of 600 runes in the first minutes of the game.

You can buy it from the nomadic merchant located on the beach west of the Place of Grace "Primo Passo". Starting from here, advance towards the north-west and then turn right taking the descent that leads to the beach. You can't go wrong as this route is patrolled by a troll, but don't worry, with a good sprint he won't be able to keep up with you. Once you reach the beach proceed south and reach the location indicated in the map above, the merchant is in the shelter under a ruin.

If you prefer a Longbow instead (requires 9 in Strength and 14 in Dexterity) , you can buy it for 1,200 runes at the Remains of the Two Fingers at the Rocca della Tavola Rotonda that we talked about in the previous paragraph.

Vassallo's Greatsword

Elden Ring, here is where to find the Greatsword of the vassal

Required parameters: 16 in Strength and 10 in Dexterity Initial Scaling: D in Strength and Dexterity Weight: 9.0

The Vassal's Greatsword is basically the first greatsword you can get your hands on, a reliable weapon both when used with one hand and with two and characterized by a solid moveset and a good range of action. Further on, you can get your hands on the Claymore and other more interesting greatswords, but it is still a great starting point.

You can retrieve the Vassallo Greatsword in the camp southeast of the Place of Grace " In front of the Castle ". It is found in the chest above the wagon on the west side of the soldiers' camp. Just eliminate the guard, preferably silently, and then retrieve the weapon from the chest.


Elden Ring, here's where to find the Scourge

Required parameters : 10 in Strength and 18 in Dexterity Initial Scaling: D in Strength and Dexterity Secondary Effect: Bleeding Weight: 5

The Scourge is an easy to obtain, simple to use weapon that deals impact damage that cannot be parched and bleeding. It doesn't have a particularly interesting base ability, but you can always exchange it for a stronger one with War Ashes.

You can get this weapon on the north side of the same camp as the soldiers mentioned in the previous paragraph. Also in this case it is inside a chest on a chariot guarded by a guard.

Twin Blade

Elden Ring, here's where to find the Twin Blade

Parameters required: 10 in Strength and 18 in Dexterity Initial Scaling: D in Strength and Dexterity Weight: 7.0

The Twin Blade is an excellent weapon for those who prefer close combat and give their best when used with two hands. It has a good range and unleashes a series of very fast attacks that can be spammed without giving the time or way to the enemy on duty to react. Plus the basic ability unleashes a forward spinning attack, which is a great opening move.

You can find it in Agheel Lake, near the "Dragon Incinerated Ruins", refer to the map above for the exact location. Specifically, the weapon is located inside a chest inside a basement, reachable only by using the double jump of the Torrente to climb over the walls of a ruined building. Pay attention, in the area there is also another basement with a second chest, do not confuse them. The latter is protected by a group of undead and dogs, while the one we care about is completely unguarded, so you can't go wrong. What is hidden in the other chest? It's a surprise!


Elden Ring, here's where to find the Reduvia

Required parameters: 5 in Strength, 13 in Dexterity and 13 in Basic Arcane Scaling: E in Strength, D in Dexterity and Arcane Side Effect: Bleeding Weight: 2.5

The Reduvia is one of the best daggers you can get in the game and highly recommended if you are playing as the Outlaw. It doesn't have a great range, but it hits hard and quickly, causing bleeding. Her unique ability also throws bloody blades in a straight line, with a good range and a low AP cost (4 points).

To get the Reduvia you will have to continue in the stream north of the lake of Agheel, to the point indicated in the map above. You will be invaded by the NPC Nerijus. Be careful, he is extremely strong and can take you out with just a few hits. Fortunately, what you have to do to win the fight is to resist for about twenty seconds: the NPC Yura will come to your rescue. Your unexpected ally is so strong and resilient that he can very well defeat the invader alone without your help. Once Nerijus is dead, he will leave the Reduvia.


Elden Ring, here's where to find the Warhammer

Required parameters: 26 in Strength and 8 in Dexterity Basic Scaling: C in Strength and E in Dexterity Weight: 10.0

The Warhammer requires a considerable investment in Strength (using it with two hands is enough 18 points), but it is one of the strongest hammers in the game. It hits hard, has a good moveset, complete with lethal attacks in charge, and can easily break the posture of the opponents. Sin in terms of range, but it would have been too much to ask otherwise. The basic skill is very good indeed: it increases damage dealt, defense and Stamina recovery.

You can get the Warhammer by defeating the boss located in the "Catacombs of Etching" mini-dungeon, which it is located just north of where you faced Nerijus (in any case, refer to the map above).


Elden Ring, here's where to find the Grandascia

Required parameters: 30 in Strength and 8 in Dexterity Basic Scaling: D in Strength and Dexterity Weight: 13.0

The Great Ax is another instrument of death that requires a generous investment in Strength (to wield it at two hands is enough 20 points), but if you are looking for a heavy weapon it might be for you. Compared to the Warhammer mentioned in the previous paragraph, it has a slightly wider range of action, but it lacks in horizontal attacks, which makes it less suitable for facing groups of enemies. The music changes by activating his ability, which increases damage and transforms the basic combo of heavy attacks into a series of extremely powerful slashes.

You will find the Great Ax in the chest located in the back of the chariot carried by the two trolls who are they move along the way between the places of grace "North Agheel Lake" and "South Agheel Lake". The only way to open the chest is to take out at least one of these two enemies, but fortunately being chained their movements and aggression will be limited compared to those who roam the Interregnum. It is not necessary to kill the escort made up of undead and knights following the chariot, but it could be a good idea to avoid distractions during the fight with the giants.

Fang of the limiere

Elden Ring, here's where to find the limiere's Fang

Required parameters: 18 in Strength and 17 in Dexterity Basic scaling: D in Strength and C in Dexterity Side effects: bleeding Weight: 11.5

The Fool's Fang is a great build quality weapon. It has good range, causes bleeding, and the basic ability executes an upward slash followed by a back flip - a technique that once mastered can become very useful. On the other hand, it is not exactly light and requires a fair investment in both Strength and Dexterity.

You can get this weapon by facing the optional boss Limiere Knight Darriwil in the Eternal Galley south of Sepulcride, at the point indicated on the map here on. The clash is not very simple, but neither is it impossible. After a few attempts the boss moveset becomes somewhat predictable, making the fight trivial.

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