Elden Ring: How to Get All Legendary Weapons

Elden Ring: How to Get All Legendary Weapons

Elden Ring

In this Elden Ring guide we will explain how to get all the legendary weapons present in the FromSoftware game, which among other things will allow you to unlock the Trophy / achievement "Legendary Armaments".

During your travels in the 'Interregnum you will collect a large number of different tools of death suitable for every style of play. However, there are nine weapons in particular that the game classifies as "legendary" and that as you can guess are more difficult to obtain, even if to be honest they are not necessarily the most powerful in an absolute sense. They undoubtedly have great stats and special bonuses, but depending on your favorite build and play style, more "common" weapons may be the best choice. In any case it is still worth collecting them all, a bit like the spirits, talismans and legendary spells of Elden Ring.

As usual we have tried to minimize spoilers, but inevitably in this article we will have to talk about advanced locations, NPCs and more.

Elden Ring: where to find all the legendary armaments

Elden Ring, the location of the Greatsword of the engaged blade

Greatsword of the Blade Engaged

You will be able to obtain the Engaged Blade Greatsword, a weapon that smacks of homage to the Iron Throne, in the early stages of your Elden Ring adventure. Specifically, you will receive it as a reward after defeating the boss "Leonine Spawn", located in the final section of Castle of Morne, an optional dungeon located south of the Wailing Peninsula region. Unlike other dungeons, the path to get to the boss, however, is not so obvious, or at least we admit that we did not find it on our first exploration, so for the sake of completeness we will explain how to reach it.

Once you use the elevator at the entrance, pass the first group of enemies and turn right to enter a weapons depot. From here continue towards the outside, where you will find a ladder. Once at the top in front of you you will find a second ladder, go up and a little further on, drop into the clearing below. Now go straight (watch out for the ambush of the flying enemies) and once at the bottom drop to the right, where you will find a place of grace. From here continue going down and jumping on the building opposite. Drop down to the lower level and about halfway up the stone bridge jump to the roof of the tower on the left. Advance and drop off the roof of the building just ahead landing on the rafters. As you advance you will find a beach, with the boss room in plain sight. Leonine Seed is a very aggressive opponent, but also quite fragile, distracting him with a spirit (here the guide to how to get the spirit summoning bell) will be simple enough to take down.

The Greatsword of the Grafted Blade requires a whopping 40 points in Strength (but to hold it with two hands only 30 are enough) and therefore it is suitable for a specific build that revolves around this statistic and the use of a large weapon. The special ability boosts all attributes by 5 points and balance for about 30 seconds, a pretty good buff.

Elden Ring, the location of the Sword of the Burning Night

Sword of the Burning Night

You will get the Sword of the Burning Night in a hidden chest in the Carian Manor, a dungeon located north of the Liurnia region, refer to the map above. Advance into the mansion until you unlock the place of grace "Lower Floor of the Manor", from here go outside and turn right. Continue past the two ghost knights and the tower and turn left. Go past the second tower and halfway across the bridge to the third, jump to the lower left building. From here, drop onto the roof below and use the ladder to go down to the ground floor. Here you will find the chest with the Sword of the Burning Night inside.

The Sword of the Burning Night has special requirements to be wielded, namely 24 points in both Intelligence and Faith, but on the other hand it has one of the special abilities stronger than the game. By pressing the appropriate button, the Lightless takes a fighting pose: by pressing the button of the light attack you will launch a ray of magical energy, while with that of the heavy attack you perform a powerful fiery lash. Both attacks are extremely strong, so much so that this weapon was considered one of the strongest in Elden Ring. "Era" in quotes, as with patch 1.03 the offensive potential of the double special ability has been hugely weakened, but still remains a pretty good weapon with the right investment in Intelligence and Faith.

Elden Ring, this is where Bernahl will invade you in Farum Azula

Scepter of the Devourer

You can get the Scepter of the Devourer by killing the NPC Bernhal, therefore also in the very first hours of the game. You will meet this character for the first time at the "Hut of the Master of Arms", located in Colle Tempesta, north of Sepolcride, where he will sell you various war ashes, including the very useful "No skills" for shields. By killing him, you will get both the weapon in question and the Ashy Orb to unlock his inventory at the Remains of the Legitites at the Rocca della Tavola Rotonda.

Having said that, if you don't feel like killing a non-hostile NPC and you also want to try your hand at his side missions, you don't have to eliminate him right away. Alternatively, after completing Villa Vulcano, Bernhal will invade you at Farum Azula in Shattered, an area that you will visit in the final stages of the Elden Ring story. Starting from the place of grace "Proximity of the great bridge" go out and go up the stairs. Once at the top, turn left (heading north) and continue straight ahead until you reach a balcony. On the right there is a ladder to go down to the lower level. As you advance you will be overrun by Bernahal and once killed you will get his weapon.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, the Devourer's Scepter is a heavy hammer that requires 24 Strength to wield, as well as 20 Strength. Dexterity and 25 in Faith. His special ability is a pretty good area magic attack, which heals your Lightless based on damage dealt to enemies. On the other hand, the execution of this move is slow and does not guarantee hyper armor, which means that it will be easily interrupted by any opponent's attack.

Elden Ring, the position of the Great Sword of the Ruins

Great Sword of the Ruins.

You can only get the Ruins Sword after defeating the boss "Radahn the Celestial Scourge" in the Caelid region. Once this requirement is fulfilled, head to the Redmeat Castle via the place of grace "Chamber on the square" and always go straight until you meet an NPC sitting on a chair. Speak to him twice to exhaust his dialogue, then use the fast travel again to return to the "Chamber on the Square". Now the Castle square will be the arena of a double boss fight in which you will have to contend with an aberrant Warrior and a Knight of the Crucible, enemies that you have probably already defeated in the past, but which in pairs could prove to be problematic.

The Great Sword of Ruins' special ability generates a wave of gravitational energy in a straight line that causes massive damage to all enemies in its path. Conversely, 50 Strength and 16 Intelligence points are required to wield this weapon.

Elden Ring, the location of the Marais Executioner Sword

Marais Executioner Sword

For to get the Executioner Sword of Marais you will have to defeat the boss Elemer del Rovo, located in the dungeon Castellombroso, located north of the Altiplano region and east of Mount Gelmir, refer to the map above. To access the castle you will have to sneak through one of the various sections of the collapsed walls. One of the access points, for example, is to the northeast above some rocks that you can easily climb using Torrente.

The Marais Executioner Sword requires 24 Strength, 14 Dexterity and 23 Arcane. The special ability infuses the weapon with magic, which is subsequently thrown in a straight line as it rotates on itself, like a drill, hitting the victim multiple times in its trajectory. This attack deals massive damage but it is easy to miss if you are not careful, leaving the Lightless at the mercy of the enemy's offensive.

Elden Ring, the location of the Shotel of the Eclipse

Shotel of the Eclipse

You will find the Eclipse Shotel in Castel Sol, located north of the Giant Peaks region. Specifically, the weapon is located on a corpse inside the church in the southeastern section of the area. Also in Castel Sol you will also find one of the two fragments of the Secret Pendant of the Sacred Tree, necessary to reach the secret area Terre del Sacro Albero di Miquella, which we therefore advise you to recover.

The Eclipse Shotel requires 25 Dexterity and 30 Faith to be wielded. His special ability infuses the weapon with deadly flames that should theoretically activate "instant death status". The problem is that apparently so many hits are required to reach the activation thresholds that you will probably kill the enemies before this effect occurs, greatly limiting the overall usefulness of the weapon.

Elden Ring , the position of the Great Sword of the Holy Order

Great Sword of the Golden Order

You will get the Great Sword of the Golden Order as a reward after defeating the optional boss Crusader of the progeny, the boss at the end of the Cavern of the Desolates. You will find this mini-dungeon west of the lands of the sacred Miquella Tree, refer to the map above. This area is optional and accessible from the Great Rold Hoist using the Secret Sacred Tree Pendant. This medallion consists of two parts, one you can find in Castel Sol (north of the Giants' Peaks) and the other in the Albinauri Village (south of the Liurnia region) interacting with an NPC disguised as a vase.

The Great Sword of the Golden Order requires 21 Dexterity, 28 Faith and 16 Strength to wield and deals both physical and holy damage. Activating the special ability, the Lightless poses and charges the weapon with energy, and then executes a powerful double slash, with the second blow that also generates a bolt of light that is thrown in a straight line. Good damage, but the initial animation is extremely slow.

Elden Ring, the location of the Spear of Gransax

Spear of Gransax

You will get the Spear of Gransax in Leyndell. Starting from the place of grace "Sanctuary of the mother tree" taking the lift that leads to the lower level. Now go down the stairs and walk alongside the handrail on the left. Keep going until you see a giant spear below you. What you need to do now is drop on this weapon and walk along the handle until you get to the tip, where you will find the Spear of Gransax.

Be careful, after a certain point in the history of Elden Ring you will not be able in any way to obtain this weapon except in the New Game +, so recover it as soon as you have the opportunity.

The Spear of Gransax deals both physical and lightning damage and requires 20 Strength and 40 Dexterity to wield. By activating the special ability, the Lightless fires a spear of red lightning bolts in a straight line. The animation is a bit slow, but it causes massive damage and can be used safely from a great distance.

Elden Ring, here's where to find Ranni

Black Moon Greatsword

You will receive this Black Moon Greatsword after completing all side missions of the NPC Ranni the Witch. It is a rather important character and with a storyline that unfolds in a series of quite long quests. You can meet her at the "Spire of Ranni", a tower which you can access after exploring the Carian Manor which is located north of the Liurnia region.

The Black Moon Greatsword deals both physical and magical damage, causing frostbite and requires 16 Strength, 11 Dexterity and 38 Intelligence to be wielded. His special ability activates a buff that boosts magic damage and frostbite status build-up for 60 seconds, while heavy attacks generate bolts of magical energy in a straight line.

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