The best PC point and click adventures ever

The best PC point and click adventures ever

After talking to you about the best PC graphic adventures ever, adequately mixing modern interactive adventures and old milestones, today we return with another ranking, this time dedicated exclusively to the best PC point and click graphic adventures ever, thus excluding all those interactive stories that we will go on to tell in another ranking anyway (now you know, in case, why you will not read Myst).

As always an important aside: it is impossible to collect, in over 40 years of videogame history, fifteen graphic adventures among the best ever without bringing any kind of disappointment towards all those people who perhaps would have preferred one game rather than another. The important thing is always the awareness, that is, that video games like Gabriel Knight, Blade Runner, The Dig, Hollywood Monsters and so on, remain unforgettable titles, regardless of any type of ranking. Having said that, let's begin, hoping not to find ourselves in the midst of mysterious and stupid aliens with hats, glasses and mustaches.

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The best PC graphic adventures ever The best adventures PC interactive graphics ever

The secret of monkey island

The best PC point and click graphic adventures ever

15) Escape from Deponia

Year: 2012 Developer: Daedalic Entertainment

14) The Longest Journey

Year: 1999 Developer: FunCom The Longest Journey is one of those exciting stories that certainly deserves a new chapter. Not for anything else, Ragnar Tørnquist (the designer) was discussing with FunCom about the production of a third chapter (after Dreamfall), a direct follow-up to The Longest Journey, but unfortunately the project seems to be lost in oblivion, at least for the moment. However, The Longest Journey and its protagonist, April Ryan, have remained in our hearts, in the hope of seeing them return soon.

13) LOOM

Year: 1990 Developer: Lucasfilm Games Among the best PC point and click graphic adventures it is impossible not to mention LOOM, one of the most atypical (if not the most atypical) works of Lucasfilm Games. The game was a great commercial success and Lucas designed a real trilogy, which unfortunately, never found light. However, the journey of Bobbin Threadbare still remains one of the most beautiful and fun journeys among PC graphic adventures, certainly a game to remember and not only for its "appearance" in Monkey Island.

12) Beneath of Steel Sky

Year: 1994 Developer: Revolution Software When it comes to the best PC point-and-click graphic adventures, Beneath of Steel Sky, a much loved dystopian sci-fi experience, cannot fail to be mentioned. as well as one of the groundbreaking stones of the genre on PC. Produced by Virgin Interactive, the title has also seen a very recent follow-up to good ratings, Beyond a Steel Sky, and also a remastered from 2009 that improves throughout the original chapter.

11) Grim Fandango

Year: 1998 Developer: Lucasfilm Games

10) Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Year: 1992 Developer: Lucasfilm Games A closed eyes the best video game dedicated to Indiana Jones (and it wasn't easy at all!). Lucasfilm Games was able to grasp the characteristics of the character and give life to a completely original story, curated and above all surrounded by puzzles not so intuitive, but damn satisfying.

9) Simon The Sorcerer

Year: 1993 Developer: Adventure Soft Simon the Sorcerer is a franchise developed by Adventure Soft that has seen four sequels over the years, although we remember the legendary first chapter with greater fondness, surrounded by marked irreverence, well thought out puzzles. and above all a deep quotationism (how can we forget all the various references to the Lord of the Rings?). The magician Calypso and his journey to defeat the fearsome Sordid will remain forever in our hearts, deserving to appear among the best PC point and click graphic adventures.

8) The Curse of Monkey Island

Year: 1997 Developer: Lucasfilm Games Despite not being considered in all respects for the third chapter, The Curse of Monkey Island remains a beloved video game, unlike the subsequent sequels which instead found some rather eloquent criticisms. One thing we will always remember is the splendid Italian dubbing, memorable in all its parts. The hardcore fans will be happy to know that this chapter is considered "canonical" by Ron Gilbert, therefore "Return to Monkey Island" will have characters and references to this episode.

7) Syberia

Year: 2002 Developer: Microids

6) Broken Sword: The Secret of the Templars

Year: 1996 Developer: Revolution Software Broken Sword is an adventure video game series born in the late 90s that managed to obtain success almost immediately not indifferent. The reason, as well as for the history and well-characterized characters, was for its extraordinary artistic sector, still considered today among the best of the adventures of that era. Broken Sword is currently a very popular franchise that has seen several exquisite sequels.

5) Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacles

Year: 2002 Developer: Microids Since we have mentioned Maniac Mansion, it seemed appropriate to reward his sequel in this classic, which as also mentioned in the previous article, remains much loved by fans of graphic adventures and preferred to Maniac Mansion itself. On balance, Day of The Tentacles remains one of the most popular Lucasfilm Games video games, after all an experience that allows us to travel back in time with a toilet (Cron-o-binetto) could only be otherwise!

4) Zak McKracken

Year: 1988 Developer: Lucasfilm Games absolutely difficult (without a guide, in some cases, it was really tedious). Impossible to forget the plane flight with the poor desperate hostess or the concrete bread thrown from the second floor by the baker. In our opinion, Zak McKracken remains among the best graphic adventures ever, just behind Monkey Island and certainly deserving of a sequel, which unfortunately, will hardly ever arrive.

3) The Secret of Monkey Island

Year: 1990 Developer: Lucasfilm Games The first chapter of the graphic adventure par excellence is an authentic adventure journey that has been able to combine irony and genius. Ron Gilbert and the other members of the Lucasfilm Games team knew they were creating something special, something that would go down in history, and they did so knowing they had a pulley with a rubber chicken and a series of challenges in the game. 'white weapon complete with insults. Joking aside, when it comes to "milestones", Monkey Island falls within the definition of the term by right.

2) Thimbleweed Park

Year: 2017 Developer: Terrible Toybox The great Ron Gilbert's return after another beauty like The Dig, Thimbleweed Park is a wonderful tribute to the point and click graphic adventures of the 90s, after all, the whole title highlights references to the greats of the past, with jokes, objects (the chainsaw and petrol were a nice touch) and a number of features that make it, in fact, like an authentic Lucasfilm Games video game.

1) Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge

Year: 1991 Developer: Lucasfilm Games By now you know, Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge is arguably the best point and click graphic adventure ever. Just think back to the greatness of the game world, its variety, the dialogues with attention to the smallest details and also the wonderful composition of the puzzles. We are facing a real milestone destined to remain in Olympus for many years to come, although it is not so unlikely that its direct following will officially oust it.

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