Mercedes Experience, the experiences of luxury

Mercedes Experience, the experiences of luxury

Mercedes Experience

The global luxury market is growing, and according to estimates between 2019 and 2030 we will go from 52 to 95 million individuals with large fortunes; all this means that brands that make luxury their distinctive trait are experiencing a particularly positive moment, with sales figures in continuous growth. The main problem to be faced is how to stand out from the competition, how to attract these new rich people to their products and the experiences they are able to offer: it is precisely on this detail, that of experiences, that Mercedes-Benz has decided to focus on. to stand out.

Mercedes-Benz's goal is to tell about its most luxurious cars, represented by the range of EQ (100% electric) and AMG (sporty and luxurious) vehicles, in a more engaging and able to leave a good memory to the customers of the German brand.

This is how the idea of ​​the Mercedes Experience was born, which in turn is declined in Water Experience and Essence Experience, two unique and particular experiences that Mercedes -Benz Italia will offer its customers through participating resellers in the area; in a world where cars are becoming more and more uniform with each other - and with the advent of electrification this trend will become stronger and stronger - we need to find a way to stand out thanks to the experiences that the car is able to make us live , and therefore the test drive of a car must become an all-round sensory experience, in which the car is a fundamental element, but where the ultimate goal is to strengthen the relationship between the Star brand and its customers .

A few days ago Mercedes-Benz invited us to the presentation event of the Mercedes Experience, during which we had the pleasure of experiencing both experiences, Water Experience and Essence Experience, which will be proposed by the Mercedes-Benz dealers throughout Italy. We left Milan aboard the beautiful and super technology Mercedes EQS 580, we set off in the direction of one of the most suggestive and luxurious locations in the area, the beautiful Villa d'Este overlooking Lake Como.

In the transfer to Villa d'Este we had the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and the very high technological level of the EQS 580, the electric flagship of Mercedes-Benz in its most powerful version ever: we had it already tested in its 450+ variant during an event in Monte Carlo, but the 524 horsepower version 580 - with 107.8 kWh battery - left us absolutely speechless, both for the power it is able to discharge to the ground and for the unbridled luxury you feel once you get on board.

For this reason Mercedes-Benz has also decided to create the Essence Experience, an experience in which a master perfumer will guide us to discover of the world of perfumes, telling how the perfumes that we all use or smell every day are conceived and created; with this I am not referring only to the fragrances we wear on the body, but also to the most famous and widespread smells in the world such as that of petrol or gas we use at home - smell is a very powerful sense able to make our experiences very deeper, creating a practically indelible memory. According to some researches, about 30% of the memories we store are related to smells, much more than is done thanks to visual or auditory stimuli.

Essence Experience has given us a way to better understand a way that we all know for good or ill on the surface, but that few deepen: smells and perfumes are information and experiences, and thanks to the guidance of the master perfumer we have been able to create our own essence, whose perfume will be indelibly linked to the memory of this day.

"Desire is one of the basic elements of the concept of luxury and our goal is to make our brands and products real objects of desire", said Mirco Scarchilli, Head of Marketing Communication Experience of Mercedes-Benz Italia. "One of the main drivers of desire is experience, a key element for our customers and for those who, for the first time, approach our brands, increasingly linked to the universe of values ​​they represent. A journey that crosses the physical experience with the digital one, through ever new touch points. In this process, the role of our local sales network is fundamental, able like no other to intercept the needs of customers and help us translate them into engaging brand experiences. "

To complete the day of the Mercedes-Benz Best Customer Experience in the best possible way, we returned to the city, this time aboard a Mercedes AMG GLA 45 4Matic +; this time no electric motor, we had fun with AMG's 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine, which thanks to the turbocharging is able to deliver 421 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque, a rich engine with an intoxicating delivery, as well as with a particularly captivating sound especially in race mode - just to stay on the subject of sensory experiences.

If you are looking for a new car and luxury is your goal, the Mercedes Experience can help you choose the right car for you.

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