Mosquito repellent devices | The best of 2022

Mosquito repellent devices | The best of 2022

With the arrival of spring, the desire to spend a few hours outdoors has returned, and it will be even more so in the coming months, where, however, these relaxation intervals are often interrupted by the presence of annoying insects or animals, so for the occasion we have decided to offer you a guide on the best mosquito repellent devices on the market. All the proposals in this selection are options designed to imprison, remove and sometimes eliminate the presence of flying insects, with some items able to be effective even against rodents and crawling animals, in order to spend moments outdoors in complete safety. br>
Read also: Cheap barbecues | The best of 2021 In this guide we have decided to offer you the best in terms of technology, in fact they are all safe items and that use cutting-edge technologies. In addition, they are so delicate and effective that they can also be placed near a crib for babies, resistant that they can be left running for hundreds of hours outdoors even in the middle of winter, or with a design so particular that they can be used outdoors. as open as indoors, without making it clear at first glance their main purpose.

We don't want to go any further, which is why we leave you our selection of the best anti-mosquito and repellent devices, which will remain updated season after season, so that you can always buy the most modern and suitable product for your needs.

The best anti-mosquito devices

Repellent Raid Night & Day Portable mosquito net Chicco Mosquito net YINAMA Portable mosquito Thermacell Mosquito net with LED light

Repellent Raid Night & Day

Probably the most used in absolute terms, also thanks to the low price, the Raid Night & Day repellent is an excellent solution to defend against mosquito attacks. Given the negligible cost, our advice is to focus on the package containing 3 refills, which will guarantee you protection of over 600 hours. Very easy to use, as it will only be necessary to plug it into a power socket to ward off mosquitoes. Furthermore, it is odorless, consumes practically nothing and is perfect for both tiger and common mosquitoes.


Chicco portable mosquito net

Chicco's anti-mosquito device is the only solution, among those we have proposed, designed specifically for the protection of newborns, in fact its powerful ultrasounds annoy mosquitoes and other annoying animals, all without causing unwanted effects. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor situations, this practical device is equipped with a clip so that it can be easily attached to the pram or stroller, while thanks to its rounded design it can also be safely kept in the cot. Its fully replaceable 1.5 V alkaline battery ensures Chicco's portable ultrasound at least 100 hours of protection and with its 3 meter range it is able to cover a large area.

YINAMA mosquito net

The powerful lamp with its simple operation ensures many hours of tranquility outdoors, keeping away mosquitoes and other flying insects. With its powerful 6W lamp, and with a life expectancy of over 8,000 hours, this device can cover an area of ​​about 30 square meters with its repellent action. Its grid, which incorporates cables with 1000V voltage, provides some extra protection functions, useful during the movement phases or in case of involuntary bumps, and there is also a removable tray to easily remove the dead insects that are accumulate.


Thermacell portable insect screen

The portable insect screen made by Thermacell is an excellent solution to spend a few hours outdoors safe from mosquitoes and insects. With its wide range of action, in fact, it can be positioned in the center of a table or under an umbrella without causing inconvenience. Its operation is simple: a can of butane gas heats the insecticide plate, specially created by Thermacell for outdoor environments, and that's it. Furthermore, by purchasing this version of Thermacell, you will receive 30 protective plates and 10 butane gas cartridges, for a total of 120 hours of protection.


Mosquito net with LED light

This electric mosquito net with UV technology differs from the others for the integration of a LED light, positioned in the lower part of the appliance. The presence of an LED light means that you can also use this product as a simple light bulb for the outdoors, to be placed under umbrellas or awnings. Thanks to the upper hook, you can easily hang it on any support and it is worth emphasizing the possibility of recharging it both via USB and sunlight, so that you will never run out of autonomy. Finally, the round shape offers you a 360 ° protection, with a wavelength of 400 mm.


How to choose the anti-mosquito device

As often happens, it is the use that you think of making it the discriminating element in choosing the perfect device, so we remind you to pay close attention when buying, as some solutions designed for the outdoors cannot be used even indoors and vice versa. First of all, let's find out what are the main types of mosquito repellants available on the market and their respective advantages, so that you can get a clear idea of ​​which could be the most suitable for your purpose.

Ultrasonic devices

These devices are mainly designed to be used in large environments, or in the presence of children and pets or if you are looking for minimally invasive solutions that allow you to obtain the best results without the use of pesticides or harmful solutions. The devices that use this technology often require a continuous flow of energy and in fact it is possible to find solutions that connect directly to the electric plug, or others with wire that allow greater mobility.


These devices are excellent for those who do not want to “hurt even a fly”, since they use infrared lights to attract insects and, also using special motors, suck them into special airtight containers that prevent them from escaping. The containers can then be safely extracted and opened to throw away the dead insects.

Electrified mosquito nets

The most classic solution when thinking about anti-mosquito devices and which keeps insects away outdoors is undoubtedly this. In fact, a plug is enough, place the mosquito net in a high place and that's it. Effective and lethal, this solution however has some minor drawbacks, such as having to occasionally clean the device from insects and the continuous rustle of current that is perceived once activated.


Other typology very widespread of anti-mosquito devices are the products that exploit the heat given off by the electric current to heat a metal surface, which then “burns” a compound that keeps mosquitoes and other insects away. These devices, although effective, still release substances into the air that could be annoying if perceived in high doses or in rooms where there is no air recirculation. These products are also available in portable versions, which allow maximum mobility, using small gas cylinders to heat the plate.

Indoor and outdoor mosquito nets

After discovering the various types of mosquito nets, you may have already guessed that there are models suitable for indoor use and others for outdoor use. Separating one from the other is important in order not to make a mistake in the purchase, also because the two types greatly affect the type of power supply, power and range of action. Although the structure of an electric mosquito net is the same, the indoor models are usually those equipped with an electric cable and are ideal for those who need a mosquito net that must remain in operation for many hours.

Battery models instead, they should only be considered if you have to defend yourself outside, for example when you are relaxing in the garden, on the terrace or camping, since they tend to have limited autonomy. Furthermore, battery-operated insect screens tend to have a lower power than models with cable, which also translates into a smaller range of action, forcing you not to stray too far from the device.

The choice depends so from your needs: if you are used to relaxing outdoors, then a battery-powered portable device is definitely to be preferred, unless you have an electrical outlet nearby. If, on the other hand, you need to defend yourself from insects at home, then a solution with cable is for you, since there will almost certainly be electrical sockets and you will have the advantage of using a powerful and effective mosquito net.


As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the power, expressed in Watts, is a very important factor because it will give you an idea of ​​how efficient the electrified grid of the mosquito net will be. Models powered solely and exclusively by electric cable tend to be, for obvious reasons, more powerful than their battery-powered counterparts. Usually, the wattage of these appliances ranges from around 10W to 60W. The higher the Watts, the better the efficiency of the product, so pay close attention to this value during the purchase phase. Electric mosquito nets obviously affect consumption, but you shouldn't worry too much about the latter since, as we have seen, they tend to be affordable for all families. However, if you are a budget fanatic, battery-powered solutions will be the ones you will appreciate the most.

Wattage is correlated with the range of action of the mosquito net, so the higher it is, the higher the coverage from insects guaranteed by the product. The range of action is almost always mentioned in the description of the article, so it will be easy to understand whether or not a mosquito net will be able to cover the area you are interested in. This value is very important especially if you place the mosquito net outside, since the spaces tend to be much larger than the internal ones. The most popular models cover an area from 30 to 60 square meters. The generously sized top of the range can cover over 100 square meters and, in some cases, integrate a suction fan that pushes the insect into the grid, electrocuting and killing it.


An electric insect screen can be made of aluminum or ABS, materials that should not affect the strength and resistance of the product. If you will use the mosquito net outside, it is recommended to rely on a waterproof model, in order to prevent the rain from damaging it.

Protective grid

All electric mosquito nets have a protective grid , often in the form of a cage, essential for protecting pets, children and ourselves from it. The grill, however, should not be too thick, otherwise the insects will find it difficult to enter, thus risking that the latter continue to bother you. For the efficiency of the appliance to be optimal, the grid should have slots along the entire diameter of the mosquito net, so that insects can enter from any direction, reducing the time needed to free the environment from these small and annoying animals. >

How to clean a mosquito net

Although cleaning operations are anything but complicated, it is always advisable to consult the manufacturer's instructions since, even if the power supply of the mosquito net is switched off, electric shocks. It is therefore essential to use the device according to the official instructions given in the instruction manual.

Also avoid using abrasive substances, instead aiming for a soft and slightly damp cloth, always and strictly with the power supply disconnected . If there is a cleaning brush included in the package, use that.

Where to place the mosquito repellent devices

Any place is perfect as long as there is an electrical outlet nearby. The battery-powered models do not require electrical cables, so they do not have any kind of problems regarding positioning. However, as we have discovered throughout the various stages of this article, they are less potent and less effective, which is a factor to consider. The most strategic places for placing a mosquito repellent device are the kitchen, the veranda, the bedroom or the corridor in front of it, if the purple light bothers. The garden is also a great place, perhaps inside a gazebo or similar structures. Instead, it is not recommended to place these devices near or outside the window, because you would get the opposite effect to the desired one, risking attracting insects into the room.

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