Elden Ring: how to reset attributes and where to find the Maggot Tear

Elden Ring: how to reset attributes and where to find the Maggot Tear

Elden Ring

In this Elden Ring guide we will explain how to reset your character's stats, so that you can freely redistribute bonus points for attributes.

As in previous FromSoftware games, also in Elden Ring choose how to invest wisely the points for the attributes earned at each level up plays a fundamental role. In terms of builds, there are so many options for your character, from the pure ones that favor a single offensive stat to the more eclectic hybrid ones. However, especially if it is your first souls-like, it often happens that you make some mistakes and realize that you have made a build that is not very functional, that you have wasted points on attributes that you don't really need or maybe you want to direct your character to a completely different path.

Fortunately Elden Ring offers the possibility to reset the stats. However, to do this you will have to wait several hours of play and meet very specific requirements, as we will see shortly. We have avoided spoilers as much as possible, but inevitably we will have to talk about an advanced area of ​​the game.

Elden Ring: how to reset the attributes of your character

Elden Ring, a promotional image To reset the attributes in Elden Ring you will have to interact with a specific NPC, which you can only meet after having reached the region north of Sepolcride, Liurnia. You will arrive in this area by progressing in the main quest of the game, after completing the Legacy Dungeon of Storm Storm Castle. In reality it is not a necessary requirement to access Liurna, but we advise you to do so. Mind you, this is a much more dangerous area than Sepulcride and we suggest you visit it after at least twenty hours of play and with a level 50 or higher character. For this reason, if you are still in the early stages of Elden Ring and you desperately need to do an attribute respec, you might want to create a new character directly.

What you need to do now is explore the Academy of Raya Lucaria, or the second Elden Ring Legacy Dungeon. This is the large building located in the central area of ​​the Liurnia region, impossible to miss. This is an obligatory stop on your trip to the Interregnum and therefore in order not to spoil the surprise we will not tell you anything about the dangers that await you inside.

The entrance to this area is blocked by a spell , to break it you will need to retrieve the Stonebreaker Key. In the south entrance you will find a corpse with a map indicating a small islet west of the Academy. Here you will find the key, defended by a rather tough dragon. Fortunately, this is an optional boss, and if you want, you can avoid the fight altogether. To do this, use Torrente to get behind him via the left side of the island and collect the key from the corpse that is behind him. Once you have obtained the item, you can enter the Raya Lucaria Academy from the south or north entrance.

Now you just have to explore this area and, once you have defeated the second boss of the dungeon (also in this case is a mandatory step to advance in the game), you will be able to interact with a female NPC, who will offer you the possibility to change the appearance of your Lightless by returning to the creation editor, as well as to reset the points of the attributes and then subsequently reassign them to your convenience. You can enjoy this "service" over and over again, however there is a price to pay.

Elden Ring: where to find the Larva's Tear

Elden Ring, this "harmless" undead has a Larva Tear with him For each attribute respec in Elden Ring, an item called "Larva Tear" must be used. They can be found in specific locations and for sale by some NPCs. You may already have some in your inventory, but if not, we will explain below where to find some easily.

The easiest to obtain, in our opinion, is in the west of Sepulcris. Head to the Place of Grace "South Agheel Lake". Once you get there, walk just a few meters east and you will see an undead soldier armed with a sword watching the street below (refer to the image above). Attack him and kill him (one hit is enough) and, surprise surprise, he will turn into a giant bear, extremely aggressive and dangerous. In any case, if you have completed the Raya Lucaria Academy it shouldn't give you too much trouble. Once killed you will receive a Larva Tear.

The second Larva Tear we suggest is located in the Liurna region, in the cemetery of the "Albinauri Village". Reach the "Capriccio sul lago" Place of Grace, located south of the Academy and northwest of the Grantempesta Castle. From here continue south until you can take a hill on the left to reach the village in question. As soon as you arrive, you will see on the right some stone sarcophagi, here you will find a Larva's Tear above a corpse.

We also suggest a third one. Still in the district of Liurnia, you will reach the Place of Grace "Ruine del Lago falls", which is located just north of that of "Capriccio sul lago" which we mentioned earlier. From here, walk southwest until you find a giant crab. Once killed, the monster will turn into a much more powerful enemy, a grafted Heir, who once defeated will allow you to get a Larva's Tear.

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