League of Legends, Ahri cosplay from Lada Lyumos is a riot of colors

League of Legends, Ahri cosplay from Lada Lyumos is a riot of colors

League of Legends

Ahri in her colorful Spirit Blossom version is once again the protagonist of Lada Lyumos cosplay, and the character of League of Legends could not be more beautiful than this: seeing is believing.

After the first, extraordinary photo of her Ahri Spirit Blossom, Lada Lyumos has seen fit to publish new shots relating to that interpretation, undoubtedly among the best ever for the Russian model.

Costume, makeup, details and post-production are at the top also in this case, but by now we are well accustomed to the excellent quality of Lada's cosplay and nothing surprises us anymore.

"If you want to play with me , you better make sure you know the game well! ", wrote the model in her post on Instagram, naturally inviting users to support her.

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The craziest off-meta picks in League of Legends Spring 2022

Annie, Corki, Janna, Jinx, Singed, and Soraka have shaken up the Esports scene in the first month of Season 2022. (Photo: Riot Games)

Since the changes from Preseason 2022, the League of Legends (LoL) esports scene has been full of spice and variety in just its first month of the new year as different regions pulled out their own interpretations of the metagame.

With new Fighter and Mage items, a new champion, new features, and more, pro players have had a bit of fun bringing out champions for unexpected roles on the Summoner’s Rift.

Others champions have also had a re-emergence in popularity after being in the shadows in the past season.

We’re going to take a look at the most unique, crazy, and popular off-meta picks in the first month of this season (they may even be viable in Solo Queue!):

Annie Top Lane

Annie's Tibbers opened LPL with a roar in the top lane. (Photo: Riot Games)

The Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL) region shocked fans with a pretty spicy pick in the top lane, with 2021 world champions EDward Gaming’s Li “Flandre” Xuan-Jun locking in Annie against JD Gaming’s Jayce pick in the first match of the year.

The Dark Child has been a more popular pick in the mid lane with her potential to tear down her opponent.

However, Flandre has shown that she is also a viable top lane champion with her ultimate skill, Tibbers, that provides both crowd control and high damage that can overwhelm her enemy in the top lane.

We think Annie can be a viable pick in the top lane against the likes of Irelia, though it will still depend on who the former is dueling with.

With that said, we think Annie is still a safer pick in the mid lane, with a solid 53.08% win rate in solo queue.

Singed Support

Support Singed is a one-of-a-kind pick in the LCK and League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)

In a match against DAMWON KIA (DWG KIA), Gen.G support Son “Lehends” Si-woo chose probably one of the most controversial off-meta support picks so far both in the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) and across all regions: Support Singed.

Lehends is the first player in the LCK to pick Singed as a support and he said that he “had a lot of freedom” because his “teammates are so good'.

And it’s all thanks to Park 'Ruler' Jae-hyuk, who is the team’s bot lane AD carry.

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In that game, Lehends struggled with the Mad Chemist in the early game but made an impact in teamfights in the late game to help Gen.G achieve victory.

The Mad Chemist is traditionally a top lane tank fighter and his tools don’t normally provide enough utility to become a support champion, although his Mega Adhesive (W) and Fling (E) skills are worth it with E maxed first.

Lehends said in an interview with Ashley Kang that he played Singed as a champion in the top lane on Solo Queue anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 times before he even tried this pick in pro play.

But he also recognised it as a team effort, saying, “Honestly, we won because all my teammates played so well today.”

So is Singed Support for everyone? Not necessarily.

Lehends admits the champion is very player-specific. This means you need to be very skilled with Singed in the top lane first before you even try experimenting on using him in the bot lane.

Do you think you’d give Singed a go as a support champion? Best of luck if you will.

Janna Top Smite (Enchanter Top Smite)

Janna's been the talk of the town since her rework, and she's crushing it in the top lane. (Photo: Riot Games)

Another recent off-meta pick made a debut after the Storm’s Fury’s rework was released in Patch 12.2.

Janna, traditionally a support pick, suddenly became a viable duelist in the top lane after her rework proved to be so powerful, especially when combined with the new mage items players can build on.

On top of that, because of how strong she is, she is able to steal objectives when the “Smite” spell is activated on her.

She was first picked by Jakub 'Dreedy' Viceník of Barca Esports, a local team in Spain. Janna then made her debut in the League Championship Series (LCS) through FlyQuest top laner Colin 'Kumo' Zhao. While her stats in the laning phase weren’t excellent, the team won with that draft in 47 minutes.

Other regions followed suit with varying levels of success in the strategy, and some even started experimenting with other enchanters for this new find.

This trend boomed even in high ELO solo queue, with the Storm’s Fury’s win rate soaring as high as 60%.

While Janna isn’t as strong in the laning phase, the objective bounty system has the potential to turn things around for her and help her scale in the late game.

Other enchanters that have been used by players are Karma, Zilean, Lulu, Rakan, Taric, and Bard. Players also need to ensure that they pick the right runes and items to ensure success when using this style.

Riot has recently tried to address this game-breaking strategy in Patch 12.4 by making changes in enchanter items, to keep them from taking the top lane picks and leaving fighters little room for competitive play.

We’ll see how this affects the Enchanter Smite option on pro play and Solo Queue, but as we said, we think a few more tweaks to the objective bounty system will benefit the game balance more.

Zilean and Soraka Mid (Enchanter Mid)

Zilean and Soraka are shaking up the mid lane. (Photo: Riot Games)

The top lane isn’t only the place where support enchanters have been dominating.

Recently, another off-meta pick has been enchanters in the mid lane. Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg from Team Liquid has been rocking Zilean in the mid lane with a 100% win rate, while C9’s Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami used Soraka mid for the first time this season.

Former T1 streamer Nick 'LS' De Cesare (now C9 coach) explained during the first broadcast of Doublelift’s new Trash Talk podcast how Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s “eyes lit up” when LS mentioned in a T1 review late last year that Soraka was 'broken'.

The LoL G.O.A.T. smiled and even told former teammate Park 'Teddy' Jin-seong “I told you” in that said review. After Soraka’s debut in the LCS region, Faker also tried his hand on the support favorite in the mid lane.

One obvious reason why support enchanters seem to dominate the current meta is the fact they have so much utility and can live with less gold than other team members.

In the mid lane, they can easily able to roam around and support other teammates in the jungle and other lanes.

Losing in the laning phase is also forgiving, especially when their teammates have all scaled enough for the mid laners to support everyone in team fights.

Again, the bounty system also helps them turn the tides as well. The most popular enchanters in this crazy new meta are Sona, Soraka, and Zilean.

With the changes in Enchanter Support items in 12.4, however, players should observe and test if this is still viable.


Jinx is making a comeback this season along with her rocket, Fishbones (Photo: Riot Games)

Jinx has been off the grid since last summer.

However, after the release of Arcane, the League of Legends Netflix series, and her buff in 11.21, her popularity has risen on Solo Queue.

This consequently was reflected in the esports arena as well, with a whopping 60-70% average win rate for her.

Jinx is also a great champion for entry level LoL and the combination of her buffs and item adjustments in Season 2022 has caused her to wreak havoc on the Summoner’s Rift.

The Loose Cannon is most popular as an AD Carry in the bot lane in three regions: the LCS, League of Legends European Championship (LEC), and LPL, and is usually countered by Aphelios, who is more popular than Jinx in the LCK.

However, with the recent release of Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, into the esports Rift, we may see a bit of a shift in meta for some regions.


Ban Corki! Bin Corki! The Yordle Pilot is driving Riot's casters and analysts crazy. (Photo: Riot Games)

Corki has been a crazy pick, but for a different reason.

The Daring Bombardier is the flavor champion of Spring 2022, with an average of 80-84% pick/ban rate in all major regions and a 64-70% average win rate.

This comes as a surprise, since he hasn’t been very popular in Worlds 2021, but a new broken Corki build sprung up late last year.

Now our pro players have been spamming this champion on the Summoner’s Rift if he hasn’t been banned first.

His popularity started to rise in Preseason 2022, with the AP Mythic item Luden’s Tempest, Manamune, and Void Staff making our Yordle Pilot a force to reckon with in the mid lane.

He’s also been picked in the top lane a couple of times in the LCS, with Omran “V1per” Shoura of TSM locking the yordle in against FlyQuest against Kumo’s Gragas, where V1per scaled Corki to victory.

Faker, however, was able to counter this powerful Yordle with his Tryndamere mid pick.

Banking on Corki’s lack of crowd control and average performance in the laning phase, Faker was able to get a triple kill in that specific match against DRX.

It’s only been a month and we’re loving all the changes, the crazy picks, and champion comebacks. Are there other off-meta picks you would love to see in the esports scene?

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